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#M21: You Fill Me (All Up)

From: Anonymous until reveals

Title: You Fill Me (All Up)
Rating: R
Word Count: 5,300
Summary: Sehun wasn’t to roam around the west wing, and Lu Han wasn’t supposed to show himself to anyone, yet here they were, basking under the ethereal moonlight.
Warning/s: Brief side!SeBaek, master/slave sex theme

The Earth region is a vast valley hidden by a tallest and longest mountain range in the realm; something that isn’t easy to scale and hike. Its location had always been difficult to pinpoint and only those who have lived long enough on the region knows the way in and out of it. The region is the most isolated one among the four regions that existed in the realm. The Earth region is further divided into three districts: Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus.

And just like any other districts, people weren’t allowed to transfer to another district nor marry anyone outside their districts.

It has been an old rule, a rule established when the world was just recovering from the devastating wars that destroyed most of the countries and killing off billions upon billions of its inhabitants. The wars were caused by disagreements between people who thought differently and so the survivors gathered everyone by their star signs – since people under the same signs mostly have the same personality and way of thinking. It was the only way they could think of to prevent another war.

And it had worked. There were no records of wars for the past millennia.

The Taurus district laid just a shy fraction away from the foot of the mountain range, an hour or so of hiking to reach the entrance of the highlands and is surrounded by thick shrubbery and dense forestry. But despite this, the district boasts of luxurious living and a festive lifestyle– a district of sin as other districts say but that’s where Taureans were most comfortable. Being a Taurean meant of seeking out pleasurable things; may it be food, drinks, houses or clothes. The most delicious dishes, the most soothing wines, the most beautiful architecture and the silkiest fabrics were all found in Taurus district.

From the large, marble gates, colorful buntings made from different materials hung from the walls and melodious music can be heard from all the corners of the district. Children’s laughter was as common as birds chirping and everyone seemed to have smiles plastered on their faces.

But what most certainly made Taurus district apart was its infamous red light locality. After all, Taureans were naturally sensual people as well. The art of making love was a skill that was highly mastered by Taureans.

The district has everything anyone can hope and wish for, and there was no reason for anyone to leave the walled city. For a mere section, Sehun imagined what his life would be if he had been born and raised in the district full of life and sin.

He probably won’t be where he is – a high ranking minister from the district of Aries.

Sehun was born in the Aries district located in the Fire region. A harsh place situated on a harsher environment in the planet. The sun seemed to be unforgiving on the region, the nights were cold and deathly and sandstorms were an occurrence. The environment wasn’t for the weak hearted and neither was the governance that ruled the district.

The district strictly follows a very strict lifestyle with a very commanding ruler to top it off. Those who can’t abide to the rules were thrown out to the cruel deserts to fend for themselves. It is instilled in every citizen’s mind that in order to play hard, one must live hard and work harder. There was no time for pleasure if work is not done. And to those who deserved, handsome rewards always wait for them.

Sehun was one of those who deserved it and his position was a clear proof.

And now here he was, leaning comfortably against the intricately designed marble railings of his majestic chambers’ veranda that overlooked the festive streets of the Taurus district.

It had been a week since he had arrived along with the other delegates from the other regions for the millennial regions’ meeting. Sehun was sure he (and his fellow delegates) had already imprinted every nook and crook there is on the district in his mind – from the colorful, mosaic-studded roads that lead to the central park full of bright bundies, to the loud corners that housed the stalls of the merchants, and to the dark alleys that promise heavens and all things carnal towards the brothels. After all, it was what they were told: to explore the district to their hearts’ desire.

It was curious, that Taurus seemed to have no secret to keep from the visitors that were potential enemies in the future. And more so, visitors were permitted to roam when the actual governor isn’t around, getting stuck on his way back from his so-called annual hunting trip that for some reason can’t be postponed (in lieu of, say, the millennial regional meeting perhaps). But in reality, there is but one secret. While everyone was distracted frolicking about on the jovial streets or getting off on the brothels, most of the delegates seemed to have forgotten one area – the west wing of the very citadel that housed them.

Something important must be in there, after all, why place tons of guards in just one area?

The citadel was the tallest, grandest, and most colorful building in the district with a sprawling land of gardens that boasts perfectly tended flowers of foreign and native nature. It houses the current governor and his family along with a handful of his constituents, tons of servants to attend to their needs, and much more guards for security against something non-existent. It has over a thousand or so rooms, perfect for housing important visitors comfortably and then some. And just like the rest of the lively city, the grandiose citadel was free to be roamed.

But why would someone who was given the authority to freely walk around a foreign district even be bothered to explore his (massive) lodgings?

Stupid, old geezers, Sehun thinks.

But Sehun wasn’t stupid or old, and he had a curiosity to extinguish.

“Master, is there anything else you would require my presence of?” A soft voice called out from the room and Sehun found himself smirking to himself before turning around. Baekhyun was a small lad that wasn’t far from Sehun’s age, with a shocking mop of blond hair and a quite obvious fondness in his eyes, with eyeliners. He was always clad with robes that were half-way decent and half-way licentious that perfectly showcased his lean and nimble figure. He was assigned as an all-around servant to Sehun for the duration of his stay – and boy the Taureans weren’t kidding when they say all-around servant. Baekhyun’s tasks weren’t only limited to cleaning, cooking and touring Sehun (if he so asks), but it also includes entertaining Sehun – in any possible way Sehun thinks of, may it be in the form of talking, playing, or sex, the last of which was so tempting for Sehun but have yet to try.

“None for now.” Sehun muttered in his usual monotone as he walked back inside his temporary room. “But I was meaning to ask…”

Baekhyun’s eyes lit up, and Sehun wouldn’t want to think it’s because there’s a need for Baekhyun. It was kind of sickening, how the young man was so eager to please Sehun, like he was programmed to do so.

“Yes, master?”

“Why is there a need for a handful of guards to roam the west wing?”

There was a fraction of a second where Baekhyun’s kohl-lined eyes widened before it returned to its usual sultry state. Sehun resisted the urge to smirk.

“Ah, the west wing. It’s been closed off for safety purposes. It’s been told that there’s a few… dangerous parts that need to be fixed, thus the guards to prevent anyone from danger.”

Dangerous, huh? Something inside Sehun stirs.

“But what’s the west wing like before it was closed off?”

There was a shift in the slightest movements of Baekhyun, and the lively revelries from the streets below felt already like a celebration for Sehun’s successful mission.

“Nothing much, master. Nothing of importance except of a handful of sculptures and art.”

Sehun hummed, as if dismissing the topic before he flopped down on the soft bed. Dangerous and masterpieces sounds like a challenge, and Sehun is one for challenges.

“There is something bugging master’s mind, I can tell. Do you want me to relieve you of it?” There it was again, that obvious lilt in Baekhyun’s voice that makes Sehun’s insides tremble with want, but he isn’t stupid. It’s clear that Baekhyun wanted to extinguish the flame of curiosity that Sehun just showed, with one way or another, and by the way the fabric of his robes fell off one of his shoulders suggestively, it was more on of a sensual distraction.

Maybe it’s time to give in, Sehun thought, just so his plans wouldn’t be foiled.

“How do you plan on it?” Sehun raised his eyebrow as Baekhyun slowly sauntered towards him, fabric sliding down his slender arms and pooling beneath his feet to reveal his porcelain skin that glowed under the glimmer of the setting sun. Before long, he was hovering over Sehun with a grin that promised pleasure and so much more.

“How about I show you instead master?” Baekhyun purred before that sinful tongue of his made an appearance that didn’t helped the desire inside Sehun.

Well, Sehun has time to spare anyways, and in a blink of an eye, his trousers were already pulled down as Baekhyun worked his shaft excellently with his sinful tongue and luscious lips. And by the pace he’s going at, it’s going to be a long and pleasurable distraction.


Three rounds and a couple of hours later and the room was bathed in the moon’s ethereal light. Sehun would have enjoyed the elegant sight (after all, the moon doesn’t shine like this back home), if only he wasn’t pretending to be sleeping heavily as Baekhyun stealthily clothed himself before slipping out of the room as quiet as his shadow.

Where could his temporary servant be heading at this time of the night?

Sehun waited for a few more heartbeats before he opened his eyes to find his pile of discarded clothes neatly folded by the dresser – as if Baekhyun’s distraction never happened. The rustle of his soft blankets was drowned by the steady hum of the still awake – still alive district. Though the tune thrumming through the well-lit streets was a lot different from when the sun was still in the skies, that of the songs of carnal desires.

When he was sure that the coast is clear, he silently walked towards the dresser, where a couple of Taurean clothes were stashed just so the visitors can get a full experience, which is quite stupid in Sehun’s opinion. It only makes his mission much easier. In a matter of seconds, he was as Taurean as he could be with the silken clothes almost tickling his rough and calloused skin. Surely, no one would suspect him, right?

The hallways of the citadel were far different during the night than it was during daytime. Sure, the bright and luxurious lamps were still lit, but without the usual occupants roaming around, the halls were eerily silent – much scarier than the night desert, in Sehun’s opinion. It felt as though there were eyes watching him, and his footsteps sounded so loud that any moment, a guard might come out of the shadows.

Never had Sehun felt this way, not since that damned graduation rites he had years ago.

And yet, the adrenaline that came with the idea of being caught was addicting, along with the challenge to find out whatever is hidden in the west wing to fuel his curiosity. His Ariean trait of being adventurous was being rapidly satisfied – yet it yearns for more, until he finds out the district’s secret.

When he finally reached the hallway that would lead him towards the west wing, it was to his great surprise that there were no guards on duty. How confident of the Taureans to be laxed in security?

Melding with the shadows, Sehun easily stepped onto the corridor leading to the dark, west wing – and after a few turns and up a staircase, Sehun thought that maybe Baekhyun was half as right as he was wrong. The west wing housed nothing more than old paintings and derelict sculptures, and the only danger around was the lack of lights to illuminate the halls.

After the third time that Sehun stubbed his toe on something, he decided it was just a waste of time to roam the empty and dark halls. Just as he was about to turn back to his room, a shuffle echoed from behind him and his sense quickly heightened up. Slowly, he crept up by the corner, praying to the great Ares that whoever it was that made the sound wasn’t a guard – or worse a servant that would rat him out.

A shadow clumsily ran towards the other end of the hallway and Sehun was quick to chase after it. Left, right, down a staircase, a turn on one too many identical hallways and Sehun knew he wouldn’t be able to trace back his steps. He didn’t even cared if his footsteps echoed loudly or that it may attract the attention of the guards. He just wanted to catch whoever it was that saw him roaming around the forbidden grounds.

And then, what?

“Hey, wait up!” Sehun called after the small figure just as it entered another maze of hallways. But by the time Sehun caught up, the figure was surprisingly gone behind one of the numerous doors littering the hall. And if it isn’t Sehun’s luck, an echo of heavy footsteps resounded from the main hall and nearing towards him. It’s definitely the roaming guards.


A small creak caught his attention and the door to his right opened.

“Psst, over here.”

Sehun wasn’t able to see who it was behind the door but time was running out. Either he enters that door or get caught (and probably start another war because of his curiosity). When the footsteps were louder than the rapid beating of his heart, Sehun quickly dove towards the door and gently closed it. He held his breath until the footsteps passed by their door and disappear into the night, and only then did he released his breath.

“That was close.”

Sehun finally turned towards his so-called savior and his heart did a somersault – and he didn’t even know why.

Or maybe he knew.

Honey colored hair, so shiny under the moonlight; big, round eyes that seemed to sparkle; a button nose, and lips curved into a happy smile all placed perfectly on a small face with the fairest skin. Who wouldn’t even have their heart racing with a godly sight?

“Hello. You must be one of the visitors.”

Speak, Sehun. God damn it.


The smaller male chuckled and gods, did Sehun felt his knees weak.

“My name’s…uh…Han. Xiao Han.” The smaller male then bowed (albeit clumsily compared to how Baekhyun’s elegant and practiced bow was). “Welcome to the Taurus District.”


“Now that that’s settled, tell me stories.”

Sehun found himself blinking as slender fingers held onto his wrists and dragged him further into the room. Only then did he realize that the room was an enormous drawing room with sofas littered all over the space and ceiling high windows that perfectly showed the night scenery of the district. He had half a heart to struggle out of the grip and push aside the fluttering feelings inside him.

“Who…who are you? And why are you roaming the halls of the west wing?”

It was Xiao Han’s turn to blink before his youthful face was masked with blank seriousness.

“Well…I just told you that I’m Xiao Han. I live in this citadel. Now, let me ask you the same question. Who are you and why are you roaming the halls of the west wing?”

Oh, he’s thoroughly fucked. What good way to piss off the guy who just saved him from being flayed alive.


“Uh…I’m Sehun from the Aries District…and I was…curious about the west wing.”

Well, this is how it’s gonna end, Sehun thought as Xiao Han’s expression remained passive – that was until the youthful grin came back and lit his youthful features.

“Hello Sehun from the Aries District. Would you mind telling me your story?”


“Where have you been last night?”

Sehun hummed softly, his eyes suddenly opening just a fraction to glance over his side. Beside him was his fellow Minister, Minseok, who looked just as uninterested as him. It was barely thirty minutes since the meeting for the ministers started, yet Sehun had longed for the sun to set just so he could see Xiao Han once more.

For the past few days, Sehun had found himself looking forward to nighttime, when the moon and the stars listen to his and Xiao Han’s interesting conversations. It had been the most interesting part of his stay at the foreign district.

There was just something about Xiao Han that draws him in, something that makes him bare everything in front of the small male – even if it makes him and his entire district vulnerable. He was like a drug that Sehun can’t stop himself from taking.

“Just…just a walk around.”

There was a skeptic look on Minseok’s face but it remained unvoiced and Sehun didn’t know whether he should be thankful or not. And just when he thought the conversation was done, Minseok nudged him gently once more.

“You know, I’ve heard rumors.”

“You never strike me as a gossip monger, Minister.”

“Well, a guy’s got to entertain himself. And the only sensible person to talk with on the dinner banquet was that tall guy from Sagittarius.” Sehun glanced over his right discreetly to eye that lanky and loud guy from Sagittarius – Chanyeol, he thinks, one of the younger and playful ministers around. And as expected from a Saggitarian, the guy looked bored out of his mind and was focused instead on the sight the windows offered.

“Yeah, what did he tell you?”

“He’s heard from one of the servants that he slept with that this district has hidden a treasure more valuable than any gems could offer.”

Sehun perked up at the thought. He and Xiao Han had talked about anything and everything under the sun, even their respective districts’ known secrets, but never had he heard about this treasure.

Maybe it wasn’t meant to be known?

“What’s this treasure you’re talking about?”

“The high priest of this district had a child bearing a beauty that wasn’t earthly.”

Sehun found himself scoffing, earning a few glances from the old ministers surrounding them, yet he chose to ignore it. He couldn’t imagine anyone better looking than Xiao Han.

“And where is this child you’re talking about.”

There was an enigmatic look on Minseok’s face as he leaned back.

“Why? Would you look for that treasure?”

As if there’s someone more beautiful than Xiao Han.

“Depends if my curiosity is peaked.”

“Oh, it definitely is, young minister.” Minseok chuckled and stared at Sehun squarely. “Be careful though. That kind of beauty isn’t meant for a mere human, they say. It is the reason why the child was sealed deep within the very citadel we’re staying at.”

Sehun tilted his head and stared back at Minseok before everything else clicked.

“Why would they even guard the west wing if there’s nothing within it?”


“Tell me again what’s it like in your district, Sehun.”

The cool, spring night air blew gently, playing with the silky blond strands of hair. It only urged Sehun to reach out and try to comb his fingers through – just so his curiosity can die down. The ethereal moonlight that bounced on the silken hair didn’t help him a bit.

“Are you done staring?”

Oh, heavens, that giggle. Sehun swore he could listen to it all day and night. And when he looked up, he saw the widest and most expressive eyes that mirrored all the innocence in the world. There was a teasing smile on those pair of lips and Sehun wouldn’t mind if he was the brunt of the teasing as long as he gets to see that smile.

“No fair. You know how it’s like here, but I don’t even know what lies beyond the district walls.”

“Life is anything but fair, Xiao Han.”

“Then at least be fair to me.” Sehun was clearly defenseless against that pout that took residence on those plump and bowed lips. “Please, Sehun?”

And who was Sehun to say no?

“I already told you how my district looked like for dozens of times.”

“I liked to imagine how your hometown looked like over and over again.”

A chuckle tore out from Sehun as his eyes drifted towards the vast lands of the Taurus district; lights dimmed and buildings half asleep as the moon watched over the clear, night sky. It was indeed very different from when the sun is high up.

There was a fraction of a moment where he imagined sleeping to this kind of scenery with Xiao Han by his side. It would’ve been lovely.

But never realistic.

And so Sehun recounted with words how vast the deserts surrounding the Fire region was, how hot it was during the day and how deathly cold it is at night. How sand became the people’s companion and enemy at the same time. Of how shemaghs hid not only the people’s faces but also their motives.
There was a fraction of a moment where he imagined Xiao Han as one of the kids he grew up with, and fought with at school. It wasn’t lovely.

It wasn’t realistic either.

Someone like Xiao Han shouldn’t belong to a district that harsh. Xiao Han was the embodiment of purity and innocence and of beauty not of this earth –

Could it be?

No. He couldn’t be that kid Minseok was talking about.

“It must have been really hard, living through the desert and that kind of governance.”

“And it must be easy, living through festivities day after day with almost no restrictions.”

There was an enigmatic smile that graced Xiao Lu’s lips as he stared faraway, his eyes mirroring longingness that was gone in a blink.

“Life is anything but fair, Minister Sehun.”

“Are you using my own words against me now?”

“You’re a good mentor, minister.” Sehun turned and stared at Xiao Han. It had been so long since Sehun saw the image of naiveté – did he even knew how it looked like? The person in front of him was the very persona that his district eradicated in its citizens. He was sure he never saw the kids from the Aries district smile as pure as Xiao Han’s.

The distant sound of bells echoed through the night, signaling the break of dawn.

Had time flown by that fast?

“Do you really need to go?”

Sehun can sense the plea from Xiao Han’s voice. But he had to leave. In a few hours, he has to attend boring meetings with old ministers that boasted of their own districts. In a few hours, the west wing where his and Xiao Han’s so called room was located will be heavily guarded once more. And though Xiao Han’s voice sounded so tempting, Sehun must leave – he had broken enough rules for the night.

All the more reasons why Minseok’s so called intel sounded plausible.

“You know, I’ve always wondered why this wing was heavily guarded. What really is in here that needed to be guarded?”
And there it was again, that passive look that Sehun almost forgot from the first night that they met. It still unnerved him a bit, because it never suited Xiao Han’s features. He should always smile and be happy and never possess this kind of seriousness.

“Just a piece of art, situated on a very dangerous wing that needs to be repaired.”

It somehow resembled the words that Baekhyun uttered to him not a long time ago, but it was heavier now that Xiao Han said it. There was a nagging voice inside Sehun that it meant more than it should be. And then the smile was back again, the smile that erased almost all the questions and curiosity inside him.

“Good night, Sehun.”


“Ah, master, right there…”

Sehun resisted the urge to smirk as he angled his hips against Baekhyun’s, hitting just the right spot that made Baekhyun’s back arch and his toes curling. There was a tight heat that enveloped Sehun’s cock and it only spurred him more into thrusting deeper and faster.

“Hey, Baekhyun?”

Soft whimpers came out of Baekhyun just as Sehun thrusted particularly deeper.

“I’ve heard a story…of a child that bore of a beauty so unearthly that resides here at your district.”

A hard snap of Sehun’s hips.


“So it’s true then?”

A flick of fingers against Baekhyun’s nipples.

“His highness…has a son…that the world isn’t allowed to see.”

“But why not?”

A hard squeeze on Baekhyun’s cock.

“He’s…the district’s most precious treasure.”

“Can you tell me where he’s hidden?”

Baekhyun suddenly looked up and stared at Sehun amidst his lust-filled eyes.

“But you already know where it is, master. You’ve been going to that place every night, haven’t you?”

“Then you must know Xiao Han?”

There was an enigmatic smile on Baekhyun’s face that was soon blurred out by the bliss that overcame him when his orgasm crashed onto him.

“No, I don’t master. Do you know him?”


It was the last night of the duration of Sehun’s stay, and every night that he spends with Xiao Han, he gets infatuated more and more. Those little quirks and mannerisms have grown on Sehun and he can’t even imagine how his life would continue without his nightly routines with Xiao Han.

And then there’s Baekhyun, who perfectly knew his activities. It bothered him greatly. Were they just waiting for him to surrender and admit to his crimes? But he’s almost going home. Will they arrest him before he could step out of the district’s gates?

“How does it feel like going to the parties outside the citadel?”

Sehun’s train of thoughts were shaken away by Xiao Han’s voice. Right, there’s barely any time left, he shouldn’t worry about meaningless things.

“Do you mean to say that you haven’t gone onto any parties?”

Xiao Han shrugged and smiled sheepishly at Sehun as he dangled his feet on the edge of the veranda they were sitting at the night, the steady hum of the night parties a mellow lullaby that drifted onto the night.

“Are you really sure you’re from here?”

“Well, I’ve been…told I have a special condition. Can’t really go outside of the citadel.”

Be careful though. That kind of beauty isn’t meant for a mere human, they say. It is the reason why the child was sealed deep within the very citadel we’re staying at.

Sehun shivered at the thought and shrugged it off as hard as he could.

“Well. They’re loud.”

“I could hear.”

“And crowded.”

“The Taurus district has always had one too many people.”

“And lewd.”

Xiao Han’s mortified expression was enough to send Sehun into fits of laughter. This young man is really something.

“What? Your district’s best known as the sin city. Don’t tell me you don’t hear the moans and groans echoing from the rooms of the other visitors?”

“Have you been…doing the same?”

Sehun could only hum as he avoided the look that Xiao Han gave him. It felt like he was accusing him, or that he should be guilty of what he had done. But Baekhyun was a part of the district’s service. It would have been a waste if he didn’t utilize it.

“Tell me who it is at the very least.”


Xiao Han blinked before a small smile bloomed on his face. It was curious, Sehun thought.

“He’s one of the best.”

“You know him?”

“Of course I do! Everyone in the citadel knows each other.”

No, I don’t master. Do you know him?

Just…who is this person? Does Baekhyun really don’t know him? Or is Baekhyun playing with him?

“Xiao Han…it’s my last night tonight. And I’ve been meaning to ask you, just…who–”

The morning bells soon sounded and Xiao Han sighed softly. He then stood just as Sehun followed frantically and tried to voice out his thoughts, only for the bells to drown him.

“W-wait, Xiao Han!”

There it was again, that youthful smile that captured Sehun from the very first night.

“See you tomorrow, Sehun.”


“Finally heading home. You excited?”

Sehun shrugged as the banquet hall was filled with various people that entertained the visitors for one last time. But Sehun couldn’t even feel the festivities around him. He knew something was up, from the moment he woke up to find his supposed assistant Baekhyun replaced by a different servant. And when the party started, he couldn’t find any trace of the guy.

And then there was Xiao Han’s enigmatic words that still rang through Sehun’s ears.

See you tomorrow, Sehun.

Was Xiao Han a servant of another minister? But didn’t he told him that he had a special condition?

“I’ve heard that the high priest has an announcement to make.” Minseok muttered as he sipped on the glass of wine he’s sporting since the party started.

“Where have you heard this rumor again, Minseok?”

“Oh, from Yixing. That guy from Libra.”

“The aloof one? Oh, I’m seriously doubting your sources, Minister.”

“Well, a man’s got to be entertained.”

The trumpet suddenly rang, catching everyone’s attention towards the front of the room where the royal guards marched, followed by the high priest of the district.

“Oh this is going to be a long speech.” Minseok muttered as he took a gulp from his goblet. Sehun couldn’t agree more.

The old man’s voice droned on and on, slipping something to boast about his district as he endlessly thanked the visitors for staying. And just when he thought the old man wouldn’t stop, he suddenly talked about something that bugged Sehun’s mind for the past few days.

“I know many of you have heard about this story, about the treasure that lies within the very heart of this district. And I know stories have passed about gems and coins and other earthly things. But it never neared the real value of this treasure.

“Yes it is true. That the Taurus district has a hidden treasure that many of you haven’t known until this day. And now, with all due respect to each and everyone of you, I would like to present Taurus district’s prized possession…”

Another round of trumpets sounded and a shiver went up Sehun’s spine as a man very familiar with him walked inside.

Baekhyun wore nothing like the clothes he had worn for the past days that Sehun had seen him in. Gone were the cheap cashmere and was replaced by silk so royal that it must have costed a fortune to buy. Their eyes locked for a moment and he sent a mysterious smirk to Sehun that the latter wasn’t able to decipher because another figure came inside the room that made the whispers quickly die down.

Robes more elegant than Baekhyun’s flowed through the shiny tiles of the room as a small figure gracefully walked towards the middle of the room. his face was obscured with expensive cashmere that made it almost impossible to see what’s beneath but Sehun’s heart already jumped in thought. And when the cloth was raised, all his hunches were confirmed.

Big eyes stared at him just like how he would always see it during night. The smile bloomed once more on that youthful face and Sehun’s knees buckled.

“May I present to you my only son, Lu Han.”


Author’s Note: To the prompter, I’m sorry if this isn’t what you requested. Thank you to my Beta M and to the mods for being endlessly patient. Cheers to another round ☺

Tags: 2018-19, fic, length: 5-10k, rating: r, round 6

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