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2018-19 Selubration Round 6: Looking for Betas

Looking for Betas!

Selubration would like to continue the use of betas/proofreaders for round 6! We hope this will encourage writers to polish their stories with the help of editors and handholders, and for people to participate without the stress of writing itself.

If you’re interested in signing up to be a beta reader, please take note that you should be able to catch mistakes and give proper advice if the author asks for it. Depending on how many beta readers we have and how many participants are in need of them, not everybody will be contacted or we might need one or a few people to beta more than one fic.


  • Please refrain from talking about the fic(s) with other people to not only keep in the spirit of anonymity, but also because it is not your fic—be respectful to the author!

  • Do not pressure the author to do anything. That includes changing something to fit your interests more.

  • You can claim a beta anytime throughout the round until submissions.

  • Please respect each other and your opinions!


What does a beta do?
It can be discussed with them what you would prefer them to do. It can range from the typical proof-reading for plot holes and dialogue, or encourage writers from the sidelines to make their deadlines and hit their goals.

How do I sign up?
Fill out the following form. It is to ensure that you as a beta-reader are comfortable with the themes your writer(s) might have (i.e. trigger warnings, kinks). It will also help determine the number of works you will be able to take on.
How do I claim a beta?
You can claim one through the beta archive. Once you found one according to your style or story, please contact the mods (twitter, e-mail or lj) with the # of the beta for their contact details. Please be respectful of the betas and read through what they’ll beta and not beta. Selubration should be fun, and to be sure of that we should respect one another!

Do I have to use a beta provided by selubration?
No, you can of course find one through your own means. Just be sure it isn’t someone who is a participant of this round.

Is a beta required?
Not at all, but if English is not your first language and you do not feel confident with the grammar, it is strongly recommended that someone proofreads your work to ensure that the outcome is what you want.

Important Links

If you have any questions/concerns, please comment on this post, e-mail or pm selubrationmod! All comments will be screened. You can also contact us via twitter (@selubration).
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