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fic for everyone, california here we come

For: everyone
From: nosehun

Title: California Here We Come
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2700
Summary: Luhan is tired of people telling him to look at Bubbletea01´s fics, but he does and he gets a big surprise out of it. Sehun might also have a huge crush on Pre-dawn.

When Sehun was a kid he expected to grow up to be the kind of teenager that goes out with his friends, parties every Friday night and gets drunk before he is 21 just for the sake of being a teenager; instead of that Sehun is 18, a fan of a bunch of kpop groups and writing stories about two band members of EXO, he doesn’t know what went wrong in what he had planned. Maybe it was the way that Lay moves or Baekhyun sings and now he is trapped into a fandom and what his mom calls wasting his youth in his computer; watching pictures and writing stories about his otp. Sehun might also spend a few hours in Pre-dawn’s livejournal and tumblr, maybe even his twitter, because they have so much in common, just that maybe Luhan doesn’t know, and probably never will because Sehun is too afraid to reply to anything or leave a comment.

Sehun never expected those kinds of comments in his recent story, because if he is really honest, he is nowhere near the skills of Pre-dawn, now that is what he calls an amazing writer. So he is a little bit surprised when he reads “You should totally collab with Pre-dawn and write some fic together” amongst the 20 other comments in the entry, because he should never, more like Luhan, Pre-dawn´s real name, would never write something with such a nobody and poor writer like he is. But somehow Sehun makes himself a name in the fandom as a writer, and a good one, he writes that kind of stories that fans read over and over again and gets at least ten comments on each story and a few of them even saying “I opened a Livejournal just so I can comment in your fic ㅠㅠ” and he feels proud.

Sehun wrote a new fic yesterday because he saw a picture of Baekhyun and D.O and he just needed to write something because “he was inspired”, he sometimes wonders, why does shipping even exists? Maybe it’s because he likes to imagine himself between his otp, or because it’s a way to express what kind of relationship he wishes he had with someone. Anyways Sehun wrote something new, and he knows there are probably are a few comments already, and his Chemistry teacher keeps explaining something about the periodic table and the atomic mass (which really won’t help Sehun in real life ever, he is pretty sure that in the kind of job he wants to get in a future he won't get asked in the job interview: how much atomic mass does Barium has?) he decides that it’s a good idea to check them at that moment.

It turns out to be a bad decision because by the fifth comments he reads that pre-dawn has left one in the entry, and Sehun maybe chokes a little bit and his teacher asked if he’s alright, and he has a few of his classmates looking at him weirdly. The comment reads “Hey, I’ve been reading your stories…” Sehun believes that Luhan is extremely cool even when writing comments “you do know how to write, maybe we should collab sometime or something, you should definitely hit me up in some social network, follow me on twitter @Pre-dawn”. Well now he is sure that Luhan doesn’t even notice that he follows him on twitter, great, but hey, at least he likes his fics and Sehun is kind of screaming internally and can’t wait to get home and sit in front of his computer for at least three hours until he decides to reply to Luhan and “hit him up” on twitter.

Sehun knows Pre-dawns’ name and not because he is a stalker, he just happens to read his twitter a lot, and also some of the asks he gets on tumblr say his real name. Sehun gets at home around 4 p.m and he goes straight to his room and there it is, his laptop, waiting for him to open Livejournal or twitter or “something” and finally get the guts to talk to Luhan. It’s 6 p.m when Sehun finally opens twitter typing “@bubbletea01” and oh my god! he wished he had another user right now because Luhan is going to think he is lame as hell; but hey the gods of social network must be on his side, because Luhan just tweeted something a few minutes ago and if he can think of a reply quickly enough he might for the first time, chant with Luhan.

@Pre-Dawn Oh god how hard is for sm to include a few cities other than Los Angeles in their world tour” and Jesus, Sehun feels the same way so he thinks this is a perfect opportunity:

@Bubbletea01 @Pre-dawn I know right? I have to take a plane to get there ㅠㅠ”

@Pre-dawn @Bubbletea01 YES, I hate them sometimes, but hey at least they are coming to the states this time”

@Bubbletea01 @Pre-dawn :C I have a plane ticket already, I’m part of their game”

Sehun gets a notification of being followed by the username “Pre-dawn” and this time the tiny scream it’s not internal anymore.

@Pre-dawn @Bubbletea01 hahaha I have one two, we are in this together”

@Pre-dawn @Bubbletea01 hey, btw I read your story it was great”

“We are in this together” oh how Sehun wishes they were, at least he would have divided a few of the expenses with him; here it’s the deal, Sehun had to expend half of what was left of his saving of his summer jobs in a plane ticket, hotel, tickets for the concert and a ticket to Disneyland (because there is no way he is going to California and not going to Disney), he also exhausted himself asking for his parents’ permission to go, yes, he is 18 but he can’t go in and out of his house just like that, so it took a lot of effort to do this little trip thing. It just goes better and better for Sehun from there, they keep the conversation for a while and now he is a little bit more relaxed about replying to everything Luhan says, because well, even if Luhan is an excellent writer and incredibly good looking (he might have taken a look at his instagram once), Luhan is a fan just like him and that deep inside makes him feel happy.


Luhan doesn’t know what has gotten into people lately but apparently there is this fan that writes pretty good fics about EXO and suddenly everyone is dropping a message on his tumblr about how he should follow “Bubbletea01” or something and to be honest Luhan is getting kind of tired of it. It has nothing to do with that person, he doesn’t even know who he is, nor if it even it’s a “he”, he’ll give it a shot because he clearly recalls reading a message ending in “Plus: he is super hot” and unless someone missed the “s” they are definitely talking about a guy there. So apparently everyone think he is a fic critique for the fandom now apart from being a “big fan”, Luhan never expected people to call him a “big fan in the fandom” or something (do fandoms even have big fans?).

Luhan eventually gives in and search the fics of the this Bubbletea01, and in all honesty this guy can write well enough, maybe fix a few things (Luhan is an English major, so he is always trying to correct people) but he is really good. He will take one for the team and leave a comment on one of his entries and hopefully he´ll just take everyone in tumblr off of his butt about how they should be friends and on and on, hence he does exactly that a good “I like your fic” (there is no lie in there). He also checks Bubbetea01’s twitter, Sehun, he finds out is his name, and he is not that bad, they have a lot of things in common.

In reality he never expected to want to be Sehun’s friend, but they really have a lot in common. Sehun also likes to stay awake until 4 am, when it is not school night, and watch videos of cats playing with dogs and also they both play stupid games online that he only thought that 4 graders played, he is not even talking about Call of Duty or Sims 3, he really like websites with childish games, and surprisingly so does Sehun. So what he is saying it’s that he never expected to be on a skype call with an 18 years old while playing “The Impossible Quiz 2” (You cannot beat that game alone no matter how high your IQ is) on a Saturday night. They also could spend hours talking about how good Baekhyun’s and Jongdae’s voices are, and how good they all dance, and how stupidly cute everyone in EXO is, Sehun also likes to send Luhan cute gifs of Baekhyun, Kyungsoo and Kris because that is his lately ot3 and he wants to drag Luhan into it. So yes, he finds getting more and more attached to Sehun over the time; he asked for his line ID a few months ago because he needed some more friends for a stupid game, but now he forgot about the game and all he uses the app for it’s to talk to Sehun.

It is decided, they are going to meet for the EXO concert. Luhan doesn’t exactly knows how Sehun convinced his parents to let him fly all the way to California all by himself, but there is only 3 weeks until the concert and their meeting. He is extremely nervous, everyone probably thinks he is so cool, chatting with a few of his friends online and joking around, but he has never met any of them, and some of them even life at the other half of the world, and he is afraid that maybe he would screwed it up and Sehun would just slowly back away and never talk to him again. He gets this weird feeling in his stomach every time he thinks about it, yes he certainly didn’t want to be friends with Sehun at first, but he has grown to like him so much, they do have a lot in common and the kid it’s much more mature than half of his dorm floor in college and that’s tons of people. Ok, maybe, just maybe he has a tiny crush on Sehun, but for god’s sake they live like a million miles apart, so he is nervous that once that he meets Sehun his crush will only grow.

He is finally dragging his butt all the way to California today and they have it all planned. They are meeting in Disney, because if they end up getting all awkward with each other at least they would have tons of games and attractions to get into so they can lease the tension. He knows the Hotel that Sehun is staying in is a few blocks away from his, but they are both going to get there really Late at night and would much rather met when he is clean and wearing presentable clothes at least. Here is how his weekend should go: get to Disney, meet Sehun, enjoy all the rides, maybe make out with Sehun if the world and the stars are in his favor, go to the fansign, go to what promises to be the best concert of his life, fanboy over Xiumin and then cry when the concert is over and doesn’t know what to with his life anymore; he is hoping to fourth one to repeat somewhere along the line.

He gets at Disney at 9 a.m, and Sehun tells him to get at the parking lot, “section 23” that he is waiting in there. He didn’t expect Sehun to be telling the true about how he is 6 foot tall, but he definitely is. Sehun is 1.83 cm tall and all shoulders, and as he sees Luhan his eye smile shows more and more and now Luhan is definitely screwed because the crush is not going anywhere now. They hug and the first thing that comes out of Sehun’s mouth is “Woah! I thought you were taller, but you are still really cute”, did anyone teach him any basic politeness? Instead of getting mad, he just feels like some of his old friends are teasing him. The ride all the possible attractions they can, and by the end of the day when the fireworks starts Sehun bends down a little and gives him a kiss on his cheek.

Making out with Sehun is a lot better that he ever imagined, not that he had done that many times in the past few months, but for a teenager who claims to not know anything about making out sessions in his author note’s, Sehun seems to know quite a lot, he knows how to take the lead and how to bite down on Luhan lips hard enough to not hurt him. They do make out for a few hours before each of them going to their hotel and Luhan has never seen so much regret in someone’s face before, but it is for the best. They both have to wake up early tomorrow in order to go to the fansign, which they earn with a lot of hard work and then spend the day together in the line until the concert comes around.

The fansign is the best experience ever, he not only gets to see all of EXO from close but they also seem excited because of the few boys in there, he just happens to be one of them. Xiumin gets all giggly when it is his turn to sign and Luhan might faint, but luckily Sehun is next to him and with a hand in his lower back to support him. Really he thought nothing would top that, except when the concert comes and Kyungsoo’s solo stage is a bunch of English songs that include a few of Bruno Mars and he has never screamed so much in his life. He also believes that he had great times because he had someone to share it with. He regrets it so much when the concert is over, because that means he would go back to his routine tomorrow. Sehun tells him around a hundred times “I am so glad I got to share this with you”, and Luhan is grateful too, just that he doesn’t know how to express it with words, so he hugs Sehun a hundred more times.

When he is back at the dorm he feels like everything was a dream, California, Disney, EXO, Sehun. They didn’t talk about it, the chemistry, and the crush that was obviously going in both ways, the good times, and especially not the making out. Maybe this was one of those teenager’s tv series where the main character has a summer fling and they only meet again ten years later. He feels a litte bad about it all, he wishes he could see Sehun again soon, because he has never been that comfortable with a person before, but he also guesses that if is meant to be it would be. He is back at his University, 10 a.m classes when his phone vibrates and Sehun name flashes in his screen, he decides to check it and it reads “ SO…….F(x) is coming next month….wanna go? We can stay in the same room and save some money ;)” and well maybe it is meant to be.

Tags: 2014, fic, length: under 5k, rating: pg-13
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