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fic for nosehun, forget me not

For: nosehun
From: baekimon

Title: Forget Me Not
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2600
Summary: Sehun leaves Luhan to go back to Seoul after visiting China. While saying goodbye they joke around, saying that Sehun will forget Luhan if Luhan doesn't send him anything while he's in Seoul. Unexpectedly, Luhan actually sends Sehun little gifts each week before they finally get to see each other again.

Snowflakes delicately fall on their faces; on their heads then on the tips of their eyelashes. The 10 o’clock train was about to depart to its destination. It was a quiet day with few people at the train station. The two faces look at each other, saying more with their eyes than with words. They were the only ones outside while others were already enjoying the warm comfort inside the train. Standing on the train's entrance step with one hand on the handle of the door, Sehun feels the impulse to jump off and stay. But he knew he couldn't. It would disappoint the one he was about to leave behind.

"Take care of yourself,” Luhan says, looking at him with heavy unsaid pain in his brown eyes.

Sehun almost forgets how to breathe and the words form a lump in his throat. He leans towards Luhan to compensate for what he couldn't bring himself to say. With his neck outstretched, keeping one hand on the train's door handle and the other pulling Luhan's waist closer to him, he presses his lips on Luhan's. At that moment, they were both lost in each other. It was as if a spell was cast over both of them that magnified all five of their senses. They were in the eye of a tornado; a whirlwind of chaos, confusion, and bliss. As Luhan kissed Sehun back, each breath started sounding like a loud cry for help and each touch felt like a desperate embrace. Two hearts beating as loud and as fast as two freight trains on a single track, seconds away from crashing against each other. They pull away before either of them is pulverized.

Luhan manages a smile with much effort while on the brink of breaking down.

"Yo Sehun."

Looking surprised, as Luhan never spoke gangster, Sehun remained silent and tried to hold a series of “pfffftsss” since the deep monotonous voice didn’t match Luhan’s delicate features.

“Don’t forget me, okay?”

“You’ll need to give me things while I’m away or I really would forget,” Sehun replies jokingly.

Luhan sticks out his tongue, “Fine. I will.”

Sehun waves goodbye and walks up the short steps leading inside the train. He turns around, watching Luhan's back moving further away from him through the small glass window.

Week #1

With water pouring overhead, Sehun hears the muffled sound of his doorbell ringing.

‘Who could it be?’ he thought.

He certainly hasn’t invited anyone over. Sehun quickly turns the off the shower and wraps a towel around his waist. It’s not like his body was a shame to the universe, and besides he was in a hurry to see who it was.

‘Luhan?... No, he would’ve called me… nobody’s really that desperate… or romantic right?... haha. He wouldn’t come all the way here to Korea…’ he thought to himself.

Despite the possibility of Luhan being the one at the other side of the door being very slim to the point of being almost impossible, Sehun’s heart still fluttered uncontrollably as he reached for the door handle.

“Oh Sehun?”

A boy of almost 4 years older than him stood before him, wearing a cap. In his hands was a box and on the box was a clipboard. It was a delivery boy. The delivery boy hesitated before speaking again, startled by the half-naked man who appeared right before his eyes. It certainly was a challenge to his manhood. He straightens himself up after feeling self-conscious.

“Ahem… I have a package from… Lu Han?”

“Ah… yes… where do I need to sign?”

He curiously handled the box and brought it inside, wondering what the hell it could be.


Blinds drawn. Light from a single lamp. Box staring at him, eye-to-eye.

‘Maybe I should just call him…’

Sehun rose from his seat and walked over to his phone on top of the kitchen counter. He quickly types in the name of the person he wished to contact and waited for the other line to answer.

Luhan’s sweet voice comes through. “Do you fucking know what time it is?”

Sehun totally forgot it was early in the morning. At that moment he just realized how much of a bad idea it was to call Luhan at such an ungodly hour. It’s basically as if he had just opened the gates of hell and unleased plagues and famine to cause suffering to people of all nations.

“… Did you send me package?” Sehun asked in an almost inaudible whisper.

Silence reigned between them both, until Luhan finally spoke up, “Just open the goddamn box.”

Then all that was left was a steady empty ringing in Sehun’s right eardrum. “… Alright then.”

With a cutter, Sehun slowly sliced through the tape wrapped around the box. He tried to peek inside the box but all he could see is a blanket of white styrofoam cereals. A thought suddenly popped up in his head out of nowhere which made him pretty anxious.

‘WHAT IF HE WANTS TO TAKE A BREAK—and he’s sending everything I gave to him back to me?......’

He rummaged through the box and underneath all the useless mess is a plastic tumbler carefully sealed in a ziplock. Inside the tumbler contained something which looked like something that they he and Luhan liked to get together. Milk tea. Before he could open the tightly packed plastic, a piece of paper was taped on the opening with Luhan’s familiar handwriting: CALL ME BEFORE YOU OPEN THIS.


What seemed like an eternity passed before he could pick up his phone again. His fingers hesitantly dialled Luhan’s number, sweating while waiting for the other line to pick up.

“Did you open it?” Luhan asked, still sounding slightly irritated.

“Uh… yeah, haha. This was a surprise,” Sehun paused, sensing Luhan was a bit off, “Are you okay, though? You sound a bit tired and annoyed?”

There was a silence before Luhan answered. “Yeah… well… to tell you the truth… haha… I haven’t really gotten any sleep…”


Sehun could almost feel Luhan blush through the phone, if that was even humanly possible, as panic over ruled Luhan’s voice with pauses and stutters.

“Uh… haha… yeah… um… I don’t know… ughgh… I guess I just hahah wanted to drink my tea with you, you know, cause I have my own here with me. Just like we always do. ”

Sehun was left speechless. He was overcome with euphoria, unsure why. Maybe it’s because of how much he was missed by someone he cared about so much. Maybe it’s because he was relieved Luhan wasn’t actually mad at him. It was most probably because of knowing that Luhan stayed up late just for him and planned this whole thing out.

“... Hello? Are you still there? Shit this is so embarrassing haha.”

“You know I love you right?” Sehun didn’t really know where that reply came from but he simply felt that it needed to be said.

“I see you haven’t forgotten me yet,” Luhan said with a teasing tone.

“Well, I was about to 20 minutes ago. Thanks for refreshing my memory.”

“Okay on three let’s drink it together, okay?”

One. Luhan hears the echoing sound of a locked plastic bag being unzipped and crumpled as its contents were removed.

Two. A cap being unscrewed.

Three. In sync sips of a creamy beverage.

Week #2

A week has passed since Sehun received Luhan’s gift. They haven’t talked much since then because of their busy schedules. In those moments of panic amidst deadlines and hectic practice sessions, it was easy to forget everything and just worry about how to survive the whole day.

The sky was pale blue, almost like a shade of dirty white as the sun shone so bright that it looked like it white-washed everything it touched. Sehun was walking home from the convenience store after having bought some cupped noodles and deodorant. Nearing his apartment, he sees a guy dressed in all grey ringing his doorbell and knocking on his door.

“No one’s home, you know,” Sehun called out.

“Oh,” the boy looked at the speaker and remembered the man who he considered a threat to his manhood, “I have a package for Mr. Oh Sehun.”


Unlike the week before, rather than a box, in his hands was a small thin envelope. Tearing it open, he sees a strip of photo paper with pictures he took with Luhan in a photobooth the year before.


The usual comfortable silence hovered over them as they walked back to their dorms after their midnight milk tea rendezvous, then all of a sudden Luhan stopped in his tracks. Sehun stopped and turned to look at Luhan. He was looking at something at his right, but instead of looking at the same direction Sehun simply stared to admire Luhan’s ethereal beauty. Everything just seemed so still and beautiful at the moment. The sky was the color of navy blue and the clear moon glowed, giving a glimpse of the milky galaxy as if it were a shadow in the dark. There were stars scattered all over night’s blanket which made anyone who looked above feel like everything else is insignificant. With all those things going on, it created an almost magical atmosphere. Only inches apart, Sehun observed how the fluorescent lights from nearby shop signs reflected on Luhan’s pale skin amidst the moonlit night sky full of stars.

“Let’s take a picture over there,” Luhan said, pointing at a small photobooth on the sidewalk, breaking off Sehun’s intense gaze.

“I’ve never seen that before….”

“Yeah, well it’s probably new. Let’s go.”

Luhan almost ran towards it, quickly pushing aside the pastel pink curtain that concealed the inside, with Sehun following slowly from behind. Luhan scooched over the vinyl seat as Sehun bent down to enter the cramped box.

After putting in some coins, the screen flashed and an automated voice announced that their pictures was about to be taken at three second time intervals. ‘Hello! Welcome to QTPics. Remember to look straight at the camera and smile! Countdown begins now! Five, four, three, two, one---’

“Luhan! What pose will we do?!”

“Uhmm…aegyo!!” Luhan then curled his fingers beside his cheeks, pursed his lips as if he had just eaten something sour, and squinted his eyes. Luhan, the one who constantly insists on being manly and having no cute side suddenly suggests and does aegyo. Totally caught by surprise Sehun froze staring at the ball of fluff before him, feeling like his heart was about to explode. Before he could strike a pose the sound of a camera clicking echoed inside the booth.

“Ah I wasn’t looking!”


Another click of the camera boomed through the hidden speakers. ‘Three’. The preppy girlish voice started counting down for the last picture.

“NOO WE WASTED IT!! One more picture left!!” Luhan cried out loud as he desperately tried to think of another pose,



Sehun gently put his slender fingers on Luhan’s neck with one hand and the next thing Luhan knew, their lips were suddenly touching.


Eyes closed. Breaths stopped. Hearts racing like wild horses on an open field. It almost felt as if they’ve been transformed into a photograph since everything seemed so still. Fast heartbeats, an increase in sweating, and the machine telling them they could get their picture outside were things that signified they were indeed not a photograph but living in reality.

Sehun laughed to himself as he recalled that night. He flipped the photostrip over and at the back he sees what he wrote in black marker before he gave it to Luhan the day after they took it: I hope you always remember yesterday!

Underneath his writing, was a new text Luhan added probably very fairly recently, being the reason why he sent it back to Sehun. In thick blue ink and underlined with two strokes underneath, “DON’T FORGET!” was written in a legible scribble. Sehun certainly won’t.

WEEK # 3

After receiving the picture, with all the memories flooding back, all Sehun could do was think about Luhan since then. It’s been a month since they last saw each other, so Sehun was getting extremely excited to see Luhan by the first week of the new month, which isn’t so far off. He’s been consistent in keeping in touch. He’s been calling Luhan every night to check up how his day had been and just chat about whatever was on his mind. They’d even talk until the early hours of the morning, which will really take a toll in their phone bills. But even so, Sehun thought it was worth it since nothing was as comforting as the knowledge that they’d begin talking under the same moon and ending as the same sun rises in the horizon.

The month was almost coming to an end and Sehun noticed that the pattern of Luhan sending him a gift every week has not yet been fulfilled.

‘I shouldn’t really expect anything, though,’ he thought to himself. ‘It’s not like he promised to give me anything. Oh crap. Maybe he wanted me to send something back to him!’

A mild sense of paranoia struck which worried Sehun deeply.

A knock on his door interrupted his silent misery. Opening the door he was greeted by the same delivery boy he has been seeing for the past two weeks.

“Do you have something for me?” he asked.

“…Yes,” the delivery boy said, shifting his weight around. He clearly looked uncomfortable and his eyes would avert from Sehun’s questioning stares. “Yeah. So… I don’t really know how to say this… I have a message from Lu Han.”

“Yeah? Where is it?” Sehun couldn’t understand why the boy would be so uncomfortable.

The boy slowly moved forward and motioned Sehun to lean in, indicating he needed to whisper something to Sehun.

“Okay...” When Sehun was close enough, the boy’s hoarse raspy voice filled his eardrums. “I miss you,” he takes a deep breath, “—see you soon”. The boy then planted a small kiss on his cheek. Sehun instinctively punched him in the face out of shock.

“OWW---SHIT---WHAT THE FUCK BRO?!?” the delivery boy cried out, clutching his cheek with both hands while kneeling down on the concrete floor.



Sehun frantically went inside his house to look for some ice. Offering the boy a huge tip and about a hundred apologies, the two just figuratively kissed and made-up.


A few days after the whole fiasco passed, Sehun finally mustered the courage to dial Luhan.

“Hi,” Sehun paused unsure of what to say, “that was a really interesting message.”

“Why do I have a feeling something went wrong?”

“So, yeah, see you soon I guess!” Sehun laughed dryly after, trying to sway away from having to explain what happened.

Sehun hears Luhan chuckling on the other line. “I’m glad you didn’t forget me.”

“I’m glad I didn’t too.” It wasn’t far from the truth since it was only Luhan who has been on his mind for the past few days.

“See you soon?”

“Yeah” Sehun couldn’t resist a smile, “see you.”

And they both hung up in peace; Luhan, because he knew in his heart he has been in Sehun’s mind, and Sehun because they’ll see each other once again.

Tags: 2014, fic, length: under 5k, rating: pg
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