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fic for niyaowo, My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

For: niyaowo
From: xfragments

Title: My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5500
Summary: Sehun's an unconventional ulzzang and Luhan's a famous idol. They meet thanks to weibo.
Other Pairings: Sehun/Kai, Sehun/Tao

Luhan's alarm goes off at six in the morning, soothing chords from JJ Lin's Practice Love lulling him slowly out of his sleep. He rubs his eyes and buries his head back into the pillow for even just a few extra minutes before the inevitable phone call comes. He had only gone to bed four hours prior, having spent majority of the day in the practice room. Even with the shades pulled down, Luhan can tell it's still pretty much dark outside, the sun only beginning to make an appearance as it casts a soft glow against his window. As if on cue, his phone buzzes in his hand.

"I'm already awake," Luhan yawns into the phone.

"Great, the car will be there in half an hour. I'll bring you breakfast at the salon," his manager replies.

Luhan sighs and drags himself out of bed, slipping his bare feet into fuzzy deer slippers a fan had given to him and pads his way to the window. He pulls down on the shades and it springs up with a snap, revealing Beijing's skyline, silhouettes of buildings and skyscrapers in all different sizes covered by the morning fog. The streets are already filled with cars zooming by and the sidewalks are dotted with early risers hurrying to work. Luhan glances towards a particularly tall building with huge tinted glass windows just down the horizon that he has almost remembered the entire interior layout of. That's where he'll be spending his day.

Two hours later, fitted into a snug leather jacket, inky black hair spiked up with smudged eyeliner to match, Luhan smiles effortlessly into the huge cameras before him as he drapes himself over the mic stand. The studio is filled with fans, some holding up light up boards with his name, some wearing deer antlers, but all screaming at every little movement he makes.

"This is the first single from my new album. We went for a darker concept this time. Sing along with me if you know the words," Luhan says before the electric guitar kicks in and then it's all velvety vocals and hooded eyes mixed with loud cheers.

Luhan's manager pats him on the back for a job well done when the red light on the camera finally disappears. He hands Luhan a water bottle before ushering him into the elevator to move five floors down to a different studio. Stylists immediately rush over to do some last minute touch ups as the producer comes by and talks up a storm about the show's rundown. Then he's back in front of the cameras. And it starts all over again.

Sehun's alarm goes off at two in the afternoon, G-Dragon's Crooked blaring obnoxiously loud throughout his room. Sehun groans as he cracks open one eye to swat at his phone, sliding his finger across the screen, effectively shutting it up. He immediately opens Instagram and smiles to himself as he checks the notifications, seeing that his newest selca that he had posted right before he went to sleep already has over 5,000 likes. And he had gained 50 new followers overnight.

He lounges in bed for another hour, replying to some business inquiries and to his fans on twitter before dragging himself into the shower. The bathroom's steamy by the time he comes out and he wipes a spot on the mirror to take a look at himself. He sighs as he sees dark circles marred angrily underneath his eyes. He really needed to start sleeping earlier. Sehun runs some wax absentmindedly through his hair before stepping into a pair of black skinnies and a simple white v-neck and he's out the door ten minutes later. He never bothered dressing up on days for work because what's the point, it was all just going to come off anyway.

Sehun's paired with a newcomer today, a boy who goes by the name of Zitao. He's a good looking guy, Sehun thinks, but super shy as he nervously shakes Sehun's hand and introduces himself in accented Korean.

"Your first time?" Sehun smirks before he walks over to the bed and lies down, giving the other boy his most sultry look. Sehun liked to get into character even before the cameras started filming, but always skipped the formalities with all of the actors he works with. Sehun's never there for pleasure, only business and he doesn't feel the need to share anything more than necessary. The director comes over and walks through the script with the two of them before gesturing to his crew to adjust the light reflector panels.

"Ready?" he asks.

Zitao's positively shaking at this point and Sehun can't help but feel a little bad. He leans into the other boy and whispers, "Relax, just follow my lead," before the camera starts rolling. Sehun's good at faking it by now, two years into his career as an adult film star ("Pornstar," as Jongin would like to say to get on his nerves), he has made quite a name for himself in the industry and out. He knows all about what sounds to make, when to bite his lips seductively and what angles he should be filmed from in order to make the most bank.

The second the director yells cut, Sehun immediately rolls off of Zitao and hastily pulls on his clothes. He's out of the room before Zitao has the opportunity to make any small talk and breezes down the hall to his manager's office.

"Oh Sehun," his manager smiles. "My little money maker. Your last video is currently the top hit on our website as expected."

"Well, people always did like me and Jongin together," Sehun replies nonchalantly.

"Exactly. That's why I have booked you guys for two more videos this month. Got it?"

"Sure," Sehun shrugs. "Anyways, I'm here to pick up my check."

His manager opens the top drawer of his desk to flip through a stack of envelopes before pulling one out with Sehun's name scrawled on it. Sehun reaches for it, but his manager pulls his hand away with a click of his tongue.

"Oh Sehun, always with the I-don't-give-a-shit attitude. Will it kill you to smile for once? I don't treat you that badly, do I? For the biggest salaried actor here, you never seem too happy."

"Hyung," Sehun whines. "You know I'm not about that stuff. I'm here to make you money and make myself money. Can I have my check now?" he pouts. And this was all part of Sehun's charm, really, all cold and indifferent on the outside, but childish and playful on the inside.

His manager rolls his eyes and hands the envelope over without putting up a fight. He could never say no to Sehun, not since he discovered the boy two years ago. High school graduate with no financial means of going to college, but with a gorgeously stunning face and body to match. He had hit the jackpot with Sehun. It's not like Sehun planned to work in this industry, it just sort of happened and he never really got out ("You can quit, you know," Jongin always tells him "and leave you? No way, it's not so bad, the hours are good and I get paid well"). But if Sehun could have it his way, he would just get paid for taking selcas all day, but unfortunately, that doesn't pay the bills.

With his check tucked safely into his back pocket, Sehun almost makes it out of the building without being noticed, but Zitao catches up to him right as he's about to step out the door.

"Sehun," the Chinese boy calls and Sehun has no choice but to stop dead in his tracks and turn around.

"How do you know my name?"

"Seen your work before," Zitao laughs and Sehun feels like crawling into a dark hole because this is fucking embarrassing. He should be used to it by now, seeing how he basically makes a living by having sex in front of a camera, but he still doesn't like talking about it face to face with anyone unless it's with his closest friends. Nor did he like making friends with the people he worked with. Except for Jongin, he was always the exception.

"You're kind of famous you know," Zitao continues.

"Yeah, I guess." Oh, he knows.

"So you want to get dinner?" Zitao giggles into the back of his hands and his eye bags crinkle beneath his lash line and that's how Sehun ends up at a tiny hotpot shack tucked away in a corner street of Hongdae.

Two months later, Sehun adds Zitao to his list of exceptions after Jongin. The Chinese boy sure has grown on him and his fans seem to love them together too, the view count on their video together just a few shy of the number on his video with Jongin. The likes on his latest selca with Zitao is increasing at an alarming speed as well. And it's not all too surprising that he ends up on Zitao's old couch on a Friday night, face against the back cushions breathing deeply as Zitao sucks him off. So maybe sometimes he liked to mix business with pleasure.

Zitao cuddles up next to him and falls asleep when it's over. Sehun can't sleep, too wired from too many cups of coffee throughout the day. He reaches for the remote control on the coffee table and turns on the TV. There's nothing on but sappy drama reruns and Sehun's not in the mood for a sobfest so he keeps clicking until he ends up in Zitao's Chinese channel add-ons. Sehun doesn't understand a single thing, but he doesn't mind as he flips through them idly.

All of a sudden a mop of black hair and piercing brown eyes flash across the screen and Sehun catches just enough of the stranger's face in order to feel the blood pulse heavily throughout his veins as he jabs the down arrow on the remote. He's staring at the stranger on the screen again, dressed in leather pants and a ripped black and white plaid shirt, mouth so dangerously close to the microphone as he sings his heart out into it. Sehun lets out a shaky breath he wasn't even aware he was holding when the song's over. His heart's beating so loud, he thinks Zitao is going to wake up from it.

He needed to know who the singer was. He grabs his phone and goes straight to twitter, not even bothering to search it himself knowing he'll never find out on his own.

@ohsehun chinese singer in leather pants & plaid shirt on channel v tn. who is he? 3 selcas tmr if someone tells me the right answer.

Sehun hits the tweet button and drifts off to sleep.

Luhan wakes up to a flooded inbox on his weibo all pertaining to a certain 吴世勋 (Oh Sehun).

鹿晗! 吴世勋在twitter上问你是谁!! (Luhan! Oh Sehun asked on twitter who you are!!)

吴世想认识你! 赶快回答他啊! (Sehun wants to know you! Reply to him quickly!)

鹿晗!! 你跟吴世勋也太帅了吧!! (Luhan!! You and Oh Sehun are so handsome!!)

怎么办! 怎么办! 你和世勋!! (What to do! What to do! You and Sehun!!)

鹿晗, 吴世勋想知道你是谁! 我已经告诉他了...哈哈哈. (Luhan, Oh Sehun wants to know who you are! I already told him...hahaha.)

我的天啊!!! 吴世勋帅惨了!!! (OH MY GOD!!! OH SEHUN IS SO HOT!!!)

Luhan rubs his eyes wearily as his manager bangs loudly on his front door. Luhan yells for him to let himself in, knowing very well his manager has a key to his dorm. Oh Sehun, Luhan repeats to himself, letting the foreign name roll of his tongue. It sounds smooth, but Luhan's never heard of the stranger before and he's almost positive Sehun's not a Korean idol because Luhan is very aware of everything related to Korean music, having studied the language for four years back in college. Just as he's about to go on naver to search up this Oh Sehun, his manager barges into his room, panicking about a mess up in his schedule and that instead of the original three performances lined up for today, he actually has five so he needs to get in the shower right this second. Luhan chalks Sehun up to be some spoiled little socialite trying to expand his network or a famous netizen with a snarky mouth.

Luhan was not prepared to have the name SehunSehunSehun filter in and out of his mind between his lyrics throughout the entire day.

"That's Luhan. Lu. Han." Zitao says slowly as Sehun repeats after him while waving his phone frantically in front of Zitao's face. "The tone goes down on his last name and up on his first. Lu. Han. Why are you so curious about him anyway?".

"No reason," Sehun replies as calmly as possible. "Saw him on your TV the other day. He's–"

"A pretty little thing, huh?" Zitao smirks.

"He's fucking gorgeous."

"He speaks Korean, you know," Zitao sing-songs as he pushes Sehun's phone back to him. "He's promoted on Korean shows before."

"He does?"

"Oh get in line, Sehun,"  Zitao rolls his eyes. "He's like the Chinese version of Kim Jaejoong. You're not his only fan."

Luhan's phone dings at the sound of a new notification. He fishes it out from his pocket, seeing that he has a new weibo message. He's fully expecting a cheesy mention from Yixing about their late night jam session in the studio that he had just returned from. Luhan almost drops his phone when his weibo app loads and he sees who the message is really from.

@wushixun @M鹿M hi xiao lu! :) follow me back?

And then it all rushes back to him.

This time, Luhan makes it to naver and types in Oh Sehun's name at lightning speed before countless pictures of Sehun's face fills up his screen. It would be a lie to say Luhan didn't think Sehun looked attractive, but he seems like any typical ulzzang as he scrolls through perfectly 45-degree angled selcas until he sees an article title that almost has him choking on his own spit. Oh Sehun and Kim Jongin's Hot New Porn #1 Ranked. Watch Now!

Luhan collapses against his pillow as he gapes at his phone. Oh god, a pornstar wants to know who he is.

Luhan's in Shanghai today, seated at the bottom floor of Plaza 66 where he's wrapping up the last location of his fansigning tour. He's in a great mood as his fans fill up the entire shopping center, the line to get his autograph snaking around the entire ground floor with thousands of more fans looking down at him from the upper levels.

It's towards the end when Luhan spots one of his fansite masters walk across the stage. Luhan smiles and waves at her since he has become friends with all of them throughout these past years. She places a pink sticky note down on top of her album and gives Luhan a toothy grin.

鹿晗! 你觉得吴世勋则么样? (Luhan! What do you think of Oh Sehun?)
a. 他很帅! (He's really good looking!)
我看过他拍的video. (I've seen his videos.)
c. 我想跟他见面. (I want to meet him.)
d. 全部! (All of the above!)

Luhan's face flushes a deep scarlet as he sits there frozen in his seat, twirling the marker between his fingers wondering why some stupid stranger he knows nothing about is suddenly becoming such a big part of his life.

"Are you going to answer it?" she whines.

Luhan flashes her a smile and draws a huge question mark over her entire sticky note.

"Sorry, I'm not sure who he is," he lies. "Upload cute pictures of me from today, okay?"

She pouts, but still sets a huge box of green tea pocky sticks that Luhan loves so much in front of him and nods.

Luhan grins.

"You mentioned him on weibo?" Zitao shrieks over his shrimp fried rice. "You're insane! You know how many followers he has? One of them is bound to know you and they're going to tell him who you are!"

"Then my plan will have worked," Sehun grins back as he steals a bite of Zitao's food.

"But Sehun," Zitao whispers. "Then he's going to find out what you do."

Sehun puts his spoon down and frowns. Zitao makes a good point. He hasn't thought about that. Then again, most of his fans already know what he does for a living and they haven't judged him yet.

"Well whatever happens, happens," Sehun shrugs.

Luhan should be embarrassed that he's watching Sehun so intently on his dull laptop screen. Sehun's been on his mind this entire past week and his resolve has finally crumbled when he clicked on the link to Sehun's video. The boy looks so hot, smooth planes of muscles contracting nicely as he fucks into Jongin. And Luhan is so sexually frustrated at this point that he shoves his hand inside his boxers, pumping himself in time to Sehun's thrusts. It's kind of weird, Luhan thinks, being so mesmerized to someone he's never met before, but he guesses that's how most of his fans are about him. And Sehun is just so breathtakingly gorgeous, silver hair falling messily into his eyes, lips parted into the perfect o as he moans out loud. Luhan pretends that it's not Sehun he's thinking about as he orgasms.

"He's so gorgeous, Jongin, you don't even understand," Sehun breathes.

"Are you seriously mentioning another guy right now when we're having sex?" Jongin growls as he tightens his grip on Sehun's hipbones just enough to leave faint bruises.

"Sorry," Sehun gasps as he kisses Jongin full on the mouth. He feels bad that he's bringing up Luhan during a time like this because really, Jongin should be enough for him. Jongin had been nothing but nice to him since Sehun's first day at work and it didn't take long for them to become best friends, doing everything together at work and off. And it was only a matter of time before they crossed the line of friendship into something more.

Tiny stars explode behind his eyelids as Sehun climaxes, but it's not Jongin's face that he sees.

Another sleepless night has Luhan scrolling through Sehun's Instagram at four in the morning. He had just returned from an after party for an awards show, having had too many glasses of champagne and vodka tonics to accompany his win for Most Popular Male Singer. He's wasted and horny and he doesn't know how he ended up staring at Sehun's endless amount of selcas through this glassy eyes, but what he does know is that Sehun has a very nice jawline that he wants to leave sloppy kisses along. And Luhan doesn't want to, knows he shouldn't, but it's like his fingers have a mind of their own as he searches up one of Sehun's videos on his phone. Luhan jerks himself off listening to Sehun's breathy moans. He comes in his hand with the thought of Sehun's pretty pink lips wrapped around his cock instead.

@M鹿M @wushixun oh sehun, i'm following you back already. ^___^

That's the last thing Luhan remembers doing before promptly passing out.

Luhan wakes up with a raging hangover and a million notifications on his weibo of his fans liking and re-posting his mention to Sehun. Luhan shuts his eyes because fuck, he should not have done that last night and fuck, he should not have had so many vodka tonics and fuck, his manager was going to kill him if the media blew this out of proportion. He immediately deletes the mention, unfollows Sehun and makes his weibo private before crawling to the bathroom to throw up the entire contents of his stomach.

"He deleted the message and unfollowed you? Well that dream was short lived," Zitao doubles over in laughter, almost spitting out the mouthful of egg drop soup in his mouth. Jongin joins in from the side.

"Shut the fuck up," Sehun growls as he throws his fork at Zitao's face, narrowly missing his eye.

"What do you want from him anyway? Are we not enough for you?" Jongin bats his eyelashes flirtatiously as he runs his foot up Sehun's legs underneath the table.

This time, Sehun throws a spoon.

"500,000 albums sold and still counting. Six Best Male Singer and Best Album of the Year nominations for various award shows. Still number one on Yin Yue Tai's music charts. I would say this promotion period has been quite successful," Luhan's manager grins as he leans back in his leather chair. "Good job, Luhan. I'm proud of you."

"Thank you," Luhan smiles back. "So, what now?"

"Well in a month, you'll start practicing for the end of the year concerts. You're lined up to perform for all the major networks. Many artists have already asked to collaborate with you and we're discussing right now who you'll be working with. The company's giving you a week off for your hard work, but after that we're sending you to Korea for two weeks for a mini promotion. A few fansignings and performances and interviews. Nothing exhausting."

"Korea?" Luhan raises his eyebrow.

"Is there a problem? You haven't forgotten your Korean have you?"

"No," Luhan smiles all too sweetly. "No problem at all. I'm looking forward to it."

Seoul's evening air is refreshing, the sun from earlier giving away for a cool breeze. Luhan sits outside on a raised platform stage in the middle of Myeongdong, marker in hand as he stares at the never ending rows of excited girls before him clutching his newest album in their hands. This is his first fansigning in Korea and the turnout has been more than overwhelming.

It's two hours into the fansign and Luhan's starting to get a headache from the piercing screams. His manager sure wasn't lying when he warned him that Korean fans are more enthusiastic than Chinese fans. He can feel his hand cramping as he cracks his knuckles and picks up another marker from the pile on the table to tackle the next line of fans that's making their way up the stage. Luhan glances up from underneath his bangs just barely enough to see a pair of long legs clad in grey skinny jeans handing him an album. The screams from the background are getting increasingly louder in octaves and he smiles to himself. Luhan knows he doesn't have that many male fans, but it's nice to see some here and there, especially the ones that make the effort to wait in line for his fansignings.

"Hi Luhan," comes the voice, all sugary and velvety with a hint of playfulness and something more. Luhan can practically feel the smirk accompanying the voice and he freezes mid signature.

He knew who that voice belonged to. And now he realizes the sudden increase in screaming wasn't simply because a mere fanboy had showed up to the event.

Luhan looks up properly and almost forgets to breathe as he gets a nice closeup view of perfectly shaped pink lips and a pair of smoldering eyes lined with black kohl.

It's none other than Oh Sehun himself and Luhan almost forgets to breath because this is not happening right now.

Sehun's hair is now dyed a nice shade of blonde and Luhan thinks he has never seen that color look so good on anyone before. Luhan's absolutely mesmerized when Sehun leans down and a lone strand that's highlighted in pink falls right above his eyes, practically shimmering against the stage lights.

"Nice to meet you," Sehun continues.

"Nice to meet you too. What's your name?" Luhan gulps nervously.

"Don't pretend like you don't know," Sehun clicks his tongue and smirks again.

All Luhan wants to do is throw the marker at Sehun's stupidly symmetric face and wipe that irritating smirk off, with possibly his own mouth. But instead, Luhan settles for pointedly ignoring the comment because he's not about to let on that he's been basically studying Sehun's videos for the past few weeks and letting Sehun's name slip past his mouth during the middle of the night. Oh fuck, he knew Sehun's name all too well. But, if Sehun was going to play hard to get, then so would he.

Luhan ends up writing the most generic message ever, the standard one he writes instinctively when he can't think of anything creative to say.

Thank you for supporting me!
You are the best!


Sehun picks up the booklet and pouts, plump lower lip jutting out.

"You didn't even address it to me," he whines and he looks like an overgrown baby, his childlike characteristics coming out.

"You wouldn't tell me you name," Luhan laughs innocently.

Sehun pouts again and Luhan contemplates the idea of grabbing Sehun by the collar of his shirt to pull him in for a rough kiss in front of all his fangirls, but decides against it when he catches a camera lens by the edge of the stage zoom particularly close to his face.

Before Sehun can complain some more, security begins to usher him off and the next fan places her album down. That doesn't stop Sehun from breathing a mischievous maybe I'll see you later in his ear. Luhan messes up his signature on her booklet.

It's almost ten at night when Luhan wraps up his fansigning and an impromptu interview for Mnet Wide. He had begged his manager for some alone time as he just wanted to explore Myeongdong on his own and his manager had reluctantly agreed seeing how Luhan isn't exactly the most famous celebrity in Korea so he shouldn't have any problems running into crazy paparazzi.

Myeongdong isn't as bustling this late at night, most shops getting ready to close, but there's still a good amount of shoppers strolling through the streets. Luhan's enjoying a nice little stick of fishcakes at a street food stall when he hears a high pitched scream to his right.

He turns his head to see a girl with a huge camera hung around her neck snapping a picture of him and honestly, Luhan doesn't mind when his fans take pictures of him from afar even when he's not working, but her loud screaming is seriously making a scene as more and more fans gather around him. And that's what Luhan doesn't like, when his fans follow him and invade his personal space when he's off the clock so he has no other choice but to make a run for it. Luckily, Myeongdong has a ton of quiet side streets so it's easy for Luhan to navigate through the crowd. After a few minutes of running, he ends up back on the main street and lo and behold, there's Sehun leaning against a black car, arms across his chest, smirk already set in place.

"Looks like you could use some help."

Luhan can hear the screams getting closer so fuck it, he pries open Sehun's passenger side door and slides in, telling Sehun to start driving.

They end up at a deserted part of Han River twenty minutes later. Luhan steps out of the car and walks swiftly to Sehun's side, tugging the boy out before opening the door to the back seat.

"Get in," Luhan growls as he shoves Sehun back inside and promptly climbs on top of the younger boy.

"What are you–" Luhan shuts him up with a searing kiss as his fingers find purchase in Sehun's hair, tugging harshly.

"You owe me," he hisses against Sehun's mouth as their tongues battle for control. "You have taken over my life these past two months, Oh Sehun."

"Yeah?" Sehun smiles as he bites down on Luhan's lip causing the older boy to gasp. Luhan grinds his hips down in retaliation and Sehun lets out a quiet moan at the action as he starts moving his mouth in a heated trail down Luhan's neck, leaving behind blossoming red kisses in its wake.

"On my weibo, at my fansignings, every place I went, it was fucking Sehun Sehun Sehun," Luhan continues to rant, but then sighs in satisfaction as Sehun starts sucking a dark bruise near his collarbone.

Luhan's glad it's the middle of the night right now and Sehun's windows seem to be tinted because if anyone caught him right now in this compromising position, his career would be over. But even that consequence can't phase him as he feels Sehun's hands travel lower and lower, fingertips dancing across his waist, coming to a rest on his belt.

"Well," Luhan says, eyes dark and filled with lust. "Show me what you got, Oh Sehun."

Sehun pulls Luhan's fitted v-neck over his head and proceeds to do the same with his own shirt. Their mouths find their way back to each other's within seconds for a filthy open mouthed kiss. Sehun moans as Luhan's tongue slides with his own, licking hot stripes everywhere in his mouth. Their bare chests are pressed up closely, the feeling of hot skin against skin only fueling their kissing even more.

"Lift your hips," Sehun tells Luhan as he unbuckles his belt. Luhan does and with some difficulty, Sehun finally manages to pull off Luhan's skin tight jeans along with his own in the cramped back seat of the car.

Luhan runs his hands all over Sehun's body, mapping out the smooth hard planes of Sehun's torso before setting them on Sehun's waist. His mind is in a daze because he's above a writhing Sehun canting his hips up in a way that should be illegal and fuck, those fantasies he's been having at night that should also be illegal are finally happening.

He's brought out of his thoughts when he feels a cold finger circle his entrance. Sehun had pulled out a small packet of lube and condom from his wallet when Luhan was in cloud nine thinking about how he's finally doing this with Sehun instead of actually paying attention to what Sehun was doing.

"Do you just carry condoms and lube around with you everywhere?" Luhan raises an eyebrow, but quickly shuts up when he feels Sehun add another finger, working him open.

"Did you forget what I do for a living?" Sehun replies sarcastically as he tears open the condom packet with his teeth and rolls it on.

Luhan huffs indignantly and bites down particularly hard on Sehun's neck because now that he has the other man in his arms, he's really kind of pissed about the fact that Sehun is a pornstar. And this is why Luhan's a solo artist; he has never liked sharing and the fact that he can handle singing, dancing and visuals all on his own just worked more in his favor. Sharing Sehun was the last thing Luhan wanted to do.

"Ready?" Sehun asks, but doesn't even wait for Luhan to respond before he pushes his cock in.

"Fuck," Luhan gasps as Sehun pushes in until he's fully seated. "Sehun, hold on–"

Sehun smirks as he watches Luhan adjust to his size but quickly becomes concerned when he can't tell if Luhan's face is painted with pleasure or pain.

"Hey, you okay?" Sehun whispers as he places lingering kisses all over Luhan's face.

"Yeah, sorry, you're just–" Luhan begins, but his face flushes red with embarrassment before he can finish.

"I know," Sehun laughs. "Can I move?"

"Yeah," Luhan nods as he kisses Sehun.

Sehun pulls out and thrust back in and Luhan rewards him with a husky moan. Sehun sets a slow pace at first before Luhan's dragging blunt nails down his back growling at him to move faster. And Sehun's more than willing to please as he quickens his pace, eliciting louder moans and a string of curses in a mix of Chinese and Korean from Luhan.

It's not long before Luhan literally becomes an incoherent mess above Sehun, but he really couldn't care less right now as Sehun pounds into him relentlessly, finding his prostate easily, as if they had been doing this forever. His hand flies to the car window, palm flat against the glass to help steady himself as his other hand tightens around Sehun's neck.

Luhan comes with Sehun's hand around his cock pumping him in time to his thrusts. He tightens around Sehun, pulling the other man over the edge as well. They're both shaking as they calm down from their high, eyeliner smudged, perfectly styled hair now tousled. Neither of them makes an effort to move; instead, Luhan just leans in to kiss Sehun again. There's something addicting about the way Sehun works his mouth, kissing back as if the only way to breathe is through Luhan.

"How long are you staying in Korea?" Sehun finally manages to ask.

"Another week," Luhan says as he pulls away, running a hand through his hair to push back his messy bangs.

"I want to see you again," Sehun says firmly as he outlines Luhan's jutting hipbone.

"You will."

"Yeah?" Sehun asks hopefully.

"Yeah. Because I want to see you again too."

Tags: 2014, fic, length: 5k-10k, other pairing, rating: nc-17, top!sehun
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