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fic for annafeu, devil's sin

For: annafeu
From: atmest

Title: Devil’s Sin
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 8300
Summary: Of all things Director Oh’s greed for wealth would cost, he didn’t expect it to be his son’s happiness.
Other Pairings: Brief Sehun/OCs
Warning: Dubcon/Borderline noncon

People say that, for being completely raised by his father since he was young, Sehun acts entirely different compared to his old man. Where Sehun’s father was business-oriented and systematic in his work, Sehun was artistically-inclined and spontaneous. Sehun’s father had his goals directed towards making money and planning for the long run whilst Sehun opted to live dynamically and in the now. Director Oh was a businessman while Sehun was a dancer, an artist. It seemed like they were on opposite sides of the spectrum.

However, there were some points where they converged, where people can safely claim that Ah, Sehun really is his father’s son. They are both passionate in what they do. They’re both goal-oriented and driven, hellbent in getting what they want – although what they want aren’t exactly the same.

Even if they do have different set of goals and careers, they learned how to work around it. Sehun had always understood his role as his father’s son, and his future responsibility as the leader of his father’s company when the day comes. He had complied with it by passing and going to one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea, pursuing a course on Business Management and Accountancy. It is with the agreement that he can still dance, can still continue with his little dream –or hobby, as his dad liked to put it – as long as he keeps his grades up and eventually graduate. In return his dad had promised to attend every recital or performance Sehun has, taking a break from his work if need be. It had been hard to come to this agreement, seeing as they’re both arrogant and intent on not giving in to the other. But they soon realised that they’re too alike, and knowing each other, no one would back down. So they had come to a mutual agreement where they equally give and take.

Another difference, probably a vital one, between the father and son is the way they deem things and people of value. Sehun had always been something of an extrovert, with friends here and there wherever he goes. Acquainting was never a problem with the young man, not when he had a handsome face and the talents that can make people stop and stare. It also helps that he has the personality that just seems to draw people in, along with his slurred words and his deep laugh. On the other hand there is Sehun’s father, who only seemed to see people as either forms of competition, or as subordinates that needed to be controlled. He had learned never to trust anyone, no one but his son. There isn’t anyone who should know anything and everything about him except his son, because they’re too alike. He knows Sehun would never betray him, because he knows in himself that he would never do that to the other.

So when it came down to it, Sehun’s father only valued two things: his company, and his son. He considered the former as a child too, in a way. He had been the one that planted the seed and took great care of it, raised it to become one of the biggest and most powerful companies in the country. All of the money he was making came from his hard work and perseverance, so it was only right that he would want what’s best for it. He wants the best for Sehun, too.

So, in some horribly skewed way of thinking, the great Director Oh thought this could’ve been the best idea he ever had.

It was tradition, practically a rite of passage in the world of the rich and powerful that, once a business has finally reached – what is probably – the peak of its success, there will be knowledge disclosed to the leader or head of the establishment. It is about an ancient ritual, a ceremony if you may, that will help solidify and keep the peak of success of the business, ensuring that it will never suffer a downfall or go down come whatever obstacle. Even in times of crises the business will never fail. In short, it was guaranteeing Director Oh eternal wealth. Everlasting power. The surety that there is nowhere to go but up. It was only natural that he agreed. It was probably expected that he would push through with the ancient ritual, performing it on the rooftop of the biggest headquarters of his company in South Korea.

He stands on the rough cement, his suit jacket flapping in the wind as the air ravages around him. There’s a column of wind materialising in front of him, coming from the clouds precipitating above the dark sky and striking the stretch of cement in front of Director Oh. It’s a swirling tornado, spinning and spinning until, in the blink of an eye, it disappears. In its place is a person, a woman. She has incredibly pale skin, as white as the moon shining down on them, with jet black hair framing her beautiful, white face. Her lips are blood red, the same colour as the floor-length dress she’s wearing. She’s beautiful, with the air of danger like a siren out of the sea. Director Oh stands in front of her, speechless, hands gone cold.

She looks at him, her black eyes fixed on his stoic face. Then, her crimson lips break into a smile. “Director Oh. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“Y—you know me?” Director Oh asks, looking at the woman incredulously.

“Why, of course,” she replies, her voice low and silky. “I know exactly who you are. And I know just why you called me here.” Her smile turns impish, and Sehun’s father suddenly thinks this mightn’t have been a good idea.

“You’re right,” she chimes in, and Director Oh shoots her a questioning look. She throws her head back and laughs. “This might not have been a good idea, it’s true. But why don’t you hear out my deal first? It might be something you absolutely cannot refuse.” Her tone is taunting, lilting, and Director Oh finds himself being swayed, gravitating towards her. He completely forgets to ask how she managed to read his mind, entirely hypnotised with the vibrato of the siren’s voice.

When the director’s a few feet away from her, she starts, “I know exactly what you want. Of course, that’s because I serve only the people that are just like you. Power,” she purrs, rolling the syllables, her tongue hitting the roof of her mouth and dragging the sound out. “Wealth, it’s what you want right? It’s what all you people that summon me always wish. To be more powerful, to be wealthier, to keep at the top of the chain.” Her smile is blinding when she says, “I can grant you that.”

Director Oh holds his breath as the words slip out of the siren’s mouth. This is what he wants – it’s exactly what he wants. Just when he’s about to reply, she interrupts him.

“There is,” her eyes blink slowly, long black lashes brushing her high cheekbones, “a catch, of course. Making a deal with the devil has to come with a price, yes?”

The word devil rings in the Director’s ears, and goosebumps rise all over every inch of his skin. His tailored suit suddenly feels like it’s made of ice instead of expensive silk, and the woman’s white teeth look eerily jagged in the pale moonlight. He had never believed it when they said he’d be summoning a devil, not when she appeared in front of him looking more like a goddess than anything else. But then again, deception was the game.

“W—what do you want?” Director Oh asks, clenching his freezing fingers into fists. It has been told that once the devil offers you her services, you must never say no or back out. There was once a man who declined the woman’s offer, and in the span of two months his empire had experienced complete bankruptcy, leaving not a single penny for him and his family. And Director Oh would never want that to happen to him. He’s worked far too hard and gone too far to stop now.

“What’s your price? Name it, and I’ll have the money se—”

He is interrupted by the devil’s loud laughter, chilling and slicing through the cold night air. She lifts a hand and waves it precariously, as if warding whatever the director had to say away. It looks like she’s brushing tears when she finally sobers, looking at Director Oh amusedly, “Oh, I don’t want your money, Oh. It’s not money I want. What I want is,” she points at the man in front of her, long manicured nail glistening, “whatever you hold most dear.”

Now this is probably where Director Oh’s world suddenly stops. Because he only really holds two things dear, and that’s his company, and his son, Sehun. The very reason he’s even here, right now, making a deal with the devil, is because of his company and Sehun. He had wanted Sehun to take over an empire, one that will never crash and burn. He wanted what was best for his son, and securing the success of the company he’ll be inheriting was one thing Director Oh would make sure of. However, giving up Sehun in exchange for his company would defeat his purpose entirely.


“I’m not going to take him away, don’t worry,” she coos, reading his mind again. She smiles that spine-chilling smile again, and supplies, “I’ll just be needing something to play with, you know? Immortality gets a bit boring sometimes; we all need something to keep us occupied. So what do you say?”

Director Oh hesitates. “You won’t do anything bad to him, right? He’s my son. I won’t allow anything that’ll harm him.” Above everything else, he was still a father. And even if Sehun’s going to become the means to the end, he still values his son’s welfare.

“No harm will come to your son,” she replies, voice cool. “Who knows, your son might thank me later on.” Her black eyes are filled with mirth, like she’s already orchestrated a plan in her head and all there’s left is to play it out. She’s probably done exactly that. And she knows Director Oh has no other choice but to accept.

He takes a deep breath, and closes his eyes. He sees Sehun behind them, his only son. He’s doing this for him. He’s doing this for the both of them. If it were Sehun in his place, he’d probably have done the same. He opens his eyes, and looks back at the devil in red in front of him.

“It’s a deal.”

Nothing really happened at first. Director Oh had taken to having breakfast with son every morning, when before they only ever got together during weekends. Sehun’s schedule was different from his father’s, resulting in their waking up at different points in the morning, and Director Oh waking up the moment his son’s out the door. He made it a point to wake up early, almost two hours before his wake-up calls, and spend some time with Sehun. He keeps on trying to look for signs, for anything that would give away what the devil had in store for his son.

“Dad, you alright?” Sehun asks around his mouthful of omelet, looking at his father questioningly. Director Oh had been stirring his coffee for a while now, staring at his son and scrutinising his moves if they were different or not. He’s still the same boy, tall and sure with his movements, eats like lightning and downs a glass of chocolate milk before moving onto his black coffee. His eyes are still clear, albeit a little blank, but that’s how he always was.


Director Oh picks up his cup of coffee and takes a sip. It’s gone cold from all the stirring he’s done, but he smiles warm. “Yeah, I’m good.” He takes the newspaper that’s laid next to his now-empty plate, his eyes glancing over the words Oh Corporations strike oil! printed in dark ink, and stands up. Offering another smile at his son, he says, “I’m going to go upstairs to pack, I have a two-week long business trip. I trust you, son.”

He’s got nothing to worry about. Whatever the devil had planned for Sehun must have been mild, something petty like him failing a subject or something, but that can be rectified easily. He doesn’t need to tell his son about what he did. Nothing at all.

Sehun’s life, in his opinion, is pretty average. He does his best in school, attending his lessons and trying to do well during his exams so he’ll get decent grades. He doesn’t aim to have exceptional grades, but he does try to ensure that he would get his diploma on time, showing his father that he could do it. That they can do this. All the while he balances his academics with his dancing, never having forgotten about it. It was more of a hobby than anything, like his weekly basketball practices with his mates.

Amidst the hustles and bustles of school, hobbies, and social obligations, he still manages to spend time with his boyfriend Lu Han. Lu Han was Sehun’s childhood sweetheart before he had to go back to China due to his family’s rocky financial issues then, but he had come back to Korea just before Sehun graduated high school. Sehun would’ve thought the other had forgotten all about him, what with all the years they spent apart and they were so young then, how would he have remembered. But Lu Han had cornered Sehun during the welcome party thrown at the Lu household, cheeks flushed red as he shyly handed Sehun a mixtape and said, in his small voice that Sehun didn’t know he missed so much, “I still like you, Sehunnie.”

From then they stayed glued to the hip, attending the same university, albeit majoring in different things. Unlike Sehun, Lu Han had the luxury to take up Music. Sehun would make it their routine to pick up Lu Han from his house and drive them to school, then bring Lu Han back home once classes end. They’d have little side-trips sometimes, grabbing a cuppa at the quaint cafe uptown or enjoying street food and milk tea.

Although they do spend a lot of time together, they’d never done anything intimate or anything beyond making out and some shy, light petting. The moment Sehun had tried initiating something more, hand tugging down at Lu Han’s jeans, the other had laid down some things Sehun understood, of course, because that was love was about. He had respected Lu Han’s choice and vow to not have sex before marriage, and promised that he would follow his boyfriend’s boundaries. They even got promise rings so they won’t forget, and the matter was entirely dealt with.

Sehun was sure he would hold up and respect Lu Han’s decision, and he’s never had a reason to go or protest against it. He was so sure that he’d never go looking, seeing or thinking about Lu Han that way until he’s ready, nor would he pressure him into breaking the vow he made with himself. Sehun thinks of himself as a great man, a respectable man, a gentleman.

“Hey, Sehunnie,” Lu Han calls, and Sehun turns to see his boyfriend holding onto a level of the library’s bookshelf, tiptoeing as he tries to reach a book on one of the higher shelves, “what do you think about having a snack before going home? I’ve been wanting some of the, uh,” he stops talking as he continues on his struggle, jumping a bit in an effort to reach his targeted book, “yummy noodles at the tea house.”

Sehun chuckles and pushes himself off the opposite bookshelf he’d been leaning on, heading over to where his boyfriend’s height and reach was being challenged. “Sure,” he answers, thinking he’d like to grab something to eat before studying for his impending midterm exams. He comes closer, arm stretched so he can help grab the book Lu Han had been trying to get for a good three minutes now. “Let me get that for you. Which one is it?”

“That one,” Lu Han points, and Sehun leans in so he can retrieve the textbook. His front presses against Lu Han’s back, and his boyfriend feels unusually warm, the heat permeating through Sehun’s shirt. He’s always found Lu Han warm despite his slight figure, but this was a different type of warmth. Sehun found goosebumps rising along his skin, the hairs all over the arm he’s got extended rising up. He can feel his neck heating up, a stirring somewhere deep inside him as his pants brushes against Lu Han’s. Sehun hurriedly grabs the book and gives it to Lu Han, dimly registering the other’s gleeful thank you’s, trying to pace his breath and make the half-hard arousal in his jeans go away.

Lu Han’s looking up at him, eyes smiling as he hugs his book to his chest, and he reaches to take Sehun’s hand in his. “Come on, let’s check this out and go eat.”

Sehun stares at the slim fingers wrapped around his hand, and feels his skin prickling at the contact. He closes his eyes and tries to steel himself, pacing his breathing. He’s never reacted to Lu Han’s touch like this before, maybe he was coming down with something. Or maybe it’s just the stress.

Sehun lets himself get dragged by his boyfriend, too preoccupied trying to get his body to calm down. He repeatedly fiddles with the white gold band resting just above the knuckle of his ring finger, reminding himself of his promise to his boyfriend. This was nothing, he thinks.

Turns out, it wasn’t just nothing. The moment Sehun got home he was hard as fuck, breathing heavily as he tries to make his way up the stairs, heading straight to the bathroom. Unbuttoning his jeans and untucking himself, he wraps a hard around his erection, feeling embarrassment and shame run through his body as he jerks himself off to the image of his adorable lover: the softness of his cheeks, and the red of his mouth. His hand is sweaty, and it reduces the friction on his cock, letting him fist himself faster and harder, the heat from earlier coming back and pooling inside him. He roughly swipes the pad of his thumb on the tip of his dick, digging it inside the slit, groaning loud it reverberates against the glass walls of the shower.

He comes with the image of Lu Han in his mind, and it’s like a blaring warning sign in Sehun’s mind. He’s breathing heavy as he lets go of his dick, heavy and red between his thighs, and grimaces at the mess he made. Sehun moves to tuck himself back in his boxers and zip up his jeans, and proceeds to mop of the spunk all over the tiles with some tissues. As he cleans up his mind drifts off to Lu Han again, his little face smiling up at him, and Sehun, god fucking dammit, starts getting hard again, and he really doesn’t know what’s gotten into him.

Stripping down and throwing his clothes in the hamper, Sehun jumps inside the shower and stands under the torrent of cold water, trying to banish all lust away. As he reaches over to grab the shampoo, he makes up his mind. This was a one-time thing. This won't ever happen again.

Sehun’s been missing school for almost a week now. Midterms are in two weeks and he still hasn’t opened a single textbook, nor attended any of his review classes. He’s been missing from dance practice and his and his buddies’ weekly basketball plays. There’s so many things he’s missing, most especially his boyfriend, Lu Han. Sehun’s received one too many texts and calls from the other, his phone constantly filled with alerts coming from him. However, Sehun can’t even bear to look, or even answer, a single call or text, afraid of the repercussions. The very notion of thinking of Lu Han’s got his dick stirring again, and it’s like a brutal cycle of trying to get off and not letting the guiltfilthshame fester in his body.

His hand isn’t doing the trick anymore, and the overwhelming need to have some of the real thing, to stuff his dick in a warm orifice, is starting to take over his rationality.

Which is why Sehun’s found himself here, inside a bar located in one Seoul’s very own red light district, located at Itaewon. He remembers being dragged here once by his mates for some drinks, a bit of fun, and some mild stuff. Now, he’s here on a mission, and it’s to relieve himself from the never-disappearing lust seemingly blazing inside his body. He can’t possibly ask Lu Han to help him, his lover would look down on him so much, and the last thing Sehun wanted was to upset him. So this was just a little sacrifice. He was doing this for Lu Han.

“You alone here tonight?” a woman asks, talking loudly so she’s heard above the music. She’s petite, got long hair framing her small face, and her eyelashes are so long they seem familiar, and it doesn’t seem so long until the image of Lu Han starts materialising in his mind yet again. It’s enough to get him up and running, wrapping an arm around the girl’s little waist and pulling her flush against his body.

“Not anymore,” Sehun murmurs, voice low as he buries his face in the stranger’s neck, pressing his crotch into her soft body. She’s warm and Sehun groans, his dick twitching in the confines of his underwear and jeans. “Mind helping me out, sweetheart?”

She gasps when Sehun moves his hands down, cupping her ass. “Sure, anything for a handsome patron.”

It’s a blur as Sehun gets pulled by the little brunette up some wrought-iron stairs, swiping a card and getting a VIP room’s door unlocked. All of a sudden Sehun’s nosing his way into heated, soft white skin, hands gripping at the woman’s thighs. She’s so into it, panties already soaking wet way before Sehun even got to touch or even breathe against her sex. She’s so ready, so responsive and so sexy Sehun’s about to go insane.

He faintly remembers rolling a condom down his dick because all he can think about is the overwhelming heat sucking his erection in, and he nearly chokes as he feels his balls rest against warm skin. He loses control as he starts pistoning in and out of her, making her scream and claw at his back. He can’t fully register anything, only the heat and the need to release, the unforgiving need to thrustthrustthrust and fuckfuckfuck.

He comes long after the woman underneath him has orgasmed and passed out, but even then he keeps on drilling, hips snapping so he bury his cock in her hot core deeper. The edge he feels under his skin hasn’t alleviated one bit, and he’s trying to brutally catch another orgasm, a desperate effort because fuck if he can’t take this anymore.

He’s near sobbing around his fourth round, the girl he’s fucking unconscious and legs spread as Sehun keeps pushing his swollen cock in, her cunt open and red-sore, he’s sure. He just can’t seem to stop though, because the need and the lust just won’t go away. If anything, it’s making him want more. Moremoremore, but he can’t take it anymore. He growls as he orgasms again, come filling up his third condom of the night.

Sehun rolls over and throws all of the used condoms into the rubbish bin, standing up so he can start dressing up. He has the decency to pull the sheets over the spent stranger’s body, and he leaves a hefty amount of cash by the bedside table. Sehun feels the guilt creep up at him slowly as he notices the dry tear tracks on the woman’s cheeks, and he closes the door with a soft click.

The guilt doesn’t last long, though. It isn’t long before he’s bumped into a woman again on the way out. She’s a bit taller, looks a bit older than the stranger from earlier, but she’s still warm and beautiful and goddammit.

It’s a brutal cycle, an incredibly long night of Sehun trying to chase and catch his release, only to have it rearing up again and making him fuck the nearest willing body into oblivion. He’s lost his senses by the fifth fuck and the sun’s about to come up, but all that’s repeating in Sehun’s mind is fuckfuckfuck and needneedneed.

He doesn’t want to admit it, but the last thing he thinks of is Lu Han’s face as orgasms.

When on the fourth ring of the doorbell and no one is still answering, Lu Han's worry increases by the twofold. He places his heavy backpack down on the front porch and stands on the tips of his toes, reaching for the ledge above the double doors. Using the doorknob as leverage, Lu Han jumps, swiping his free hand over the ledge. A key falls and tinkles when it hits the floor, and Lu Han bends down to pick it up along with his bag. Inserting the brass key in the keyhole, he pushes open one door, peeking through the space he just made.

The inside of the house is dark, and surprisingly empty. There was not a maid in sight, nor any of the helpers that would usually be milling around the house this time of the day. Lu Han pushes the door open some more, enough to squeeze himself in. He takes the key out and closes the door behind him, his hands coming to wrap around his backpack straps.

"Hello?" Lu Han calls out, his voice echoing in the empty silence. He takes off his shoes and walks towards the living room, thinking he'd find his sick boyfriend there. "Sehun?" Seeing no one there, the TV closed and the curtains drawn, Lu Han's eyebrows furrow. "Mr. Oh? Sehunnie? Is anybody home?"

Lu Han's fingers tighten around the straps of his bag, and he decides to climb up the stairs. He's worrying his bottom lip in between his teeth as he makes his way towards Sehun's room, feeling uneasiness settle in the pit of his stomach. It feels like his insides suddenly turned into water, and taking steps closer to the familiar dark mahogany door makes the pain he's feeling in his stomach spike.

He doesn't know why he's feeling this way, why he suddenly wants to turn around, walk away and never come back. It's overwhelming that he stops in front of the door to his boyfriend's room, gnawing at the inside of his cheeks. He's about to turn around and make his way back down when he remembers how he hasn't seen his boyfriend in almost two weeks, how he hasn't heard anything about him and his welfare ever since he disappeared on Lu Han.

So Lu Han musters up the courage to knock on the door, three soft raps before calling, "Sehun? Are you in there?" Lu Han doesn't receive an answer, and he comes closer to press his ear on the door. "Sehunnie? Can I come in?"

A few moments pass, and Lu Han's questions are still unanswered. Despite hating barging in someone's bedroom without permission, Lu Han wraps a hand around the doorknob and, while turning the brass metal open, announces, "I'm coming in, alright."

The moment Lu Han opens the door to his boyfriend's bedroom, he gasps. He would've bolted and hightailed his way out of the house if he wasn't frozen where he was standing. Sehun's once immaculate room looks like a tornado got locked in it, and then the apocalypse took over after. The lights are off but Lu Han can make out how destroyed the room is. Sehun's framed awards and certificates are smashed on the floor, glass littering the burgundy carpet. There's a deflated basketball ball at the far corner of the room, and Sehun's desk is a mess of papers and torn apart books. The curtains are drawn, but strobes of sunlight pass through the slits, the tears along the fabric like they've been clawed at.

On the messy bed lay his boyfriend, naked, the dark sheets covering his body from the waist downwards. Lu Han has a hand over his mouth as he watches his boyfriend sleep, bare chest rising and falling. Lu Han moves forward, light steps so he doesn't wake up Sehun in case he steps on glass. It doesn’t take long before he’s by the foot of the bed, looking down at his slumbering boyfriend. There are dark shadows under his eyes, and he looks older, a bit more tired than Lu Han ever saw him. Lu Han sits down on the bed, careful not to jostle Sehun. He doesn’t feel comfortable being this near with Sehun, especially since he’s barely covered and they're all alone in the whole house.

However Lu Han's concern outweighs his anxiety. He's willing to step out of his comfort zone if it's for his boyfriend's well-being. So Lu Han makes a move to stand up, his destination the bathroom so he can go get a basin of warm water and a washcloth and clean Sehun up. He doesn't get far though because suddenly there are fingers circling around his wrist, stopping him from leaving. Lu Han turns back and sees Sehun looking up at him, eyes half-lidded.

"Hey," Lu Han greets softly, offering Sehun a small smile. Sehun's fingers tighten around his wrist and Lu Han thinks it's his boyfriend trying to assert that he's really here, and he smiles wider. "I missed you so, did you know that?"

Lu Han watches as Sehun sits up, the sheets rustling and sliding down his body to pool around his hips. Lu Han averts his gaze and gulps, fighting down the blush creeping up with neck and likely flushing his cheeks.

"You should probably go wear some clothes before you catch a cold," Lu Han says, shaking his arm side to side so his and Sehun's interlinked arms sway. This gesture always got Sehun smiling, and Lu Han misses it amongst many things.

He makes to pull away but all he gets is another tug closer. Lu Han's eyebrows furrow, looking at Sehun questioningly. "Is something the matter?"

Lu Han looks at Sehun closely, intently, and this is when he notices that there seems to be something off with his boyfriend, like there's something different he can't place with the way the other is looking at him. He doesn't think Sehun's ever looked at him like this before, his eyes hooded and intent. Sehun's gaze is so heavy Lu Han wants to look away, but all he does is stare back, feeling the blush warm his face.

"Se--Sehun, are you ok?" Lu Han asks, watching and waiting for his boyfriend to say something, anything. When he gets none, Lu Han tightens his grip on Sehun's hand. "Sehunnie, answer me, please. You're starting to freak me out. Sehun, say something?"

Lu Han stares at Sehun, as if his gaze would make the other speak up. He watches as Sehun’s mouth opens, and Lu Han’s about ready to breathe a sigh of relief because, finally, a response. His sigh is caught up, however, because all Sehun does is grab and pull him in, lean up that much closer, and kiss Lu Han.

The kiss takes him by surprise, the strong grip Sehun’s hands got around Lu Han’s arms even more so. Lu Han struggles to push Sehun away, his eyes widening that much more as his boyfriend pushes his tongue in his mouth and starts licking and pushing, like he’s attempting to devour Lu Han whole.

“Sehun!” Lu Han exclaims, hands pushing at every inch of his boyfriend he can reach, trying to get away, “Sehun, stop!” He shoves Sehun away with all the strength he can muster, and he stands up in an effort to get as far away from his boyfriend as possible. “What did you think you were doing!”

“Lu Han,” Sehun says, finally. But it doesn’t sound quite right, like his name wasn’t meant to be uttered by Sehun. It doesn’t offer Lu Han the comfort it once did. Sehun’s voice is abysmally low, like he’s almost growling out his name, and it’s only then that Lu Han notices his boyfriend’s eyes are black, so black with his pupils swallowing up the browns of Sehun’s irises.

It’s enough to have Lu Han scrambling towards Sehun’s door, bolting out of it and heading down the hallway. He doesn’t get far because next thing he knows is he’s falling on the floor, his chin almost hitting the carpeted floor painfully as Sehun yanks at the bag Lu Han’s still lugging. Then he feels himself being dragged back by his ankles, and he kicks and screams, hollering for help.

It’s all for naught as he catches sight of the walls of Sehun’s room again, and he starts sobbing when he feels himself being lifted up like he was a mere sack of potatoes, then placed on the messy bed none too gently. Sehun’s naked in front of him, and Lu Han closes his eyes as he tries to scramble farther away from him, but Sehunnie would never let him do that. Lu Han feels hands pushing the straps of his backpack down, ripping it away once he’s finally released the other’s arms. Lu Han faintly hears the clinking of his keychains colliding with the floor against the loud rushing of blood in his ears. The hands are back on his arms, followed by wet presses along the skin on the inside of his right elbow.

“S—Sehun,” Lu Han says, nervous, still not opening his eyes. He’s trying to pull away, retreating from Sehun’s touch but Sehun tugs his limbs straight again, continuing on kissing his way up Lu Han’s arm. Lu Han feels a shiver go through him when Sehun finally kisses him just where the neckline of his shirt’s collar ends, the heat of the other’s lips pressing against his skin, and seeping through the fabric of his clothing. He cringes because this isn’t right, what is going on, what is happening.

Sehun kisses his way up Lu Han’s neck, at the same time moving his hands so they slip underneath his boyfriend’s shirt. In a flash he’s got it off of Lu Han, and the other shrieks as Sehun pounces on him. The feeling of their bare chests flush against each other has Lu Han gasping, his scream hitching in his throat. Sehun seals it with a searing kiss, hot, open-mouthed and filthy it’s got Lu Han in tears.

“Lu Han,” Sehun breathes, mouth dragging down to map his boyfriend’s torso, lips closing in on a rosy nipple, pressing his tongue down on the hardened nub. Lu Han cries, his back arching. He tries yet again to push Sehun away, his hands coming to rest at his bare shoulders. His nails dig into the skin as Sehun bites him, and his fingers join to touch and pinch at his other nipple.

“Stop it, Sehun! It isn’t funn—ah! Get away from me!” Lu Han shrieks. Lu Han starts clawing at Sehun’s back, but when he looks down he stops, momentarily freezing. Because there he sees along the broad expanse of Sehun’s white skin are angry red marks, and there are so many, some already overlapping each other. It was almost effective, the way the scratches distracted Lu Han from his efforts of escaping. He’s only awakened from his stupor when he feels the breeze hit his legs and his groin.

Lu Han watches as Sehun throws his jeans along with his underwear down on the floor, then proceeding to crawl closer, settling himself in between his legs, spreading them open. Lu Han struggles to keep them closed, stiffening his muscles against Sehun’s grip. It’s futile; Sehun’s much much stronger, and the grips he’s got on Lu Han’s knees is so tight it’s almost bruising.

Sehun leans down, and his breathing is so hot and searing against Lu Han’s skin he’s positive he’s being burned. He’s mouthing at the inside of his thighs, and it feels so good to Lu Han he almost moans. He catches himself, though, because this is wrong. This is so so wrong.

There’s a deep, long exhale before Lu Han feels it: the tongue prodding at his most intimate part. Sehun had gone past Lu Han’s half-hard erection, his balls, and went straight for his asshole, licking and wetting at the rim of it. Lu Han slaps a hand over his mouth at the foreign sensation, squirming at Sehun’s ministrations. The other tightens his grip on his knees in retaliation and Lu Han whimpers in reply, if from the painful hold or the unrelenting swipes of tongue at the muscles of his entrance.

When Sehun finally slips his tongue in Lu Han feels like the air suddenly thinned and there’s not enough to fill his lungs. It feels so weird because he’s never felt anything inserted down there before, but exhilarating because Sehun’s tongue is so hot it feels like there’s a firetrail moving and wriggling its way inside him. Sehun doesn’t stop his licking and prodding, alternating from pressing his tongue flat against Lu Han’s asshole, and stiffening it to a tip so he can wedge it inside and stretch him. It feels awfully like being licked open, in Lu Han’s opinion, and he couldn’t help but feel the heat pool inside his core. He looks down to find himself hard. Sehun is, too, but what surprises Lu Han is the size of his boyfriend’s erection, the way it’s so red and swollen and leaking precome it almost looks way more obscene than it’s supposed to.

Lu Han doesn’t notice it at first, but he does when Sehun’s slipped and hooked the second finger in, the stretch going was beyond what he thinks is comfortable, not that it was in the first place. But the burn is starting to hurt and Lu Han’s not sure what’s happening anymore, and he wants to leave this place, Sehun, and never come back.

“Stop, please,” Lu Han sobs, going back to weakly pounding his fists against every inch of Sehun he can get at. The other pulls away for a while, and Lu Han almost thinks it’s the end of it—Sehun’s woken up from his delirium and realised he was doing Lu Han wrong. But that isn’t the case. Sehun reaches over to his bedside table and takes a condom packet, ripping it open and rolling it down his cock. Next he grabs at a nondescript bottle, opens it, and squeezes at a generous amount of clear gel all over his right hand. Then he’s moving closer again, rubbing his lubricant-smeared hand up and down his cock, and Lu Han struggles to untangle his legs from the sheets, attempting to get away.

“If you stop fighting me,” Sehun snarls as he pulls Lu Han back, this time flush against his broad chest, “I’ll promise to go easy, ok baby?”

His voice is so menacing it shuts Lu Han right up, the fear coursing through his veins as he lets Sehun manoeuvre them to a new position, this time with Lu Han settled between his legs, his shorter limbs spread farther apart than Sehun’s and settled over his knees. Lu Han grips onto Sehun’s arms as the other wounds them around his body, reaching down to his quivering core. He slips two slick fingers back inside him, stretching him again before adding another digit to the fray. Lu Han’s about ready to pass out from the lack of oxygen, hiccupping and breathing heavily against Sehun’s body. Sehun takes out his fingers, and Lu Han can feel his entrance clenching on air as his boyfriend’s digits keep it stretched open.

“Shush,” Sehun coos, shifting Lu Han with one arm so he’s in the right place, hot rim almost touching the engorged head of his cock. “This is going to feel so good, you’d wonder why you even wanted to keep celibate, Lu Han. I’m going to fill you up so damn great.”

Sehun thrusts up and he’s in, Lu Han’s rim stretched around the girth of it, swallowing it up inch by inch as Sehun brings his boyfriend down on his dick. Lu Han screams at the pain, and he feels awfully like he’s being torn apart from the inside out and it’s so hot, and Sehun’s so big he thinks he’s choking on it.

“Breathe, baby, breathe,” Sehun croons, hand rubbing all over Lu Han’s chest, and head leaning against Lu Han’s as the other’s falls back to lay against Sehun’s shoulder. Sehun moves to shove two fingers into Lu Han’s mouth when he still doesn’t stop crying, ordering him to, “Suck.”

Sehun starts thrusting when Lu Han offers an experimental lick, and he almost gags on his boyfriend’s long fingers at the rampage of pain and pleasure coursing through his veins and rendering his body oversensitive. Lu Han doesn’t know when he started sucking on Sehun’s fingers like it was the only thing he knew how to do, doesn’t know when Sehun’s thrusts went from slow and gentle to fast and unrelentingly deep, like he was impaling his cock in Lu Han.

“Sucking me in so tightly,” Sehun breathes against Lu Han’s ear, nibbling at his earlobe when he continues, “God you’re so tight and you wrap around my cock so good. It’s like you were made for me, baby.”

Sehun’s words sound so filthy, so dirty, to Lu Han he sobs harder and flattens his tongue around Sehun’s fingers in shame. This wasn’t how he imagined his first time to be. This was a far cry from his ideal wedding night where he’s offer himself up to Sehun, and his lover would take the sweetest time to strip and make love to him. He never expected his first time to be like this, only wearing his socks and getting fucked open by Sehun.

“It’s like you don’t want me to leave, do you, Lulu?” Sehun hisses, punctuating his words with deep thrusts they hit Lu Han’s prostate, and Lu Han moans long and loud as he hugs Sehun’s arm closer to his chest, sucking harder. These aren’t the words he imagined Sehun would whisper in his ear, such disgusting sentences instead of love-soaked ones.

“I want you to come for me, Lu,” Sehun commands, fixing their positions so he can thrust in Lu Han faster, harder and deeper, snapping his hips up with so much force Lu Han feels like he’s going to blackout. “Come for me and clench around me, like you want to remember the feeling of my dick filling you up.”

Lu Han’s orgasm comes at him like a freight train, and his mouth opens in a silent scream, neck craning and back arching as his pleasure crests. He feels numb for a few moments, like he really did fall unconscious, but regains feeling when he registers Sehun’s chest rubbing against Lu Han’s back, still thrusting erratically in and out of him as he tries to get his own release. Lu Han silently weeps as he waits, limp and tingling in Sehun’s hold as the other crushes him tight against his body, orgasming to the heat of Lu Han’s contracting walls.

There’s a while just filled with their heavy breathing and Lu Han’s soft sniffles and fading hiccups. Around five minutes have passed when Sehun finally moves, wiggling his left that’s still secure in Lu Han’s embrace. The movement jostles Lu Han, and as Sehun retracts it the other catches sight of the white gold band that glints at the base of Sehun’s ring finger. The shame, embarrassment and disgust rises up Lu Han’s body again, and it fills up his mind until there are tears in his eyes again.

“Why,” he sobs, staring at his own hands. “Why did you do this, S—Sehunnie?”

Sehun lifts his head up from where it’s resting on Lu Han’s shoulder, and he sounds a lot like he’d just woken up when he answers, groggily, “Wh—what… Lu Han?”

Lu Han tilts his head to face Sehun, and he stares into his eyes. Sehun’s eyes are still dark, more black than brown, but they feel more home than earlier, and Lu Han’s lower lip quivers as he asks again, “Why did you do this to me, Sehun? You pro—you promised me.”

“What are you talking about, baby, I don’t under—stand…” At Lu Han’s hiccup Sehun feels it. He had felt a tightening around his cock and, when he looked down, he saw their current position, the state of his bedroom, and he feels like his world gave out on him. Disbelief and shock is obvious in Sehun’s voice as he breathes, “Oh my god, Lu.”

He moves to untangle Lu Han’s legs from his, lifting his lover up so he can slide his dick out of him and place him on the bed. All the while Lu Han is crying, voice weak and broken as he repeats over and over again, “You promised me, Sehun, you promised.”

Even when Sehun’s closed Lu Han’s legs and kissed his hands, the back of his palms and the insides of his wrists, whispering apologies into the downy of his boyfriend’s skin, he still keeps repeating, like a mantra, “You promised me, Sehun, you promised.”

Even when Sehun’s drawn and settled them both in a hot bath, hugging Lu Han’s body to his and cleaning him, and assuring him that he’s not dirty and he’s sorry and he’s still beautiful and “I love you so much, Lu Han, I’m so sorry,” Lu Han still keeps chanting, albeit now a whisper, “You promised me, Sehunnie. You promised.”

The devil watches from the corner of the room as Director Oh opens the door, stepping inside and toeing off his shoes. He notices an extra pair by the rack and smiles lightly. Looks like Sehun didn’t spend the two weeks alone after all.

He makes his way towards the living room, only to stop when he sees a silhouette by the dining room table. Director Oh heads over there, and releases a sigh when he notes that it’s just his son.

“Hey,” Director Oh greets. “You up real early. Can’t sleep?” He observes that Sehun’s shirtless, only clad in his boxers. He knows his son doesn’t sleep in this state, so his worry spikes when Sehun lifts his head up from his hands to meet his father’s gaze.

“Dear God, Sehun, what happened to you?” Director Oh asks, watching as Sehun’s bloodshot eyes close. He shakes his head, messy hair moving with the motion.

“I don—don’t know, dad,” Sehun answers, going back to resting his head in his hands. “I screwed up so bad. So fucking bad, I think I wrecked Lu Han.” Sehun starts sobbing, and he gasps, hands grabbing at his hair, “I love him so much, how could I have done that to him.”

“What happened, Sehun?” Director Oh asks, moving to sit on the chair next to Sehun’s. He leans down and asks again, hoping to get a reply.

“I—I went overboard, I didn’’t know what was happening I was possessed I don’t know—I hurt him, dad, I hurt him so bad, what the fuck do I do?” Sehun breathes in, and it’s as shaky as he exhales. “I forced him to have sex with me and I can’t get his screaming and crying out of my head I should be jailed for taking advantage of him, dad. I did him so wrong.”

Director Oh is speechless as he tries to absorb his Sehun’s confession. He looks anywhere but at his son as he thinks of how to comfort him. That’s when he sees her, and he feels like the air went still and all sound disappeared. The Devil is grinning at him from the shadows, her glimmering white teeth ribboned by her blood red lips pulled into a knowing grin. Director Oh suddenly feels like he’s been bathed in cold water at the realisation.

The Devil sends him a wink before she disappears, his hearing bleeding out to register Sehun’s fervent whispers to himself of, “I’m sorry, Lu Han. I’m so sorry, baby.”

Director Oh doesn’t even know how he managed to say, “Go up there and hold him, comfort him,” so levelled, without giving out the guilt in his voice. He’s just ruined his son and his lover, and now he can’t ever get the image of Sehun looking so heartbroken out of his mind.

He watches as Sehun exits the dining room to go back upstairs to his bedroom. Director Oh doesn’t know why but he follows his son, and he waits for Sehun’s bedroom door to close before he heads to his own room. It was the worst decision he had ever done because the distraughtness of the voices coming from behind the closed door is enough to burrow themselves into Director Oh’s conscience and haunt him forever.

As he passes by Sehun’s room, he can hear pained, heartwrenching whimpers of “You promised me, Sehunnie. You promised,” followed by Sehun’s desperate murmurs of “I’m sorry, Lu Han. I’m so sorry, baby.”

Tags: 2014, fic, length: 5k-10k, rating: nc-17, top!sehun
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