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fic for everyone, tangled but never broken (1/2)

For: everyone
From: xheylie

Title: Tangled But Never Broken
Rating: PG
Word Count: 10900
Summary: Luhan is determined to find the person on the other end of his red string and Sehun is not a believer in fate.
Other Pairings: Sehun/Baekhyun, Kai/Baekhyun

Growing up, Sehun has been told many stories, though there is one he finds ridiculous. Now, don’t get him wrong, Grandpapa is a great storyteller but Sehun thinks for that particular one, Grandpapa might have let his imagination gone too wild.

“A red string.”

Grandpapa nods. “A red string.”

“You mean, just a simple red string.”

“Ah, ah,” Grandpapa holds one index finger up and taps his only grandson’s forehead gently. The kid frowns even more. “Not just any red string, the string is special. Magical.”

“I don’t believe in magic,” the younger one spits. “And someone should ask Baekhyun to stop throwing glitters at me, they won’t make me fly!”

Grandpapa laughs, giving the child a few pats on his head. “Little Sehun-ah, you’re just a kid, why do you sound as mature as your father?” he asks, and Sehun puffs up his chest in pride. “You still have a long way to go until you become a responsible adult. Relax, have fun. When was the last time you made a mistake?”

Sehun shows a disgusted face. “When I believed everyone that Baekhyun is a nice child.”

Hearing this reply, Grandpapa throws his head back suddenly, laughing louder. Sehun crosses his arms and stomps his foot. Why is Grandpapa laughing? He’s being serious!

“Son, oh my dear child, be careful,” Grandpapa says as he leans closer to the little boy. “For all you know, Baekhyun is at the other end of your red string.”

“Impossible!” Sehun cries. “It could be anyone else, it could be anything else. It could be you!”

Grandpapa lets out a soft chuckle, giving him a nod. “Probably.” The old man looks up at the sky and turns to his right, where a balloon is tied to the bench he’s sitting on. He stares at the red string, the bond between the balloon and the bench. One end of his lips tugs upward. “Or maybe, this balloon right here.”

Sehun takes a quick glance at the balloon before returning his gaze to his Grandpapa. “The balloon?”

The old man proceeds to undo the knot, gesturing for Sehun’s hand before circling the red string around Sehun’s little pinky. Sehun has a frown all the while Grandpapa is busy tying a knot but when it’s done, Grandpapa gives Sehun a big smile. “See?” he points at the balloon at the other end of the red string. “That’s your future wife.”

“It’s an object, Grandpapa! I’m human. We’re different!”

“Doesn’t it make you happy?”

“It’ll deflate!”

“And it’s your responsibility to make sure it doesn’t. If it’s your wife, don’t you have to make sure it doesn’t get sick?”

Sehun cries out, “Grandpapa, you’re not making sense.”

“I am, you just have to think like me,” the old man smirks. “Do you love the balloon?”

“Of course I do! You bought it for me. I love it, but it won’t last long, it’ll soon deflate.”

“So do you think it’s better if you let it go? Set it free?”

“Maybe,” Sehun pouts. Then, he tugs the balloon down by its red string and hugs it closely.

“If you set it free, it’s free to go wherever the wind brings it, it’s no longer yours. But if you keep it, treasure it and take good care of it, even if it deflates, at least you know you’ve tried your best and done your best. Yes?”

Sehun nods. “Yes!”

Grandpapa smiles. “You’re a smart child, Sehun-ah. What does your dad feed you?” Sehun gives him a confused look and the old man laughs again before standing up, holding out a hand to hold his grandson’s smaller, smoother one. “Remember, red string.”

Sehun looks at his Grandpapa quickly and shifts his gaze to the front, where they’re heading. “But I still don’t believe in magic.”

“Well, child. You have to believe in destiny.”

Sehun stares at the lump on the bed, watching it inflate and deflate, rise and fall in slow motion. Peace. He sighs before he shakes his head and makes his way to the curtains. “Rise and shine!” he bursts out enthusiastically, something quite not like himself, pulling the curtains wide open and letting the sun shine in, casting over the said lump.

Sehun frowns when there’s no response.

“I know you can hear me loud and clear.”

Then, comes a groan and movements under the blanket. “I’m not a happy person in the morning, Sehun.”

“Ridiculous!” Sehun scoffs. “You work for Disney, you’re a happy person anytime!”

There’s another groan and a very, very grumpy male sits upright from his sleeping form. Sehun smiles at the face he’s used to seeing every day, and the other reaches to his side to grab a pillow to throw at Sehun but to no avail due to lack of energy. He lets out a grunt as the pillow falls just a few feet away from Sehun.

“And you work for the library but you’re loud as heck!” the smaller male retorts but Sehun only laughs.

“Only today.”

“And why is that exactly?”

“Because, Baekhyun,” Sehun begins and takes a few steps forward, sliding himself under the blanket and next to Baekhyun, “new books are coming in today!” he tells and wraps his arms around Baekhyun’s waist, pulling him closer.

Baekhyun snuggles into Sehun’s warmth. “Exciting.”

“I know,” Sehun nods against Baekhyun’s head and places a kiss onto his forehead. “And I was thinking of celebrating it—“

“You’re joking.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Sehun, I don’t celebrate when I’m done with a sketch.”

“We should. You know that ugly thing—“ Sehun says standing up.

“—You mean the new villain for the next movie—“

“—Yes, that, such a good character. So mean looking and ugly and just plain mean.”

Baekhyun scoffs as Sehun trails away to the kitchen. “Yeah, I got inspired by you.”

Sehun laughs again from the kitchen and Baekhyun finds himself smiling at that beautiful sound. “But I bet I make better pancakes!”

At the mention of pancakes, Baekhyun perks up like an excited puppy and kicks the blanket away from their shared bed. “Oh my god, best boyfriend award please.”

If being in the kitchen next to Baekhyun while he eats his breakfast is the happiest time of the day for Sehun, being in the library surrounded by books will be the second happiest time of the day. He loves books, he loves stories, and Grandpapa never fails to remind him that.

“I have a new storybook for you to read, I know you’ll love it,” the text from the old man reads and Sehun smiles as he replies back, “Aight, will come over after work.”

It’s probably another ancient tale for children and Sehun’s way past his childhood but who can say no to Grandpapa, yes? And it’s never too late to—

“Oh hello there! Can I help you with something?” Sehun asks politely from the gap between books. On the other side of the bookshelf, a boy is bending down slightly, as though searching for something on the floor. Clearly, he doesn’t acknowledge Sehun’s presence at all. “Excuse me?”

“Shh!” the boy hisses. “You’ll startle them and they’re going to go crazy again!”

“Uhm what—“

“They’re easily scared,” he whispers, still halfway down. “You don’t want them to get even tangled up!”

Sehun’s eyebrows narrow slightly. “I’m not quite following.”

Just then, a head pops up in between the gap and Sehun almost falls back. “They’re harmless!” Sehun sees the boy’s face for the first time and he has to blink a few times to make sure he’s not staring at Baekhyun’s sketch of Tinkerbelle instead. Those beautiful eyes— “You look scared. Don’t be! They won’t hurt you. In fact, you’re the one hurting them because you’re stepping on them—“

“WHAT,” Sehun jumps away from his spot and his eyes scan the matted floor frantically. “I—“

A giggle snaps Sehun out of his frantic state and Sehun looks up, frowning as he breathes heavily. This isn’t funny at all! “I’m just kidding! You can’t hurt them either.”

Sehun is about to lose his mind and, even though he has chased a lot of people out of the library, the last thing he wants is to do the same thing to this beautiful creature—I mean, boy.

He inhales deeply and straightens up, standing professionally like he always does when assisting someone. Calmly, he says, “If you ever need anything, I’ll—“

“Actually, yes,” the boy cuts him off and disappears from Sehun’s sight. Sehun narrows his eyes and steps closer to the gap between the books and is about to stick his head in to figure where the boy is when someone pokes him on his arm and he jumps again, startled. And there goes the same giggle again. “You’re funny. And adorable,” the boy comments with a small grin, leaning closer. Sehun only blinks. “Do you think you can help me find the other end of my string?”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“My string, you know?” the boy asks, holding his little finger up and then points down at his shoes. They both look down at the same time.

Sehun tilts his head slightly. “Oh, you mean shoelaces?”

“No, silly!” the boy chides. “String! My red string!”

Oh, no.

“Your… red string.”

The boy nods, fringe bouncing against his forehead, almost shadowing his pretty, pretty eyes—

Sehun clears his throat.

“As you can see, they’re all tangled up so I can’t figure out which string is mine and which it’s connected to so, like--“

“Wait, hold up,” Sehun stops the other, “you mean you can see your red string?”

The boy looks at Sehun weirdly. “Well, yeah. Can’t you?”

Sehun shakes his head. “I don’t think any of us can.”

“Huh,” the boy scratches the back of his head. “No one ever told me that. Well, I never asked but you know, I’m always too busy finding the other end of my string to even stop and talk to people—hey, you’re the first guy I ever asked for help. You seem like a very nice guy.”

“I, thank you?”

The boy waves it off. “No problem, I can tell you love my eyes too so, thank you.” Sehun chokes on his saliva. Then, the boy beams, “Anyway, guess I’m going to do what my parents have been trying to get me to do all these years. Hi! My name is Luhan!” he introduces and reaches forward to grab Sehun’s much larger hand, giving it a good shake. “Great! Now we’re friends and you’re going to help me—“

“Stop!” Sehun exclaims, his head spinning at how fast Luhan is talking. He knows he shouldn’t be this loud at his workplace—

“You’re too loud,” Luhan states the obvious, cringing a little.

“I know that,” Sehun snaps in a low tone. “But you’re going at a very fast pace—“ Luhan wiggles his eyebrows and Sehun frowns.

“What? No sexual joke?”

“Excuse me? I’m on top—“

“And I swing the bottom way so we’re good!”

Sehun has no idea where this is going. He claps his hands together. “Okay, look, I’d like to help but I can’t because I can’t see your red string, or my red string or any string that matters so I’m sorry, I can’t help you.”

Luhan pouts. “But I called you a nice guy.”


“And you love my eyes—“ Sehun almost chokes again this time, “and we shook hands and we’re friends and don’t friends help each other and—“

“OKAY!” Sehun hisses, but not that loud. “Okay, I’m going to help you, but you’re going to talk slower, softer and—can you stop blinking your eyes at me like that.”

“Like what?” Luhan asks innocently. Blink. Blink. Blink blink blink blinkblinkblink—

Sehun stops blinking along. Shutting his eyes, he turns his head a little to the side and pinches the bridge of his nose. He exhales. “Grandpapa, I need Grandpapa.”

At noon, the old man swings his door open after a few loud knocks. “Well, it’s about tim—oh, who’s this?” he smiles suddenly, craning his neck to see the person hiding behind his grandson. Said shy person only gives the old man a timid smile and Grandpapa looks back up to Sehun, who doesn’t seem so pleased. “Who’s he?”

Sehun groans. “Grandpapa, Luhan. Luhan, Grandpapa.”

“Hi, Grandpapa,” Luhan bows politely and Grandpapa’s heart melts at that sight.

“Aren’t you the sweetest boy ever?” Grandpapa states and pushes Sehun away, earning another groan. “Don’t block my view, you giant.”

“I’m your grandson!” Sehun exclaims in disbelief, but Grandpapa ignores him and pulls the smaller boy into the house. “Grandpapa?”

Sehun watches as his grandfather guides the helpless boy towards the living room. Ugh, there he goes again. “I have lots of stories to share with you! I hope you like stories!”

“You seem very familiar, grandpapa!”

“Oh, do I?”

Now when Grandpapa said he has lots of stories to share, Sehun thought it meant childhood stories. Not—

“And as you can see, Sehun hates wearing pants.”

When Luhan laughs, Sehun feels like he has made the wrong decision to bring this man home. “Sehun-ah, it’s okay, I dropped my diapers everywhere when I was a baby.”

Grandpapa chuckles at Luhan’s statement and gives the young man a few pats on his back, showing much affection towards Luhan. “I’m glad Sehun met you. He needs someone as bubbly as you.”

“I have Baekhyun, Grandpapa,” Sehun groans and Luhan visibly tenses, smile stiffening.

Grandpapa shifts his gaze from his grandson to Luhan. He lets out an airy laugh. “Baekhyun is Sehun’s boyfriend.”

“I see,” Luhan replies, a smile still plastered across his face.

There is silence and then Sehun speaks up. “Anyway, Luhan here needs help. He—“

Luhan nods enthusiastically. “I can’t seem to find the other end of my red string!” he interrupts Sehun, which Sehun rolls his eyes at.

Grandpapa slowly puts the photo album away and turns to look at the troubled-looking man. “Red string?”

Luhan nods again, a sweet smile gracing his face once again. “I can see them. Ever since I was a baby, I’d play with them and my parents noticed. They brought me to various places, seeking for help.” Luhan pauses, looking away with the same smile. “They found out from a special someone that I was playing with my red string and that I was pulling others’ too,” he explains and then he turns to look at the old man again, who is staring at him with a smile and eyes full of adoration. “I’ve seen magic. I saw the red string that connects between my cousin and his wife at their wedding. I saw the red string between my best friend and his long time crush who he thinks doesn’t know he exists but that boy stole glances at my best friend many times. I see Sehun’s,” he smirks, giving Sehun a quick glance, who looks back with a raised eyebrow.

“Someone here doesn’t believe in fate or magic,” Grandpapa tells Luhan, nudging his head at Sehun’s direction.

Luhan’s jaw drops. “No way.”

“Unfortunately,” Grandpapa grumbles.

“Not even destiny?” Luhan looks at Sehun questioningly. Sehun shakes his head.

“And to think that his boyfriend works for Disney.”

“Baekhyun’s drawings are magic,” Sehun says with a shrug.

Grandpapa turns to Luhan with a soft chuckle. “Love is apparently very blind.” Luhan forces out a chuckle. “Anyway, I’m glad to help, if you don’t mind an old man—“

“Oh, no, I don’t,” Luhan shakes his head. “Any help I can get.”

“Aren’t you eager to find your other half,” Grandpapa adds with a laugh, grabbing Luhan’s hand and patting the back of his smaller, smoother hand.

Luhan shakes his head, avoiding Grandpapa’s gaze with a shy smile. “I want to experience magic myself. I want to be selfish for once. I’ve helped many people I know and sometimes, I help strangers unconsciously.” Luhan stops, thinking back on how he spun a girl around and when she was about to shout at him, she met eyes with a man who made her forget about everything in the world. “I want to have my own magic moment. I want to find my own happiness.”

Grandpapa only rubs the young man’s back comfortingly and looks at Sehun, who stares back with a blank look, before focusing back on Luhan. “You will.”

Sehun drops onto the king sized bed face first and groans, not noticing Baekhyun’s judging look. “Long day at the library?” The younger male shakes his head and his reply is muffled. Baekhyun tries again, “The new books didn’t arrive?”

“Oh!” Sehun lifts his face up from the blanket. “Oh my god, I forgot.”

Baekhyun gasps dramatically. “Oh, no. Not the most important thing, like ever.”

Sehun sighs and drops back onto the soft surface, cheek pressed against the warm blanket. “Something happened. Well, someone happened.”

“Someone?” Baekhyun frowns. “You didn’t fall in love, right?”

Sehun chuckles at his boyfriend’s change of tone and pushes himself up. Slowly shifting next to Baekhyun, he then places a sloppy kiss on the older man’s cheek. Baekhyun shows a disgusted look and wipes his cheek. “How can I when I already fell for you?”

“Stop being disgusting,” Baekhyun says, eyes going back to his laptop screen. “Your kiss is already disgusting enough.”

“You love my kiss,” Sehun whispers childishly and Baekhyun shoves Sehun’s face away. “Baekhyun…”

“What?” Baekhyun sighs exasperatedly. “Are you going to tell me about this someone or should I just continue to believe that you found someone better?”

“I can’t, impossible,” Sehun replies with a grin while Baekhyun throws him a glare. He laughs. “Okay, fine. I met someone crazy—“

“Impossible!” Baekhyun says in disbelief.

Sehun nods. “I did. Crazier, in fact, because he believes in magic and all that,” he says with a roll of his eyes and Baekhyun narrows his eyes into slits. “Not your kind of magic with fireworks and glass slippers. You know, real life magic.”

Baekhyun pouts. “But I believe in magic.”

“We agree to disagree,” Sehun states. “Me with your magic and you with my seduction skill.”

“It’s pretty much non-existent.”

“Moving along,” Sehun clears his throat, “This kid can see those so called red strings,” he air quotes. Baekhyun lets out a loud pft and Sehun nods. “I know. Delusional, if you ask me.”

“How old is he?”

Sehun shrugs, leaning back against the headboard. “18? I’m not sure. He looks young.”

Baekhyun types a few more words, fingers working fast on the keyboard before slamming the laptop shut. Putting the electronic device away, he sighs. “I’m tired, can we just sleep now?”

Sehun stares down at Baekhyun, who wriggles his way under Sehun’s arm and hugs his slim waist. “I haven’t bathed.”

Baekhyun shakes his head against Sehun’s chest. “Doesn’t matter,” he mumbles as Sehun kisses the crown of Baekhyun’s head. “I love you.”

“I miss you.”

Baekhyun hears Sehun yawn, and his eyes flutter closed. “Do you not think that our relationship is sort of… magical?”

Sehun only hugs the smaller tighter. “You’re magical.”

Every morning, Sehun will find a snoring Luhan at the front step of the library he works at. Every morning, Sehun will sigh at the sight and quietly move up the steps, careful enough to not wake the man who he still considers a stranger. Every morning, Sehun will ignore the awfully cheerful smile from said stranger.

There are days Luhan is considered less annoying but most of the days, Luhan annoys the crap out of Sehun. No matter how many times Sehun tells the other that he’s a very busy man, Luhan seems to not understand, but sometimes he helps Sehun out, passing the books from the trolley to Sehun, who then arranges them on the shelves. Then, there are days where Luhan leaves Sehun alone. Sometimes he crawls on the carpeted floor and sometimes he climbs up the ladder, in search of the other end of his red string. Every time he does that, Sehun never fails to remind him to be careful.

“People will step on your hand,” he’ll say.

“No one will catch you every time you fall,” he’ll nag.

And Luhan never fails to remind Sehun that, “You’re a nice guy,” with a smile that looks like it’s meant for Sehun only.

Sehun being Sehun, only shrugs and turns away to the counter with a soft “I know.”

Two months pass by fast enough, and to think that Luhan will eventually leave the library to move on to another spot for his red string hunting is futile because he doesn’t.

“Are you sure he’s not the new librarian?” Jongin asks, dropping a few books onto the counter. Sehun looks to where Luhan is at, and watches in amusement as the man tries to reach the book from the highest rack. “He’s more hard working than I am.”

Sehun chuckles. “Glad you know that.”

“Can you blame me?” Jongin asks, slipping into the back of the counter where Sehun is standing. “We work in a library. A library! B-o-r-i-n-g.”

Sehun shakes his head with a smirk. “Then, why are you here?”

“Are you dumb?” Jongin grabs a thin book and hits the back of Sehun’s head gently. Sehun throws him a glare and snatches the book away before scanning the bar code at the back of the book. Jongin rolls his eyes. “Because of Baekhyun, duh.”

Sehun isn’t even fazed by that reason. “Maybe you should try applying at Pixar instead?”

“I can’t draw,” Jongin spits and this time, Sehun rolls his eyes. “At least I admit that, okay, and besides, I want to know what’s so interesting about you that made Baekhyun fall head over heels for you!”

Sehun stops whatever he’s doing and turns to face Jongin. “I don’t know, Jongin, maybe it’s because it’s just me? Maybe he loves Oh Sehun? And you’re not Oh Sehun?”

“That, I don’t get.”

“You know, besides the fact that you’re my best friend, you sure are annoying. I mean, who tells his best friend that he’s interested in his best friend’s partner and is trying to make a move on him?”

Jongin grins. “I’m your best friend?”

Sehun glares. “That’s what you want to be called.”

“Honesty is the best policy.”

“You’re too honest, really.”

“Friendships should be based on honesty.”

“Again, too honest.”

Jongin sighs and flops dramatically onto the counter. Sehun wants to push him off. “Why can’t Baekhyun see what’s in me? Kim Jongin can be great too.”

“It’ll be great if Kim Jongin gets off the counter!” Sehun snaps, face slowly scrunching up. “You’re ruining the books,” he whines.

“Gosh, you’re such a big baby. Why would Baek—“

“Hey,” Luhan appears suddenly and Jongin rolls off the counter, hitting the floor with a loud thud. Sehun almost burst out laughing. “I-I’m sorry!”

“He’s used to it,” Sehun assures Luhan with a chuckle. “Don’t worry, he’s fine.”

Luhan leans over the counter to check on Jongin but due to his height, he can’t really see anything. “I’m really—“

“Hey, the floor is actually very comfortable,” comments Jongin, and Sehun gives Luhan a look.

“See?” Sehun waves his hand, proving his point. “Don’t mind him. What can I help you with?” Luhan opens his mouth but Sehun stops him with two hands up in his face. “But before that, I can’t help you with your red string hunt, I’m very busy.”

Luhan raises his hand to grab Sehun’s before pushing them down, removing what’s in between their line of vision. “But not busy for lunch, I suppose?”

Sehun blinks at Luhan, quite speechless. “Uhh.”

“Very smooth, Sehun,” comes a voice below them.

Sehun stomps his foot and Jongin manages to roll away from the both of them. Luhan stares at Sehun expectantly. “Okay? I mean, yeah, let’s go,” Sehun clears his throat, “have lunch.”

Luhan nods a few times with a bright smile and turns to Jongin. “You can come too.”

“No, it’s okay,” Jongin answers. “But do tell me where you guys are going just in case I decide to spy on you two so I can tell Baekhyun.”

Luhan’s eyebrows furrow. He’s slightly confused. “Baekhyun?”

“Let’s go,” Sehun slips out of the counter and grabs Luhan by his shoulder. He spins the smaller male around and pushes him towards the entrance.

So telling Baekhyun about this!” Jongin exclaims from the floor.

Luhan leads Sehun to a nice little café down the street and Sehun tries not to comment on the princess concept they have going on there. After ordering for the both of them (Luhan insists), they stay in a comfortable silence. Almost too comfortable.

“So when are you going to leave the library for good?” Sehun breaks the silence and Luhan has this scandalized look on. Sehun laughs. “I’m joking!”

“Not very funny,” Luhan sticks his tongue out in a childish manner, which reminds Sehun of Baekhyun. “That skill of yours is pretty much non-existent.”

Sehun ignores the familiarity in that comment. “How’s the hunt?”

“Not very well,” Luhan replies, slumping a little. “The lines are playing a game with me. They get messier each day, all jumbled up, and they’re especially messy when you come nearer.”

“Maybe I should stay away from you then?”

Luhan smirks. “Maybe. But I love a challenge,” he says with a shrug. “I think I’ll be more satisfied at the end of the day, knowing that I’ve worked hard for my relationship.”

“With the floor?” Sehun adds, and they both laugh. “See, I can be funny.”

The smaller male chuckles. “Maybe. Anyway, about…”


Luhan is about to continue his sentence when the waitress comes with their drinks. After she bows politely and leaves, Luhan pulls his glass closer. “Fate,” he mumbles around his straw. “Destiny. Why don’t you believe in them?”

Sehun looks up from stirring his coffee. “I just don’t.”

“So I’m guessing my quest to find the one at the other end of my red string is total bullshit to you, then?”

Sehun stares at Luhan for a moment and then shrugs. “It’s your business.” Somehow, Luhan feels a little relieved. “I mean, I’m not gonna lie, I do think it’s bullshit in the beginning—“ Luhan frowns, “—but you seem so serious about it.”

“It’s my happiness we’re talking about here.”

“I found mine without pressing my face against the carpeted floor,” Sehun deadpans, and he soon regrets when he sees the sadness in Luhan’s eyes. He sighs. “I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s okay.”

Sehun looks at Luhan a little longer. “If you’re sure…”

They stay in silence again but this time, it’s more awkward than comfortable and Sehun feels bad for making it this way. That is, until Luhan speaks. “Can I be honest with you?”

Sehun lifts his gaze up. He smirks. “I don’t think you can be more honest that Jongin. But sure,” he says as he rests his elbow on the table, cheek on his palm.

Luhan seems fidgety and it takes him a lot of courage to tell Sehun, “I like you.”

Sehun freezes and the smile on his face falters. “Pardon?”

Luhan waves his small hands dismissively. “I’m not seeking for your approval nor do I want you to like me back because I know you have Baekhyun but—“

“You like me?”

Luhan stares into Sehun’s eyes. “Y-yeah.” Sehun straightens up after getting his confirmation, and Luhan starts to panic again. “This won’t last long. The feeling will go when I find out who’s my soulmate. I-I trust destiny and fate too much to let my feeling for you ruin the chance for me to be happy.”

“Okay…” Sehun isn’t sure what he’s supposed to say. What’s with everybody being brutally honest today?

“Yeah,” Luhan sighs, falling back into his seat. “I know this isn’t an everyday conversation but I think it’s better if I’m being honest with you. A-and maybe you’ll stop me when I go too far—tell me when you feel uncomfortable with me.”

“Thank you.”

Luhan looks up with glistened eyes. “W-what?”

“For telling me,” Sehun assures Luhan with a smile.

“You’re not mad?” Luhan blurts out. “Don’t you feel weird that—“

“My best friend tells me he wants to bang my boyfriend everyday, I don’t think anything else can beat that.”

“O-oh.” Slowly, Luhan finds himself smiling again. “Then, I guess we’re still friends?” Sehun nods and Luhan feels a hell lot better. The other male chuckles at Luhan’s reaction and suddenly, Luhan feels embarrassed again. “Another question.”

Sehun quirks an eyebrow as he takes a sip of his coffee. “Hmm?”

“Do you believe that Baekhyun is the person at the other end of your red string?”

Sehun ponders. “Let’s just say I believe in this… red string business. I’d say yes.”

“So, he’s the one?”

“He’s the one.”

Luhan smiles. “Good.”

Sehun finds himself smiling back.

They head back to the library after spending an hour or so at that pink café. Although Sehun was iffy about it as first, he has to admit, the food wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. The trip back is full of dumb comments, uncontrollable laughter and occasionally, loud snorts. That is, until Sehun catches Luhan’s eyes and they fall into this deafening silence. Sehun clears his throat, Luhan looks away with rapid heartbeats and then, it’s over.

The door swings open and Jongin stumbles back, caught off guard at the unexpected sight. “Whoa there, you know, you guys shouldn’t be stoning at the entrance. The door might hit you—“

“Go for your lunch, Jongin,” Sehun mumbles and walks past him, shoulder bumping Jongin’s.

“What’s wrong with him?” Jongin’s eyebrows furrow and Luhan shrugs. “Anyway, Grandpapa is here—you know him, right?” Luhan nods. “Great, keep that old man company. He sure does like companies.”

Luhan chuckles. “I know.”

“Aight.” Jongin takes a few steps down as Luhan grabs the door handle. “Oh, Luhan?” He spins on the heels of his feet and Luhan turns back as well. “Good luck. On your quest.”

“Thanks,” Luhan gives him a genuine smile and Jongin nudges his chin towards the door.

“Go back in there, tiger.”

Jongin leaves after Luhan pulls the door open, and he walks in as the door closes behind him. Luhan scans the hall, looking for that familiar head of white hair. Oh, how he misses the old man and his stories, Luhan will never get tired of them.

His ears perk up at a familiar voice and he pads towards that direction unconsciously. “I’ll go to your place after work, Grandpapa.”

“No, I want to talk now.”

“Why are you being stubborn again, Grandpapa?”

“I’m being stubborn?” Luhan steps closer, hiding behind the bookshelf. He knows he shouldn’t be eavesdropping but— “Listen to yourself, you’re not considering what I’m saying.”

“That I should spend more time with Luhan? When I already have Baekhyun? I am a responsible man. I am a loyal man, I—“

“I’m not saying you’re not.” The old man sighs and looks to his left. Luhan shrinks back. “I’m not asking you to give up on Baekhyun. I’m asking you to not give up on yourself, on your life. You’re twenty three, son. I had more girlfriends than you have friends.”

“It’s my life!” Luhan can hear the distress in Sehun’s voice, and he doesn’t know why he’s getting emotional but he’s trying to fight back the tears. “I am happy waking up to Baekhyun, coming to work where I have all these amazing books, and going back to where I belong. With Baekhyun. I don’t need more friends. Jongin has ten personalities that I have to deal with every single day, and god knows how I hate his constant reminder of how he likes Baekhyun.” Sehun sighs and Luhan blinks, a tear sliding down his cheek. “Luhan told me he likes me.”


“And nothing. Nothing.” Luhan takes a step back, pressing his back against the bookshelf. “Luhan is just another person who walks into my life—with his goddamn beautiful eyes—makes me comfortable around him and he’s just…” there’s a pause and Luhan closes his eyes, letting the tears fall. “He’s just going to walk away. Like everybody else. They’re just going to leave.”

“Not everyone will leave you!” Grandpapa’s voice is stern and Luhan has never seen that side of him. “Your mother—“

“P-please, don’t talk about her,” Sehun begs shakily.

The old man exhales and shakes his head as he steps away from his grandson. Then, he stops, shoulders aligned with the young man. “You settle with Jongin because you know he won’t leave you when Baekhyun’s here.”

Sehun shakes his head slowly, holding back his tears. “Don’t.”

The old man knows he’s hurting his grandson but the truth hurts after all. “And you choose to stay with Baekhyun—“

“Grandfather,” Sehun interrupts through gritted teeth.

“—because he’s the safest choice.”

Part 2

Tags: 2014, fic, length: 10k-15k, rating: pg
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