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#66: Diaper Diaries: How Berry Ended Up In The Belly

Prompt: #66
From: xheylie

Title: Diaper Diaries: How Berry Ended Up In The Belly.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 8000
Summary: Vlogger Dawn007 shares his life on the Internet and viewers get to see how their favorite person on Youtube transforms from a young man in love to a first-time parent.

[Vlog #1: First Vlog Woohoo!] Published on 1 Dec 2007

“Welcome to my vlogging channel!” Luhan smiles at his trusty camera, “due to popular demand, I finally opened one! Aren’t you guys ex—oh!” Luhan chuckles awkwardly as his eyes dart around, “people are staring. Hmm, is it weird? I’m used to filming at home but you guys have been watching that for years now, a new change is good, yeah?”

The camera shakes and soft crackling noises can be heard. “Oops, okay. Sorry for that. Anyways!” Luhan turns the camera around to show his face again. “Today is my main youtube channel’s—I’m dawn007 by the way if you guys didn’t know— 2nd anniversary and guess what! I’m here at Target,” Luhan flips the camera around to show the viewers the building and flips it back around, “about to get some groceries so my best friend, Yixing, can prepare the celebratory dinner.”

The camera shakes again but this time, Luhan tries to place the camera on the cart so he can shop properly. He smiles and looks into the camera once again when it is focused and starts pushing the cart.

“Hopefully,” the vlogger says as he scans the shelves of cans, “my other best friend, Baekhyun, will be bringing something alcohol-free this time because every time he doesn’t, I’m forced to hide them away from him. Or else.”

Grabbing a few cans of tomatoes, he then puts them into the cart and continues to push down the lane. He comes to an abrupt stop and the camera almost falls but it doesn’t. “Oh! I forgot something important!”

Luhan leaves his cart and his camera as he runs back to the shelf. The camera is still recording and Luhan can be seen jumping, trying to reach for this particular can when a man comes up to him. Luhan jolts in surprise, falls back, pushes the guy onto the ground and the rest is history.

Kidding, he has to pay for the damage and can only afford a few cans of tomatoes that night.


[Vlog #6: Getting Ready For My Date!] Published on 22 January 2008

Luhan is styling his hair while recording and he has a goofy smile on the entire time. Giving the camera a few glances, he finds himself blushing and actually laughs before saying, “I don’t know if you guys remember, but the guy who I fell on that day in Target… I’m…” he takes a deep breath, “it’s actually a very funny story but I’m going out on a date with him.”

After ruffling his fringe, he then smiles at his reflection and turns back to the camera. “I’m very nervous, to be very honest.” Luhan plays with his fingers and bites on his bottom lip. “Very nervous. When was the last time I went on a date anyways? Years back? Kindergarten? I don’t know. I’m usually an awkward person. Now I know I don’t seem this way on the Internet but there is a reason why I started filming videos on Youtube in the first place.”

Luhan inhales deeply again and exhales. “I’ve talked to Yixing and Baekhyun on the phone and it sucks that they can’t be here for me. But at least I have you guys to talk to…” The male smiles once more and claps his hands, “even though you guys aren’t physically here and won’t be watching this until tomorrow but I just want you guys to know that you play a big part in my life and I’m very grateful. I love you guys and…” he pauses and smiles shyly, “hopefully… there will be good news.”


[Vlog #27: Boyfriend Tag!] Published on 20 August 2008

“Good morning!” Luhan greets as he bounces onto the bed, waking up the sleeping figure. The brunette groans a little and cracks one eye open, only to see a camera in his face. And of course, a very beautiful human being behind the camera smiling down at him. “Wakey, wakey.”

“What are you doing?” the man asks, voice coarse and sleepy. Luhan beams and sits next to his boyfriend, withdrawing the camera away from the other’s face so they can have a proper conversation.

“I’m finally going to do the boyfriend tag video! I mean, we are.”

“Boyfriend tag?”

Luhan nods. “Oh, you know, a video where we answer a bunch of questions about me, you, each other… well, you’ll be answering most of them.” When there’s no reply from his lover, Luhan whines and kicks his boyfriend softly. “Come on, Sehuna.”

Sehun rubs his face and looks up at his pouting boyfriend. “Can’t we do it after I brush my teeth? And breakfast too, maybe?”

“Nope!” Luhan sets the camera aside and proceeds to straddle Sehun. “We have to do this when you’re at your most natural state!”

The brunette laughs and places his hands on Luhan’s hips. “Babe, I’m half-naked, half-awake, probably have morning breath—“

“—Oh you definitely have morning breath.”

“If you don’t get off me right now, I will attack you with my morning breath.”

Luhan shrugs. “I’m used to that. I’m immune to it.”

“Is the camera still filming?”

Luhan looks over at his camera and sees the red light beeping. “Yeah.”

“Good,” Sehun smirks and flips them around.

Luhan doesn’t include their make out session in the vlog but hey, at least he manages to finish filming his boyfriend tag video. And, Sehun gets his breakfast in bed.


[Vlog #:112 Lonely!] Published on 20 April 2011

Luhan sniffs but when he presses the record button and looks into the camera, he chuckles suddenly. “Hey, guys. Well… first of all, it’s…” Luhan looks at the clock and focuses back on the camera, “2 in the morning now and I can’t seem to fall asleep.”

A few seconds go by without any sound and Luhan chuckles again to end the silence.

“Don’t worry, guys, I did not break up with Sehun, I just… feel very lonely right now especially when Sehun is thousands of miles away and I can’t call him because he might be busy and,” Luhan stops and sighs, “Oh, I’m rambling again. This is the first time we’ve been away from each other and honestly, this feeling sucks, okay? No one should ever feel this way.”

His nose is clogged up with snots, his cheeks are stained with dry tears and he probably looks messed up but he doesn’t care. He might regret including this part in his vlog and uploading it onto Youtube yet again, he doesn’t care. Luhan has always been honest about his feelings to his viewers and they like that part about him so he doesn’t see the need to hide or fake anything.

“It’s also my birthday so, yay,” he cheers sadly, “I’ve read your birthday wishes, well, most of them anyways and I’ll continue reading them when the sun comes up.” Luhan closes his eyes for a brief while and sighs again, “I just hope I am able to get some sleep because Yixing and Baekhyun are bringing me out tomorrow and—gosh, guys, seriously I miss Sehun a lot!”

Luhan opens his eyes and stares right into the lens, giving the camera a small smile. “I love you guys. Good night. I… love you… Oh… Sehun… Good… Night.”

Luhan falls sleep while recording for the first time.


[Vlog #:153 Put A Ring On It!] Published on 12 April 2013

“Hello, amazing viewers of Luhan,” Sehun whispers and his face comes into view. “Today is my birthday, thank you, thank you, hold your wishes.” He pauses for a more dramatic effect but ends up laughing to himself instead, “That was lame, I hope Luhan edits that out later, buuut, surprise surprise, right now, he doesn’t know that I stole his camera, which doesn’t matter because he’s still asleep. That’s not the main point. Main point is, I’m about to do something very important, something life-changing and you my dear friends should feel lucky because you’re part of the surprise!”

He hears the bed creaking and he stills for a moment. When it’s quiet, he lets out a breath of relief and looks back at the camera. “Anyways,” Sehun looks down to pull a box out of his pants pocket and lifts his head back up, “this year, I’ve decided to get myself a present. Not this ring, this ring is for Luhan. I… am about to propose to my boyfriend, the love of my life for 5 years now and my future husband.” Sehun inhales. “My birthday present for myself this year is… a nod? A ‘yes’? Mm,” he nods and looks straight into the camera, “Luhan told you guys this many, many times but I feel like you guys should be reminded that you guys do play a huge part in his life and I know that he probably plays a huge part in your lives too. I guess what I really want to say is that, I hope you guys don’t mind squeezing another guy into your lives because I can’t see myself not being with Luhan for the next 70 years to come. Hopefully he says yes. Hopefully, this will be my greatest birthday yet.”


[Vlog #:187 Bonjour! Bonjour!] Published on 14 March 2014

“We’re currently at the airport!” Luhan announces, throwing his free hand up and Sehun chuckles softly next to him. “I’m sorry for not uploading videos like I used to but I hope you guys understand how busy I was, how busy we both were this past one year.” Luhan looks so serious suddenly, “Honestly, guys, getting married is hard, don’t do it!” Then, he giggles. “Kidding! If you found the right one—“

“Mhmm,” Sehun cuts in and pulls Luhan closer for a kiss.

“—marry him,” the small male finishes his sentence after he pushes his husband away. Sehun smiles and puts an arm around Luhan’s shoulders, guiding his other half around so he won’t lose the petite man. “How excited are you, Sehun?” Luhan asks suddenly and points the camera at him.

Sehun turns his head and gives the camera a quick glance before looking straight ahead. “Well, I bet you’re excited because you chose this destination.”

Luhan smacks Sehun’s chest. “Hey! You said I get to choose!”

“I did.”

“Hurry! Tell them what you’ve said to me when we were planning our honeymoon trip!” After hearing his tiny husband’s whining, Sehun chuckles and Luhan smacks him again. “Tell them!”

“I said,” Sehun looks at the camera and then to Luhan, “that I’ll be happy anywhere as long as I get to be with you.” Stopping at his track, he then kisses the tip of Luhan’s nose.

Luhan smiles and tiptoes to give Sehun’s cheek a peck. “That’s right! So off to France, we go!”


[Vlog #:199 Ugh!] Published on 14 January 2015

“I’ve been in the bathroom for… I don’t know, an hour?” Luhan sniffles, eyes tired and red. “I don’t feel well at all, guys. I—“ Luhan feels like throwing up again, “Bye, guys.”


[Vlog #:201 Away! Again!] Published on 2 February 2015

Luhan jumps excitedly to the back after setting up the camera on the tripod stand. When it focuses on him, he smiles and he has his hands behind his back. “Sooo… You guys know that Sehun went on another business trip again—because I tweeted about it—but hey, I’m sure you guys are wondering why I’m so happy this time!”

Luhan laughs to himself and bites his lower lip, trying to make the suspense as exciting as it can be. “We’re going to do something new today! Maybe a new tutorial? Ah, no, it’s kind of private.”

Then, he pulls out a few boxes from his back. “Tadah!” Luhan pads closer to the camera and shows them to the viewers. “Right, pregnancy kits. Got lots of them!” After a few seconds, he puts them down and sighs, his eyes fluttering close. “I’ve said this years… years ago. But… hopefully… there will be good news. Again.”


Luhan blows his nose for the third time. “I don’t know what to tell Sehun!” he exclaims. Baekhyun grimaces as he takes the damp tissue away from his best friend, he doesn’t want to know if that’s snot or tears he’s touching.

“Well,” Baekhyun starts, passing the tissue to Yixing, who’s holding a small trash bin for Luhan’s used tissues in one arm and Luhan’s strawberry milk in another hand. “You can tell him YOU’RE PREGNANT?” the petite man finishes his sentence with the most obvious statement.

“But that’s too simple!” Luhan cries, flapping his hand at Yixing’s face asking for another clean tissue. Yixing leans down to the tissue box on the table to grab one piece of tissue in between his lips before giving it to Luhan. “Thank you, Xing,” Luhan says and Yixing smiles before Luhan starts sobbing into that tissue.

Standing up, Yixing then puts the trash bin and strawberry milk down. He makes his way to the empty spot next to Luhan and sits down, wrapping an arm around the crying male. “I know it’s hard—“

“He’s pregnant, for god’s sake,” Baekhyun hisses, “why are we treating this like it’s a bad thing? All we have—no, all he has to do is tell Sehun! Sehun would be happy!”

Luhan wails louder and buries his face into Yixing’s neck while Yixing frowns and shakes his head at Baekhyun. “I don’t think that’s what Luhan is worried about, Baek. I think he just wants it to be a special moment.”

“You know me well, Yixing,” Luhan lifts his head up a little to give Yixing a small appreciative smile and Yixing returns that smile.

After Luhan goes back to his little comfort cave, Yixing looks back up and gives Baekhyun a stern look. “Be nice,” he mouths and Baekhyun sighs.

“Okay, darling,” Baekhyun scoots closer and Luhan turns his head slightly to look at his other best friend. “We’re going to help you come up with a good idea so that Sehun would be so surprised and happy, he wets his pants.” Luhan’s smile drops immediately after hearing that last sentence. “Okay, fine, he’d be so surprised and happy that he’d pick you up and twirl you around the living room. Sounds good?”

“Yeah,” Luhan nods.

“Thank you,” Yixing mouths again at Baekhyun.

Baekhyun leans back into the sofa and starts brainstorming. Yixing and Luhan sit there waiting, knowing that Baekhyun will think of something fast. It isn’t long until a smirk creeps up Baekhyun’s face and the other two smile knowingly.

Baekhyun never fails to come up with a good idea.


But of course, those ideas are only good in Baekhyun’s head.

The moment Sehun walks into their apartment, his eyes widen at the sight of his mother and his mother-in-law. “Did I… do something wrong?”

His eyes trail over to the pile of luggage at the corner and he slowly looks back at his husband, who looks a little worried sitting in between their guests. Sehun starts to panic.

“We can talk about this,” he says, even though he has no idea what he has done wrong. Surely, it’s his fault because Luhan has never tried leaving home or calls for back up. And his mother is here.

Sehun puts his briefcase away and tries to get close to Luhan, eyes not leaving his lover’s. “Babe, whatever it is, we can talk about it. I swear I did nothing behind your back,” Sehun tells Luhan whatever that comes to his mind, he’s watched enough television to have an idea of what Luhan might think. “Yes, I’ve been on a lot of business trips, long ones, but babe, you’re my only one.”

“I know, Sehuna…” Luhan sounds a little unsure to Sehun and Sehun sighs.

“Babe, I don’t have another man or woman! I didn’t knock anyone up!”

“Yes, you did!” Baekhyun chooses to speak and Sehun throws him a glare.

“You stay out of this!” Sehun snaps and Luhan is about to jump off the sofa but Baekhyun holds him down. This is not going according to plan! Luhan wants to shout and he turns to Yixing but Yixing remains calm. Yixing knows very well everything will turn out to be okay. Baekhyun just can’t live without the drama. “This is my house, my problem with my partner! I’ve had enough of you!”

Sehun expects Baekhyun to have a comeback but instead, he laughs. The taller male stands there, baffled. What’s more confusing is that the two older women start giggling, Yixing too, and he ends up staring at his quiet lover.


“Yah,” Baekhyun cuts him off and Sehun looks back at him. “You knocked someone up alright.”

Sehun is about to punch the wall. “What. Are. You. Talking. About.”

Grinning, Baekhyun pointed his thumb at Luhan’s direction, “This one.”

“What?” Sehun blinks.

Luhan finally mustered up a small smile. “Surprise?”

“Oh, baby,” Sehun lets out a breath of relief and holds his arms out, “come here.”

Luhan gets up immediately, runs to Sehun and jumps right into his arms. The tiny man giggles as Sehun peppers his face with kisses and buries his face into his neck, sighing once more. “I’m so glad. So, so glad.”

“I’m sorry, Sehuna,” Luhan hugs Sehun tighter, “things didn’t go as we planned it but I’m happy you’re sort of surprised?”

“I wouldn’t say surprised, I was scared shitless,” Sehun confesses and Luhan chuckles. “I can’t lose you. Honestly, who wouldn’t when their lover packed up their stuffs and looked ready to leave?”

Luhan pulls back. “Oh, no, those aren’t mine!”

“What,” Sehun deadpans.

His mother raises her hand, smiling sheepishly. “Ours,” she says and points at Luhan’s mother too. Sehun exhales, burying his face into Luhan’s neck again. “But don’t worry, we’re not staying here if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Yeah, Sehun,” Yixing teases. “They’re going to stay with me and Baekhyun.”

“You two live down the hallway.”

Baekhyun smirks. “Don’t ever think you can get rid of four of us so fast.”


[Vlog #:203 Little Berry!] Published on 27 February 2015

“Hi guys,” Luhan waves at the camera, smiling brightly as usual. “Now I know it’s been awhile since I uploaded something—guys, being pregnant is not easy.” He tries to explain but he can’t. So, he ends up chuckling. “If you watched the last video, you know how the announcement went. The way I set up the cameras wasn’t good, you can’t even see Sehun in it because he’s too damn tall and—the point is, we got him good.”

Luhan smiles again and slowly, he pushes the chair back and stands up. Rubbing his little tummy, he tries to get it into the footage. “Our little berry is growing. Soon we’ll get to see him, or her.” Luhan looks down at his little one and pats his tummy gently. “I can’t wait to see you. I bet you can’t wait to see us too. And your lovely aunts and uncles,” Luhan says, pointing at the camera, “you’re a lucky kid!”

“Anyways,” Luhan sits back down. “For the next video, I’m thinking of doing a Q&A video. So! Leave your questions down below in the comment section or tweet me! I’ll be answering them and if Sehun is free, he’ll be filming it with me.”

Luhan opens his mouth and he’s about to say goodbye when he hears Sehun calling his name. He looks back and sees Sehun at the door, smiling mischievously.


Sehun holds up his phone. “Stand here,” he pats the white wall, “I want to take a picture.”

“Of?” Luhan asks again, standing up as told by his husband. “Of me?”

Sehun nods. “And our growing berry.”

The pregnant man makes his way towards his husband; he’s still a little confused at the request. “You’re going to send it to your parents?”

“No, silly! I just want to take a picture of you everyday. And to see how well our baby grow.”

Luhan chuckles and nods as he turns to lean his back against the wall. “You’re the silly one. Who does that?”

Sehun shrugs and grabs Luhan’s arm, “No, not like that, from the side. So we can see your bump.”


“I’m going to turn this into a video and,” Sehun looks back to smile at the recording camera, “maybe upload it for them to see.”


[Vlog #:204 Q&A #1!] Published on 5 March 2015

“I can’t believe I’ve never done a Q&A video before!” Luhan says as Sehun sits back down after pressing the record button on the camera. “This is like the most highly requested video for every vlogger!”

Sehun pinches Luhan’s nose and chuckles when Luhan pouts at him. “I bet your subscribers don’t mind watching you talk about your daily life all the time.”

“Maybe…” Luhan grabs his phone and unlocks it so he can read the questions the fans sent in. “Are you ready, hun?” he looks over to Sehun and gasps out of the sudden. “Oh!” Luhan looks back at the camera, “how rude of me. Hello, everybody!”

“Hey,” Sehun greets.

“As you can see, Sehun is joining me today for the Q&A video! And I’m very sure the views will hit millions again,” Luhan mumbles the last part and Sehun leans in.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing!” Luhan chuckles awkwardly. “Before we start, I just want to let you guys know I will not be editing this video—“

“Because he’s lazy—“

Luhan hits Sehun by the arm and Sehun laughs. “Because a lot of you want to see how we are when we’re together so I guess… the best way to show you guys is to not edit this video. So, lets get started!”

Sehun leans closer again as Luhan scrolls down his twitter feed. “Oh, this one!” Sehun points at the screen and Luhan stops to read the question.

“Okay. Have you guys thought about having a girl or a boy?” Luhan reads and then looks at Sehun.

“Well, I told Luhan I wanted a girl,” Sehun answers, eyes on Luhan and Luhan nods.

“Yes, he did. Because he always wanted a sister but never did.”

Sehun nods. “But I guess any gender is fine. As long as the baby is as beautiful as Luhan.”

“Aw, you’re sweet,” Luhan smiles. “What if we have a baby boy?”

“I don’t mind a beautiful baby boy, like you.”

Luhan turns to the camera and the blush on his cheeks is evident. “Isn’t he cheesy as hell?” the smaller male asks and the other chuckles at the question. “Well, for me, I told Sehun I wanted a boy but yeah, it really doesn’t matter now. Next question! Does Luhan have mood swings or is Luhan more sensitive nowadays? If so, is it hard to cheer him up?” Luhan puts down the phone on his lap after reading the question and looks at Sehun. “It’s for you.”

Sehun seems to be in deep thoughts but Luhan knows it’s just for show. He rolls his eyes and hit Sehun’s chest. “What?” Sehun laughs and wraps an arm around Luhan before pulling him in to kiss him on the cheek.

“Go away!”

“Okay!” Sehun kisses him once more before pulling away. “Okay. Hmm, well, I don’t see any difference—“

“Really?” Luhan asks, mouth wide.

“Well, yeah, you’re always having mood swings— hey!” Sehun laughs when Luhan hits him again. “I have no complains though! I love cheering him up. Anything for my baby to smile again.”

Luhan giggles and pinches Sehun’s cheek. “Anything else? No difference at all?”

“Oh!” Sehun turns to the camera. “He’s gotten more abusive.”

“Sehun!” Another hit on the chest.

“See?” The man winks at the viewers.


[Vlog #:215 Our Soccer Baby!] Published on 13 May 2015

It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning and Luhan is vlogging as usual. He sets the camera on the windowpane and proceeds to pull out the chopping board. He puts it down on the kitchen counter, pulls the drawer out to grab the knife, closes the drawer with his hip and then he turns around to walk to the refrigerator.

“It’s only 6 in the morning now but I’m up to make breakfast!” When he returns, he has tomatoes in his hands. “Making omelets today because Sehun said he’s been craving for it,” Luhan leans closer to the camera, “and I’m the pregnant one apparently.”

“But anything for my hardworking man,” the beautiful man sighs as he chops the first tomato, “Sehun been coming home late nowadays, I miss him a lot to be very honest.” Luhan can feel his eyes welling up with tears and he chuckles, finger already at his eye to wipe the teardrop that is threatening to fall. “It’s the tomato, I swear. It makes you cry too.”

Luhan lets out an awkward laugh and reaches to the side to get a bowl. After setting it next to the board, he then walks away to get some eggs. At that moment, Sehun walks in, mouth wide as he yawns and one hand scratching the back of his messy bed hair head.

Sehun sees the camera on his left and a moody Luhan on his right. Quietly, he makes his way to his small lover and hugs him from behind.

“Sehun,” Luhan struggles to get away but Sehun grabs the chance to kiss Luhan’s temple. “Did you brush your teeth?”

The taller man shakes his head and places a kiss on Luhan’s cheek. Luhan’s nose twitches at the stinky breath, which he’s used to anyway, and tries to push Sehun away when he feels a small kick. He gasps.

Sehun stiffens and releases Luhan. “Babe, what’s wrong?”

Luhan turns around and Sehun realizes how he’s trembling a little. Sehun steps closer yet afraid to touch the smaller male. “Darling…”

“Berry just kicked me,” Luhan whispers, teary-eyed. He looks up at Sehun, who’s smiling down at him, and he smiles back. “Our soccer baby, Sehuna.”

Sehun places his hand on the round belly and lowers himself slightly. “Hey, baby. We’re here, little one.”

After a few seconds, Luhan still doesn’t feel any movement. He frowns. “Oh.”

Sehun straightens up and pulls Luhan closer. “It’s fine. Slowly, babe.” He kisses Luhan again and Luhan’s face scrunches up at the morning breath. That’s when he feels another kick.

Both of them look down at the same time and Luhan is the first to laugh. “He hates your morning breath.”

“He?” Sehun looks back up and Luhan shrugs.


[Vlog #:222 A Trip To The Doctor’s!] Published on 1 June 2015

“Heeeeeeeey!” Luhan and Yixing greet from the back while Baekhyun drives. “Say hi, Baek!”

“Whoo!” Baekhyun cheers and hits the honk once. The car beside them does the same, except it’s more aggressive and Baekhyun flips the driver off. “We have a pregnant man here, be nice!”

“Baek,” Luhan chuckles, hand giving Baekhyun’s shoulder a small squeeze. “It’s fine.”

The brunette scoffs. “If it wasn’t for you, I’d ram that asshole’s car.”

Yixing shakes his head. “But your car is more expensive.”

“Huh, you’re right.”

Luhan rolls his eyes and focuses back on the camera. “Anyways, guys, guess where we’re heading?”

“I’ll give you a hint!” Yixing says cheerfully. “Doctors!”

“Yixing, really?” Baekhyun gives Yixing a look through the mirror and Yixing shoots back a confused look. “Where else can you find doctors? At the Himalayas?”

A very sad Yixing slumps his shoulders and Luhan gives his best friend’s back soft pats. “It’s okay, Yixing. I was going to tell them anyways.”

“Sorry, Xing,” Baekhyun apologizes and Yixing feels better immediately because he knows it’s sincere. Baekhyun rarely says sorry to anyone.

“So today!” Luhan continues, looking ahead. “We’re going to find out my baby’s gender! I won’t post this up until later because I want it to be a surprise for Sehun—“

“Again,” Baekhyun cuts in.

“Yes, a surprise, again. I know Sehun watches my vlogs—“

“Are you sure?” Baekhyun questions and Luhan pouts.

“Yes, I’m sure!”

Baekhyun shrugs. “Okay, babe, just asking.”

“Do you watch my vlogs?” It’s Luhan’s turn to ask this time but Baekhyun doesn’t answer. Luhan slowly turns to Yixing, who’s staring back at him. “Do you?”

Yixing nods right away, afraid that Luhan will burst out crying. “Of course, I do.”

“Okay then what’s my last—“

“GUYS WE’RE HERE!” Baekhyun exclaims suddenly and both men look out the window. When Luhan stops the recording, Yixing catches Baekhyun’s gaze through the mirror. “You’re welcome,” Baekhyun mouths and Yixing grins.


[Vlog #:224 Baby Check In!] Published on 8 June 2015

After Luhan presses the record button, he makes his way to the same wall, where Sehun normally takes a picture of his growing belly.

He lifts his loose shirt slightly and tries to show the camera the side view of his round belly. “Look at Berry. Our six months baby Berry.”

Luhan doesn’t notice but Sehun is standing by the entrance, watching him rub his tummy, staring down lovingly at their baby. In his hand, he holds the camera he uses to take pictures of their love product every single day. Sehun smiles and takes a few steps forward.

“Sehun,” Luhan smiles at the sight of his husband.

“Are you ready?” Sehun asks, holding his camera up.



[Vlog #:227 Shopping With The Babes!] Published on 20 June 2015

“Hello, my amazing viewers,” Luhan gives the camera a flying kiss. He’s well dressed from head to toe today, with a pair of Givenchy sunglasses on his nose bridge too. “We’re going to shop for little Berry today! Aren’t you excited?”

“I brought my card!” Yixing gets into the shot, waving his card excitedly.

Baekhyun squeezes in as well. “I brought Chanyeol’s cards!” he flashes all three credit cards in front of the camera.

Luhan giggles. “Which they shouldn’t. It’s my day to spend!”

“That’s Sehun’s,” Baekhyun eyes the card in Luhan’s hand. “And what’s wrong if little Berry’s favorite uncles want to spend on h—“

“Baekhyun!” Luhan stops the brunette before he could reveal the gender.


Yixing comes between them, arms thrown over their shoulders. “Hey, don’t stress, guys,” he says and squeezes them tight. “We’re here to enjoy ourselves, yeah?”

Luhan and Baekhyun look at Yixing at the same time and smile at him. “Shopping!”


It’s close to July when Sehun comes home after a two weeks business trip to London. “Honey, I’m home,” he calls out after putting his briefcase and luggage to a side. He takes a look around and the place is messier than usual but he shrugs it off. He’ll just clean up later, Luhan must be tired to clean up with a bump that huge.

“Hey, babe,” he continues his search on Luhan, looking into the kitchen and then the bathroom next but still no sign of his love. Sehun walks closer to their bedroom and it’s then he hears a shuffling sound coming from the nursery room. He smiles and steps closer when Luhan opens the door.

“Sehun!” Luhan shuts the door behind him immediately and Sehun frowns. “You’re back!”

“Yeah…” Sehun looks at Luhan suspiciously and then at the door behind him. “What are you hiding from me?”


“Doesn’t seem like it.”

Luhan puffs up his cheeks and blows at his fringe. “Well, you promised that you’ll leave the nursery room to me to decorate!”

“But I can take a look at it, right?” Sehun asks and takes a step forward but Luhan presses his back closer to the door and shakes his head. “No?”

“It’s a surprise!”

“The nursery room is for the baby, not for me,” he argues and tries to get closer but Luhan just won’t allow him to.

“The room… is fully furnished,” Luhan starts slow, “and the color scheme and theme, it’s obvious that we’re either having a daughter or a son.”

Sehun raises an eyebrow. “Well, then let me have a look—“

“No!” Luhan grabs the doorknob before Sehun. “It’s a surprise…”

Sehun looks down at his partner while Luhan is afraid to look up, worried that he’s going to crack under Sehun’s gaze. The older man chuckles and cups Luhan’s cheeks, thumbing the soft flesh gently.

“Don’t be mad,” Luhan whispers.

“Now why would I be mad?”

“Because I’m hiding the baby’s gender from you.”

Sehun tilts Luhan’s head up so he can kiss Luhan on the lips. “Silly baby. You want to surprise me, I understand.”

“It’s our first baby, I want everything to be perfect and nice and amazing—“

“It is. It is, babe. And you, you’re perfect and nice and amazing. Don’t worry, if you don’t want me near the nursery, I won’t. Not until you give me the permission to.”

“You promised?”

Sehun nods and gives Luhan’s forehead a gentle kiss. “Yeah. Can’t wait to be surprised.”


[Vlog #:232 Shopping Without The Babe!] Published on 5 July 2015

After turning on the camera and smiling straight into the lens, Sehun then secure the camera on the dashboard. “Okay, so, I stole Luhan’s camera for the day to film while I run some errands today.” He’s trying to make sure the camera is set up properly, fumbling with a few knobs and licking his lips wet a couple times. “Okay,” he tells no one in particular when the camera is locked in place.

Sehun starts the engine and throws his head back, his elbow resting on the passenger seat as he reverses the car. “Today, Luhan gave me a list of stuffs to buy and so now, we’re heading to the grocery store first.” He pauses after he manages to get his car out of the parking lot and continues shortly, “He’s not feeling well to these few days, I’m hoping he’ll get more rest so I’m doing all the house chores now.”

“And that includes vlogging too,” Sehun chuckles, paying attention to the road but not the camera. “At first, I feel awkward in front of the camera but I guess I’m more comfortable now? It’s part of our lives now, my life. You guys are, too.”

“What do I think about Luhan getting pregnant?” Sehun asks himself, just to continue the conversation. “I was afraid, I was nervous. My work is unpredictable, I need to be out of the country almost every month and to be very honest, I was worried for Luhan in the beginning. If I was afraid, if I was nervous, then what about Luhan? I thought about how he needs to do this alone for two weeks every month without me by his side. Even though our mothers were here for the first two months but that wasn’t enough. But our Luhan is a strong person.”

“And for him, I have to be stronger. For our child, I have to work harder. For them, I would do anything.”


“Surprise!” everyone jumps out of his or her hiding spot when Sehun walks into the apartment. It startles Sehun a little, of course, but he soon laughs and spots Luhan walking towards him with his camera in his hands.

“Surprise?” Luhan giggles and Sehun pulls him in for a tight hug, careful enough to squish their baby. Luhan’s belly is huge now.

Baekhyun and Yixing get closer. The first thing Baekhyun says to Sehun is, “Well, you’re late.”

“Oh, I have a curfew now?”

“No,” Baekhyun replies, “but I’m really hungry so I expect you to come home at 6, sharp.”

Yixing steps in and drags Baekhyun away. “Okay, Baek, lets go grab food.”

Luhan’s and Sehun’s parents are next to welcome Sehun and he’s surprised to see them. “Mum… dad…”

Sehun’s father gives his son’s back a firm pat. “Are you excited?”

“Excited?” Sehun looks at his father oddly. Then, he realizes the same smile on their parents’ faces. “You guys know about the…”

“Of course, son!” Luhan’s mother speaks next. She ruffles her son’s hair and giggles. “We’re the next to know right after Baekhyun and Yixing.”

“Oh, really?” Sehun looks at Luhan, who smiles sheepishly. “I’m the last one?”

Luhan nods eagerly. “But you’ll know soon, Sehuna! You’ll know it when you get your dessert.”

Sehun smiles. “Can’t wait then.”

Luhan takes hold of Sehun’s hands and pulls him into the dining room, where all the delicious food he and his best friends spent the entire day preparing. He takes a plate and starts piling it with Sehun’s favorite—everything—until Sehun holds his wrist and nicely asks him to stop.

Ignoring Luhan’s small cries of What if’s, Sehun takes his plate away from Luhan and pulls Luhan to the living room. He sits down first before pulling Luhan onto his lap.

“You’re going to share this with me.”


“Luhan, I don’t eat that much.” Luhan gives him a look and Sehun sighs. “Fine, I do, but not this much. And besides, I want to get to dessert soon so I can know if our baby is a prince or princess,” Sehun says, rubbing Luhan’s round belly.

Luhan laughs. “Alright,” he says and places his hand on Sehun’s bigger one. “But you’re eating more.”

“Nonsense,” Sehun waves, “my babies need more food, more than I do.”


“Ah,” Sehun silences Luhan with a quick peck on the lips. “Open your mouth.”

Luhan can only listen to his husband and does what he says. Yixing, Baekhyun and Chanyeol join them in the living room after getting their own share of food meanwhile the other guests stay in the dining room. They talk about their future, Sehun’s next business trip, the weather, anything but the baby.

Sehun looks down at his empty plate. “Well,” he scans the people around him and then lays his eyes on his beautiful partner, “what about dessert?”

Luhan jumps off his lap excitedly and Sehun frowns at him. “I’m sorry, I’ll be more careful. But yes, dessert! Let me get it! I—ah,” Luhan winces, his hand on his belly.

“Babe!” Sehun gets up instantly and holds him. Baekhyun, Yixing and Chanyeol are up on their feet, looking as worried as Sehun too.

“I’m fine. I’m fine, really,” Luhan chokes, “baby is just a little… aggressive today.”

“Are you sure—“

Luhan turns to Sehun, cutting Sehun off effectively with his glistening eyes. “Yes, Sehun. Let me go so I can get your surprise, Sehun.”

“I’ll go with you.”

Luhan is about to say something when Yixing speaks first, “I’ll go with Luhan, Sehun. You don’t have to worry.”

“How can I not…” Sehun mumbles as he hands Luhan over to Yixing. Baekhyun pats his back several times.

“I’ll go with them,” the brunette says and Sehun is thankful for once.

When they return, they each have a tray of chocolate cake. They place them down on the table and Sehun is waiting for his when Luhan hands him a fortune cookie.

“This… is my dessert?”

Luhan nods with a smile so big it’s melting Sehun’s heart. “Crack it open!”

“The answer is in this fortune cookie?”

“Yes, Sehun! Open it!”

Sehun decides to play with Luhan instead. “Why can’t you just put the paper in the chocolate cake? I want chocolate cake.”

“Just open it!” Luhan whines.

“I really want chocolate cake, babe,” Sehun looks at the cakes expectantly.

Luhan shakes Sehun childishly and Sehun laughs. “Just open it and then you can have my chocolate cake, Sehun.”

“Okay then,” Sehun holds the fortune cookie, “I guess this is it.”

Sehun is about to break it when Luhan flinches. “Ah,” Luhan exhales, his grip on Sehun tightens.

“Babe, you’re scaring me.”

“No, S-Sehun, please just open the cookie now. Se— ah,” he holds his belly in pain and Sehun drops the fortune cookie to hold Luhan closer.

“Luhan,” Sehun stares at his lover with a worried expression. “Luhan, please.”

Yixing stands up straightaway. “I’ll get your parents. Baekhyun, call the ambulance.”

“No! I’ll just get Luhan to the hospital,” Sehun says and Yixing nods at that as he leaves the room to get the old married couples.

“Sehun, help—“

“Shh,” Sehun carries Luhan bridal style and looks over to Baekhyun, who looks terrified. Chanyeol is holding the trembling Baekhyun close. “Chanyeol, please get the baby bag in the nursery. Drive Yixing and Baekhyun to the hospital, I’ll meet you guys there.”

After getting a nod from Chanyeol, Sehun spins around to get to the front door. He hears soft cracks but doesn’t look down to see what he has stepped on. Saving the baby and Luhan is more important.

“Sehun, the—“ Baekhyun’s lips press into a thin line as Sehun walks out the door with his best friend. He looks over to his boyfriend and then at the crushed fortune cookie on the floor.


“Doctor! Doctor, please, someone.” Sehun looks around frantically for help and it doesn’t take long for nurses to rush up to them. One of them has a wheelchair with her and so Sehun carefully places Luhan down.

“Sehun,” Luhan calls out in pain and the taller male grabs his hand immediately. “Sehun, I—“

“I’m here, babe, I’ll be here with you.”

“No, the camera. Where’s my camera?’

Sehun is close to tears, almost worried to death and here Luhan is, asking for the camera?

“Babe, this is not the time to—“

“I want all this to be recorded, Sehun,” Luhan pleads. “Please.”

Sehun shakes his head, refusing to comply this time. “I don’t want to rush back, Luhan, I want to be here for you. I want to be with you, to go through this with you. I’m not leaving you just to get a god damn camera!”

Luhan starts sobbing and Sehun feels bad immediately. The doors swing open at that moment and the group of people that go through the door definitely have made quite an entrance with all the loud noises.

“We left him with you for only half an hour and you’ve managed to make him cry? Unbelievable!” Baekhyun snaps and follows Luhan, who’s being pushed away by a few nurses.

“Here,” Yixing gives Luhan’s camera to Sehun, who gawks at the object in his hands. “I had a feeling Luhan would ask for it.”

“Thanks,” Sehun breathes in relief and Yixing gives Sehun’s cheek a few pats.


When Luhan wakes up, he can feel how sore his entire body is. He winces as he tries to sit up but he just can’t. Then, he blinks a few times and his view of the room clears up a little. He knows he has given birth, he doesn’t remember much but he remembers his berry’s soft cries. His precious baby—

“Luhan,” Sehun calls out groggily and Luhan just realizes that his husband has been by his side all along. “Oh, babe, you’re awake.”

“Sehun,” Luhan’s voice comes out like a soft whisper but Sehun hears him loud and clear. He scoots closer and holds both Luhan’s hands. “Sehun, where’s Ziyu?”

Sehun smiles at him lovingly. He strokes Luhan’s cheek and Luhan leans into it out of habit. “Ziyu? That’s what you’re going to name our baby girl?”

“Mhmm,” Luhan nods with his eyes closed but something hits him and his eyes widen, “Baby girl?”

“Yeah” Sehun looks worried again, “What’s wrong? Are you in pain?’

Luhan shakes his head. “No, but Sehuna, I think you got it wrong, we have a baby boy.”

Sehun chuckles and kisses his husband hard. “No, babe,” Sehun says as he pulls back a little, “we have a baby girl.”

“No!” Luhan is confused. “The doctor told me we’re having a boy! I-I even decorated his room and bought everything in blue. Sehun!”

“Hey, hey, hey,” Sehun tries to calm his lover, “it’s fine, Luhan. We can always refurnish the room, babe.”

“I put lots of effort in it, Sehuna!” Luhan sobs and buries his face into Sehun’s chest.

Sehun holds Luhan closer and kisses the crown of Luhan’s head. He then cups Luhan’s face and kisses the tears away. “Babe, maybe Ziyu doesn’t mind having a blue room? Maybe she likes plastic transformer toys and soccer balls more than Barbie dolls. And I bet she doesn’t mind being called Ziyu either.”

Luhan sighs and nods. “Maybe…”

“She’s beautiful, Luhan. She’s beautiful just like you. She has the cutest little button nose and pink lips. She’s going to grow up to be just like you and I’m the luckiest man to have the both of you.”

“I don’t believe you. There must be something about her that resembles you. Let me see her.”

Sehun laughs. “You’ll get to see her soon. But… I guess she does have something that resembles me.”

Luhan looks around the room for his camera and then he spots it. He orders Sehun to get it for him and of course, Sehun listens. When Luhan finally has his camera with him, he searches for the latest recorded video. He presses play and skips the first 5 minutes, which consists of him screaming and Baekhyun breaking down in the corner.

Sehun enjoys watching Luhan as Luhan goes through the video seriously. He chuckles every time Luhan’s expression changes from looking confused to looking scarred for life.

“Oh my,” Luhan gulps, “that’s a lot of exposure.”

“Yes, honey, that happens when you give birth.”

Luhan frowns at Sehun. “I did not expect that many people to be in the room!” Sehun laughs once more and Luhan goes back to the video. He keeps forwarding the video just because he can’t take how scary everything looks. He just wants to take a look at his baby girl.

Just then, he pauses the video when he sees the doctor holding a delicate being in his hands. “There.”

Sehun stands up and looks at the screen. “Yeah, there she is. And you were unconscious, babe.”

“Oh, oh no, I have an ugly sleeping face.”

“Babe, look, isn’t she beautiful?”

“More beautiful than me, Sehun,” Luhan breathes, his finger stroking the screen. “Sehun, I want to see her. I want to hold her. I—oh wow those are… really long limbs for a baby.”

“She has my height, babe.”

“Ah, damn it.”


[Vlog #:255 Home Sweet Home] Published on 26 September 2015

Luhan’s sweet little bundle of joy in his arms and he can’t stop cooing at her though she always have a frowning face on. Even when she’s sleeping, the scowl on her face is evident.

“Isn’t she a sweetie?” Luhan asks and Sehun only chuckles after taking a quick glance to his left.

They’re on their way back home from the hospital and Sehun is glad. It’s been days since he last stepped into their place. For the past few days, Baekhyun and Yixing were the ones travelling back and forth just to get the Oh’s whatever they needed. And for that, Sehun is really grateful to have them. He’s happy for Luhan as well who has friends who love him and care for him a lot.

They reach their home not long after and Sehun grabs all the bags before opening the door for Luhan. The couple walks in the building together and soon enough, they’re right in front of their apartment.

“Ready?” Sehun asks, his hand on the door handle. Luhan nods and Sehun opens the door, swinging it wide open for Luhan and his baby.

“Oh, god, I miss this place,” Luhan takes a deep breath. Oh, how much he loves the smell of his sweet home. He takes careful steps to the sofa, not wanting to wake the little one in his arms. Just when he’s about to sit down, he sees the mess on the floor. “Sehun.”

Sehun gets closer and sees the crushed fortune cookie on the floor. “Oh, I ruined the surprise,” he laughs and bends down to pick up that blue paper strip. “It’s a boy, huh?” he reads the paper.

“Well, you stepped on it and… I guess it was a sign,” Luhan looks down at their baby girl wrapped in a blue towel.

Sehun presses a kiss on Ziyu’s forehead before moving up to kiss Luhan’s on the lips. “I’m just glad to have you both. And the next time, I’ll make sure you get the baby boy you wanted.”

Author’s Note: I was given a long time to finish this fic but I did not expect my current semester to be this crazy. Nevertheless, I managed to finish this and when I have the time in the near future, I will definitely add more 'vlog updates' or random drabbles/cuts for this fic. I know I can do better. But to that lovely person who left this prompt, I hope this is up to your expectation. Thank you for reading <3

Tags: 2015, fic, length: 5k-10k, rating: pg-13, round 3

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  • #M41: stop finding your e(x), don’t ask me wh(y)

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