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#09: Becoming A Gentleman™ Starring Oh Sehun, Directed by Lu Han

Prompt: #09
From: merridews

Title: Becoming A Gentleman™ Starring Oh Sehun, Directed by Lu Han
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5,400
Summary: College!AU: After being accused of being a “spoiled brat” one too many times, Sehun decides to take manner lessons if only to ward off the offending comments. With the help of “The Modern Guide to Manners” and his boyfriend Luhan, Sehun goes on an epic journey equivalent to The Odyssey, if not, better, to master the art of good etiquette. Too bad the book is actually a satire.

Sehun’s tired. He’s tired of everyone and their mother complaining about him, making entirely false accusations that he’s a “spoiled brat.” He’s not. In fact he’s does tons of selfless things for his hyungs, just no one pays attention. Like how he provides exceptional companionship when Luhan goes out for bubble tea (the fact that he makes Luhan buy for him is irrelevant), or how he super selflessly pulls away Luhan from his activities to have sex (without him and his persevering hormones, Luhan would be stuck with a never-ending boner), or how he requests Luhan to make food for him (with the sole reason of wanting to help Luhan improve his cooking skills of course, and nothing to do with his grumbling stomach). So what if he targets only Luhan? Luhan’s his boyfriend, and boyfriends do things for each other. So what if Sehun has an underlying selfish motive? Sehun likes to think that they have a mutually symbiotic relationship. In other words, Sehun is definitely, completely, unquestionably not a spoiled brat.

So when Sehun’s “so-called” best friend, Kim Jongin, casually mentions that Sehun should take “manner lessons”… well Sehun is more or less shocked by this betrayal.

“I think you should probably take manner lessons.”

“Say that again?”

“I think you should probably take manner lessons.”

They’re playing video games at Jongin’s dorm and Jongin’s statement just slips out haphazardly with no prior lead-up. In fact, Jongin is the only person to never call Sehun out for being bratty except for some times like when Sehun eats his food or forces him to watch this movie and play that game, but Jongin’s obviously joking on all occasions.

“Why the fuck do I need to take manner lessons?”

“Because you’re a spoiled brat, Sehun.”

Jongin’s not even looking at Sehun, his eyes fixated on the flat-screen TV in front of them. He’s just saying these things as if he’s telling Sehun the weather forecast, and Sehun is partially confused, partially pissed off by the situation.

“Why does everyone keep—”

“Because you are! You throw tantrums when you don’t get what you want and you have absolutely no etiquette whatsoever.”

Sehun’s not about to throw a tantrum, he’s about to complain in a very hysterical manner. There’s a difference. Clearly.

“Luhan doesn’t think so!”

“Just ask him.”


“Hyung,” Sehun’s lying on Luhan’s bed (the latter, who at first greatly opposed this behavior, has acquiesced over time), staring at the ceiling.

“Yeah?” Luhan’s sitting at his desk, reading a textbook on biochemical engineering.

“Do you think I’m a spoiled brat?”

“Yeah, of course. Why?”

“HEH?” Almost comically, Sehun springs out of bed towards his hyung and slams Luhan’s book onto the table effectively closing it.

“Sehun! I didn’t mark what page I was on!” Luhan whines.

“How could you say that?!”

“Well, for one example, you just completely disregarded the fact that I’m studying for a huge midterm tomorrow and actually knocked my book out of my hands so my attention would be on you!”

Sehun opens his mouth, but he can’t respond with anything clever enough. “Well, uh…”

“Or how you always just lay on my bed and you know how I don’t like other people on my bed.”

“But I’m not like other people, hyung. I’m special.”

Luhan rolls his eyes. “See, Sehuna, it’s that philosophy that makes you a spoiled brat. I still love you, but you are what you are.”

Sehun gripes, falling dramatically on the carpeted floor. Betrayal both by his best friend and his boyfriend, such a turn of unexpected events was honestly too much for his poor, attractive self to handle. Is this what Anna felt like when Hans said he didn’t love her?

He sighs loudly (causing Luhan to eyeroll). “I guess I’ll take manner classes like Jongin suggested.”


“Manner classes.”

“Sehun, why would you spend money on that? I’ll just teach you.”

Sehun pops his head up from the floor and beams. Getting up, he entraps his wonderful Luhan in a tight hug that has the latter squirming for breathing room.

“Luhan, you’re the best boyfriend ever!”


The day after Luhan’s midterm, Luhan meets Sehun in a small café, bringing with him “The Modern Guide to Manners.”

“One of my old friends, Yixing, gave this book to me for my birthday as a joke. I’ve never opened it though, but it’s a book on etiquette so I thought we could use it as a standard,” Luhan says, sliding the book towards Sehun for approval.

“Sounds promising.” Sehun has his phone in his hand and he’s texting away, barely paying attention to the book or Luhan. But it’s not rude, because Luhan’s his boyfriend. It’s like texting in front of your parents… not that Luhan is his parent or anything, but okay whatever, what Sehun is trying to say is that this behavior is justifiable and he’s not being rude. Also, Chanyeol just sent him a picture of a Spiderman meme, and Sehun loves Spiderman memes.

Luhan eyes his boyfriend suspiciously before clicking his tongue and saying, “Sehun, I’m just going to say that these lessons we’re doing together are not off to a great start.”

Sliding the book back towards himself, Luhan thumbs through the pages. “Okay, let’s try some restaurant etiquette since we’re here.”

“Uh, huh…” Sehun says before laughing obnoxiously loud at what Chanyeol sent him. It’s a .gif of a baby panda rolling down a hill and knocking into another baby panda.

“Sehun,” Luhan ushers gently, but when Sehun continues to laugh, Luhan’s eyebrow twitches and he repeats more sternly: “Sehun.”

Sehun, meanwhile, is being ambushed by a new flurry of texts Chanyeol is sending during a class lecture. After a long night of studying, Baekhyun—their mutual friend—had fallen asleep in class and Chanyeol was proceeding to draw on Baekhyun’s face and documenting his artistic masterpiece via video.

“Draw a dick!” Sehun yells disregarding his current situation, typing his verbal proclamation rapidly with a stupid grin on his face.

Luhan, on the other hand, is mortified as heads turn towards their table. There’s a mother and child sitting relatively near them and the mom is glaring at Luhan as if to say, “I control my child, now you control yours.” With more force, Luhan reaches and snatches Sehun’s phone out of the boyfriend’s hand mid-text.

“What the hell, Luhan! That’s rude. Aren’t we supposed to be doing etiquette lessons?”

Luhan has his arms folded across his chest with steam escaping from his ears. Raising his voice, he says, “You just shouted about dicks in the middle of a café and you texted while I was talking and I’m rude?”

The waitress brings out Sehun’s red velvet cupcake that he ordered and places it onto the table. She looks pointedly at Luhan and says sternly, “Sir, would you please not shout profanity in the middle of a café. This is a family-friendly atmosphere.”

Luhan’s eye twitches and he says accusingly, “ME?” However, the waitress had already walked away and had missed the combination of horror and anger conveyed on Luhan’s face (which, if Luhan was in a better mood, Sehun would definitely take a picture of and make a meme out of it and possibly—no, definitely—send it to Chanyeol).

But instead, Sehun takes the opportunity to change the subject because his boyfriend is about to explode. And if Luhan explodes, there’s an 80% chance that Sehun’s cupcake will end up on the floor.

“Just give me my phone back, please,” Sehun says, directing Luhan’s attention away from the waitress.

“Not until after our lesson.”

Sehun huffs, but knows better than to complain. He collapses into his seat and rolls his head backwards. “Well, hurry up. Chanyeol is gonna draw a dick on Baekhyun’s face and I want to see it.”

Eying his boyfriend incredulously and half-trying to figure out what exactly was so appealing about him in the first place, Luhan gingerly flips the page and reads aloud:

It’s impolite to take too many napkins at a restaurant. If you find yourself with too much oil or grease on your fingers, wipe them indiscriminately on other objects.

“That doesn’t make any sense at all!”

“Yes it does. You’re just making excuses because you took like thirty napkins. Leave some for others, Sehun,” Luhan chastises, taking most of the napkins on the table and stuffing them into his backpack. He leaves one for Sehun.


“This is practice. Pretend you only took one napkin.”

Sehun thinks this is probably the dumbest idea Luhan has ever come up with—which says a lot, because Luhan was the one who thought he should unjam a toaster with a fork—but proceeds to eat his cupcake anyway. Cupcakes are not that messy thankfully and he can totally survive off of one napkin—

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

Amidst his inner monologue, the cupcake had fallen from Sehun’s fingers onto his lap, getting a sufficient amount of icing all over his shirt and pants.

“This is a joke!” Sehun exclaims, wiping the icing off with the napkin. Unfortunately, the napkin is not enough and he eyes Luhan pleadingly.

Much to Sehun’s annoyance, Luhan shakes his head.

“Luhan, do you not see me right now? Give me the other napkins!”

“It’s bad etiquette! You shouldn’t have been such a messy eater!”

“This is so ridiculous, what even the fuck! Give me the napkins!”


“Give. Me. The. Napkins.”



“Stop yelling and no!”

Sehun huffs before gripping the collar of his t-shirt and pulling it from his head. Whatever if Luhan doesn’t want to give him the napkins, he’s just going to go shirtless.

“Eh, Sehun, what are you doing?”

“I’m not gonna wear a shirt with a cupcake stain on it!”

“You can’t just take off your shirt in public!”


Sehun tosses his shirt on the floor triumphantly and has the audacity to smirk as he does so. Luhan instinctively, mechanically, automatically pauses with his mouth agape just to stare at his boyfriend’s perfect body: washboard abs and toned arms and—bad habit; this is so besides the point and not the most important issue right now.

“We’re going to get kicked out!” Luhan cries as the waitress walks over.

“If we do, it’s your fault,” Sehun crosses his arms in defiance and Luhan is pretty sure his boyfriend is a five-year-old boy.

“Excuse me, sir, but please put on your shirt,” The waitress says kindly, though Luhan can see that her resolve is crumbling quickly by the wrinkles on her face that he swore were not there when they first arrived.

“You see, I would, but my boyfriend is being a dick,” Sehun says off-handedly, gesturing to said boyfriend and waiting for the waitress to agree with him.

“Sir, you need to put on a shirt.”

Before Sehun can retort with another excuse, Luhan tosses him several napkins from his backpack. “YOU WIN, HERE. JUST CLEAN UP.”

Sehun smiles victoriously as if he just won the fucking battle of Narnia and much to Luhan’s desperation and chagrin, picks up his shirt from the floor, wiping it messily with the napkins. “Just a second,” Sehun smiles at the waitress who side glances him before returning to help other customers.

Once Sehun has his shirt back on, he leans on the table with long arms extending, taking up all of Luhan’s elbowroom, and asks, “What’s next in the book?”

Luhan reads:

The job of restaurant waiters is to make your dining experience as perfect as possible. Many of the staff consists of actual perfectionists, or else they would not choose such a demanding job. Do them the favor of asking them to service you in any way possible (ranging from highly difficult tasks to the most mundane). They love to help and strive off of the neediness of others.

“We seem to already be doing that fine. Next!” Sehun says, waving his hand flippantly in the air.

“No. We didn’t. You just took off your shirt, which is against the rules. Asking them questions like ‘where’s the restroom?’ and ‘can I have more ketchup with this?’ are what I think the book is hinting at.”

“Alright,” Sehun sighs. He waves his arms in the air to call attention to the waitress, and once he makes eye contact with her—is it his imagination or does she look like The Grudge just now?—shouts, “Excuse me? But can I have a straw for my water?”

Luhan gives him a small thumbs-up of encouragement as the waitress, who’s plastered smile looks force and is cracking at the edges, walks over holding a straw. She hands the straw to Sehun but Sehun merely shakes his head.

“Can you please put it in the glass for me?”

With more force than Luhan thinks she needs, she tears the straw’s wrapping and jabs the object into Sehun’s glass, causing a bit of water to spill over the edges.

“Um… you should probably clean that up.”

Fiery daggers bore holes in Sehun’s skull, but he doesn’t pay attention to it. It’s in the book, after all, and Luhan doesn’t seem to be so bothered by the waitress’s unrelenting glare. So, he holds his ground and when the waitress finishes wiping down the table, he boldly requests, “Can you move the straw a little bit to the right, I don’t like how it’s on the left side of my glass.”


“Luhan, she looked really angry when we left. Are you sure we did everything right?”

They’re heading back to their residence and the entire experience has Sehun confused more than informed on the rules of etiquette. Luhan seems unfazed though, walking confidently with the book tucked under his arm. He pats it slightly as if it was a baby and Sehun has to force himself not to comment about how weird and dumb Luhan’s affection for the inanimate object is.

“She was probably still annoyed by the whole shirt thing before,” Luhan shrugs as if the answer is obvious.

“I don’t know… don’t you think the rules seem kind of… strange?”

“Of course you would say that, considering you don’t know half the thing about manners.”

Ouch. If Sehun’s going to be honest here, he would say that Luhan is not as bourgeoisie as he thinks he is, but he bites his tongue because he’s only a little bit horny and kind of wants sex when this is all done.

“Okay, well let’s go over the next one,” Luhan says, interrupting Sehun’s totally-rational-for-a-young-adult’s fantasy of Luhan wearing a lacy underwear.

If you are in a relationship: when walking through doors, open and close them as quickly as possible. Holding open doors for strangers should be avoided at all costs as the person holding the door often projects a ‘single and interested’ vibe that will attract and ultimately lead strangers on.

“Luhan, that doesn’t make any sense.”

“Yes, it does, Sehuna. Think about it. If some guy held the door for me, I mean I think I would get the gist that he wanted something from me, you know?”

“I would just think he was being nice?”

“You’re so naïve, it’s adorable,” Luhan smiles and ruffles Sehun’s hair affectionately. However, due to their height difference, Luhan has to stand on his toes to complete the motion. “Okay, let’s practice.”

Once they reach the entrance to their residence, Luhan sits on the nearby curb and ushers Sehun to start walking towards the door when he sees a girl come into view.

As soon as Sehun reaches the door, he opens it quickly and slams it shut right as the girl was about to walk through. She glares at him pointedly before opening the door and letting herself in, brushing shoulders roughly past Sehun.

Sehun heads back outside, rubbing the back of his neck. “She didn’t seem too happy, Luhan.”

“Of course she didn’t, probably because she thought you were hot but realized you had someone else,” Luhan says matter-of-factly. “Anyway, I think you need to learn some social etiquette since you can’t seem to read people’s emotions easily.”

They head to the common room where there’s a group of girls sitting on the couch, gossiping, and a few boys playing pool.

Ask intrusive, personal questions. No one wants to hear, ‘Where are you from?’ ‘What’s your occupation?’ People get asked these questions so frequently, what everyone really wants to be asked for once is ‘How much money do you make?’ and ‘What’s your emotional history with your father?’

“Luhan—” But before Sehun can voice how kind of fucked up these “manners” are, Luhan starts walking away.

“Let hyung show you how it’s done.” He effectively collapses on the empty space right next to a pretty brunette and flashes Sehun a self-assured smile that Sehun has to eyeroll at.

“Hi, I haven’t seen you around before,” The girl says, grinning cheerfully. She automatically turns her attention away from her friends and towards Luhan who’s brushing his fringe out of his eyes, trying to play it cool. Sehun’s not jealous. He’s not.

“Oh, uh, yeah, me too.”

“Where are you—” The girl begins to say but Luhan just rushes into it, immediately intercepting her sentence and blurting, “What’s your emotional history with your father?”

The girl, taken aback, widens her eyes and stares for a good minute before slapping Luhan on the cheek. The smack resonates throughout the room and Sehun cringes because that has to hurt. Even from his distorted view behind the TV (he’s got to be inconspicuous, after all), he can see the raw pink mark gradually fading on Luhan’s face.

“How dare you ask that! Do I look like I have daddy issues, you sick pervert!”

Luhan can barely process the rest of the girl’s tirade, as the impact still has him dizzy and the stinging doesn’t help. The girl and all her friends get up to leave, making critical comments as they do so, leaving in the room only Luhan, Sehun, and the group of guys who had turned around to see what had happened.

“Bro…” One of the boys says in shock and disapproval. “Not cool.”

“This isn’t my fault, okay, I was just doing what the dumb etiquette book said!” Luhan says, feeling attacked. He grabs the book Sehun is holding and tosses it on the ground, obviously peeved with how the course of the day has gone by. It lands by one of the guys’ feet who looks at it before bursting out in laughter.

“Yo! I know that book! It’s fucking hilarious! Man, that is the best satire I’ve ever read.”

Luhan stares at the boy with his mouth agape.


Luhan was hiding in his dorm, supposedly drowning in sorrow—though Sehun thinks he’s being way too dramatic about this. If Sehun can remember correctly, Luhan’s exact words were: “I’m so sad about this, I need to be alone for a couple hours. Please don’t ask questions.”

It’s been a couple hours and was now about 10pm so Sehun had thought it was a good idea to check up on his boyfriend, just to make sure he was still sane and not completely destroyed over a manners book.

“Lu? Luhan? Xaioooo Lu?” Sehun peeks through Luhan’s door.

“I’m gonna fucking kill you!”

“Heh?” Sehun sticks his head farther in only to see Luhan sitting by his desk with his laptop propped open. There are no tissues in sight, no ice cream; nothing that would even suggest Luhan had been in a miserable emotional state. In fact, Luhan was plugged into his game, playing League of Legends and currently in the middle of a battle.

Sehun has the courtesy to wait for Luhan to finish (see, the etiquette lessons didn’t completely go to waste) before shouting a resounding “Luhan!”

Luhan swivels around in his chair. “Sehun? What are you—how long have you been here for?” He disconnects his headphones.

“Not too long, like five minutes. And aren’t you supposed to be like crying or some shit,” Sehun accuses.


“You said you wanted to be alone for a couple hours so you could rehabilitate yourself in your own solitude or something melodramatic like that.”

“Oh, that was just so I could play League of Legends without you bothering me.”


Luhan closes his laptops, sighs, and gets up from his chair.

Because Sehun, you are a brat and I know that all you would want to do after our ‘lessons’ is to have sex and I know that you would have not left me alone until I gave in AND THEN you would have still stayed here to cuddle so basically, I would have no time for League.”

“And why, exactly, don’t you want to have sex, Luhan?”

“Because Sehun, you always want to top and we never switch and my ass hurts and then you have a domineering superiority complex, so I end up losing my manliness for thirty minutes!”

Sehun gets off of the bed and motions closer to Luhan, though not close enough where they would touch. The atmosphere changes in less than a minute: Sehun’s eyes look a little more glazed and intense—just the thought of Luhan begging switches him on—and penetrate into Luhan’s entire being. Luhan hates this (or rather, secretly loves); the way Sehun towers over him and how he feels powerless to do anything.

Sehun leans his head in so his mouth is hovering next to Luhan’s ear.

“You really don’t like it, Luhan?” Sehun’s voice drops an octave as he murmurs the words. “You don’t like it when I shove you against the wall, pull your hair… fuck you until you can’t come anymore…?”

Luhan shivers and god how he hates this: the way Sehun transforms from a ten-year-old boy to this almost instantly. Luhan backs up only to hit a wall, all the while Sehun stepping in time with him. Their distance remains the same but now Luhan has nowhere to go behind him, no way to escape Sehun’s influence.

“Because, Luhan,” Sehun says, smirking a little and god Luhan hates that smirk most of all, “you didn’t seem to hate it too much last night when you were begging on all fours for me to fuck you.”

Red, flaming heat shoots from the base of Luhan’s neck and spreads throughout his entire face. Everything feels hot and heavy and suffocating and Luhan can barely breathe standing next to Sehun and they’re not even touching.


“What do you want, Luhan?”

“Love me.” It’s a whisper, an unconfident proclamation. Not “fuck me,” like what he usually says to Sehun. Instantaneously, the intense heat, the desire and lust… is superseded by a completely new feeling. And Sehun pauses, pauses because the mood has changed and it’s so unexpected that time slows down.

But then it starts again.

The aggression is gone. Instead Sehun brushes Luhan’s fringe out of his eyes. He cups Luhan’s face and presses kisses, close-mouthed kisses, along the boy’s skin. Luhan’s skin is warm and soft and feels good underneath Sehun’s lips.

Luhan closes his eyelids, soaking in Sehun’s affection and enjoying how the lips on trail from the top of his forehead towards his own slightly parted lips. And oh fuck, this isn’t fair. It isn’t fair how Sehun can control him like this. It’s incredible—world record book-worthy—how fast Luhan’s boner can spring up from just an ounce of physical affection.

Sehun likes rough kisses. He’s young and he’s eager with the dangerous philosophy that the faster the clothes come off, the faster they can fuck. He normally shoves Luhan against the door, the wall, the bed, and any surface that Luhan can be pushed against. He doesn’t take time to caress Luhan’s body and kiss the faded scars. And when Luhan does such to him, Sehun complains that he’s not going fast enough.

Luhan doesn’t blame Sehun. Sehun loves him, but he’s young. All he wants to do is fuck.

But tonight is different. Tonight, Sehun takes his time. Each movement is so meticulous: Sehun prodding his tongue on the inside of Luhan’s cheek, tugging at the bottom lip ever so slightly, taking breaks to peck the corners of Luhan’s mouth. It’s uncharacteristically sweet with just a hint of suppressed desperation.

And this time, it’s Luhan who pulls Sehun to his bed. It’s Luhan who lies down first and Sehun who hovers over him, continuing to press kisses on his heated face so carefully as if he were made of glass.

Luhan is half impressed with this display, milking Sehun’s affection. But he’s also growing impatient as his cock grows harder in his pants and it’s a constant reminder that he’s still wearing pants.

“Sehuna… pants,” Luhan murmurs. His voice comes out more hoarse than he expects and he attempts to clear the base of his throat.

Sehun smiles genuinely, pulling his shirt off first. They undress themselves and while Luhan is struggling with his socks, Sehun reaches by the nightstand to grab the lube.

“If I’m hurting you, tell me to stop,” Sehun whispers, coating his fingers in the lube and pressing them towards Luhan’s entrance.

Luhan shivers from his head to his toes as the cold gel substance touches him at his core. And yet, despite the coolness stirring his physical sensations, Luhan is enveloped by warmth that spreads from his chest as he meets Sehun’s gaze.

“I’m not a virgin, Sehun.”

“I know, but sometimes you’re in pain and you don’t say anything about it.”

Luhan doesn’t know how to respond to that, partially because it’s true even if he doesn’t find that it’s a big deal. He hesitates but ends up murmuring a lame “whatever.”

The finger finally starts moving, sending almost instant pleasure to Luhan’s nerve endings. Sehun rubs against the inner walls, and pushes inward in light pumps. As another finger pushes through, Sehun scissors them and Luhan moans.

“So tight,” Sehun says, “Can’t wait to feel you on my dick.”

Hesitation. “Shit.”

And Luhan laughs, or tries to because the minuts he begins to laugh the sound transforms into a drawn-out moan. But Luhan knew—or hoped maybe, because abnormally “mature” Sehun was almost too unreal to exist—Sehun wouldn’t be able to keep this chivalrous prince act up forever. Sooner or later, the profanity would slip out because that’s just how Sehun gets when he’s horny.

“Do you need a third finger?” His voice is stifled and Luhan can tell Sehun is dying, becoming dizzy from restraining himself for this long.


Sehun nods, murmuring a typical frat-boy “Yes!!” that has Luhan smiling so hard his cheeks hurt. Hastily, Sehun coats his dick with the lubricant and positions it in front of Luhan’s entrance. It nudges against the sensitive skin but doesn’t push in quite yet. And Luhan wants to cry, because the fingers weren’t enough and they were so meticulous and slow and now his desire to be filled as heightened to new levels.

“Ready, baby?”


Sehun pushes in in one thrust, rubbing against Luhan’s prostate almost immediately. They both groan in unison and Luhan wraps his legs around Sehun’s waist to pull them closer together.

Sehun sets up an even pace, but even so, his thrusts are borderline erratic as desperation takes over. Luhan doesn’t complain, crying his own mantra of “fuck, fuck, fuck,” as his hips buck and his back arches.

Sehun presses kisses along Luhan’s chest, occasionally rubbing his nipples.

“Please, Sehun, not…” Luhan thrashes around in pleasure and his throat chokes up from the sheer sense overload.

And then Sehun presses against Luhan’s prostate again and the pleasure soars straight to his cock as it stands flushed against his stomach. He shivers as the jolts wrack his body as Sehun increases his pace and ends up hitting the spot more often.

Luhan doesn’t know how fast they’re rocking against each other, losing perspective and mentality and relying solely on instinct and touch. But Sehun was losing coordination, just thrusting to reach completion. It was too hot, sweat running down Luhan’s nose and hair sticking to Sehun’s forehead.

They lock eyes. Sehun’s piercing intensity is gone, instead replaced by warm brown half-lidded in pleasure and drunk off of love. On impromptu, he kisses Luhan on the nose, smiling in what’s comparable to a state of narcosis.

The gasping and moans escalate in a gradual crescendo as they both reach their orgasms. Sehun comes first, groaning Luhan’s name and spilling inside of the boy. Exhausted, he keeps thrusting for Luhan’s sake all while cupping Luhan’s face and repeating “I love you” over and over again.

Luhan wants to cry, overwhelmed by the raw emotions intermingled with amplified sensitivity. His breathing grows harsher to the point where he feels like he’s drowning, drowning in Sehun’s kisses raining on his face, drowning in Sehun. And suddenly, the orgasm hits him and he cries out Sehun’s name embarrassingly loud as he blows his load onto his pale stomach.

Out of exhaustion, Luhan loses his grip on Sehun’s shoulders, lying on the pillow as Sehun captures his lips in a messy kiss. Sehun slows his thrusts down and soon pulls out completely, opting to cuddle Luhan’s body in a warm embrace.

Neither of them says a word; the only sound being the staccato of their breathing, the quick rise and fall of their chests. Smiling in ecstasy, Luhan cuddles closer towards Sehun but then notices the way Sehun is looking blissfully smug at him. And god, Luhan is such a romantically intoxicated lame ass.

“You’re so sweaty Sehun, this is gross!” Luhan complains to hide his silent glee as well as to protect his dignity, squirming unsuccessfully out of his boyfriend’s arms.

“You’re sweaty too, so it’s okay.”

“Brathuna, let me go!”

“But I love you so much!” To prove it, Sehun assaults Luhan with a new round of kisses.

And Luhan laughs. He laughs as Sehun tickles him and coddles him, sighing contentedly as Sehun embraces him tight.


“You know Jongin, I really don’t think Sehun is a brat at all.” Luhan’s in his post-sex ecstasy, despite the sex occurring the night before. While not the most erotically intense round they’ve ever had, it was definitely the most emotional and if anything, was a moment Sehun chose to reveal how much he loved Luhan, which… if Luhan thinks about too much he might start tearing up, so he pushes those thoughts into the back of his mind.

“Is that a joke, Luhan? You’re the one always complaining about it.”

“Yeah, but,” Luhan sighs happily, “maybe I was wrong.”

And while Jongin is trying to figure out for the life of him what exactly has gotten into Luhan—he suspects zombie mind control or alien brainwashing—, a loud booming voice echoes from down the hallway as frantic feet pound against the floor towards Jongin’s room.

Sehun hurries into the room and tugs on Luhan’s arm, trying to pull him.

“Luhan, you might not believe this but, when I was just jumping on your bed, I accidentally spilled my bubble tea. You should probably clean it up, it’s literally everywhere. Like taro. All over. Your bed. Also, I’m really hungry and there’s no food in my dorm, so I went to yours to make eggs but the eggs exploded! Soooo yeah, can you take me out to lunch? But I only have an hour before my next class so we have to go now!”

Luhan turns his head, looking blankly at Jongin and displaying what Jongin would caption, “The face of a broken man.”

Jongin waves cheerfully—taking sadistic pleasure in watching his two friends—and chirps a “good luck!” as Sehun successfully pulls Luhan out of the doorway.
Though, he can still hear Luhan chanting, “This isn’t happening. I take it back; I take back everything I just said. Lord help me.”

Tags: 2014, fic, length: 5k-10k, rating: nc-17, round 2, top!sehun

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  • #M41: stop finding your e(x), don’t ask me wh(y)

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