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#R9: Miso 미소

From: Anonymous until reveals

Title: Miso 미소
Rating: R
Word Count: 6,400
Summary: Luhan bumps into Sehun under the most normal circumstances but what ensues is anything but ordinary…

House parties bored the fuck out of Luhan. Honestly, who decided it was a good idea for all them to huddle in a cramped space, drink alcohol from plastic containers and collectively litter somebody’s house? Okay, maybe Luhan had a bit of OCD about cleaning and he didn’t really mind the crowd, but he knew nobody there. He was dragged by his not-so-best friend Baekhyun to a stranger’s house party because he wanted to impress some dude. He had persuaded Luhan to go for the free alcohol. To a college student, free alcohol was like good fortune.

Luhan realized that good fortune runs out in next to no time. He just wanted to go home…

Baekhyun had deserted Luhan the moment they entered the house and Luhan had tried to join in a conversation with some people, but they were all older than him and were already with their friends. It didn’t look like anybody want to mingle outside their group. House parties were surely not supposed to work like that!

Luhan groaned and checked his watch. It was almost midnight and he would much rather loll on his bed and watch movies till morning than get bored at this stupid party. He decided to look for Baekhyun and let him know that he was leaving. Baekhyun could join if he wanted but Luhan was making off, come what may.

Luhan started checking the rooms, walking in on couples who cursed at him. He cursed back at them because who the fuck doesn’t lock their door when they are having sex? You either want to get caught or you are just kidding yourself. After stumbling upon at least five different couples, Luhan was cautious when he knocked on the door of one of the rooms he hadn’t checked. A faint ‘come in’ beckoned him into the room and Luhan twisted the door knob to enter. The room was completely dark except for a huge ass TV that was playing a scene from some sort of horror movie. Luhan remembered watching it a long time ago and it was alright. Luhan wasn’t spooked easily.

‘Scary, isn’t it?’ a voice whispered and Luhan screamed in fear. Luhan clutched his chest because he didn’t account for any real ghosts.

‘Who? Who the fu-’ he looked around and saw a guy, hiding behind the bed that was in the room. What was more, he had covered his head with a blanket like little kids do when they get frightened. Luhan could only see his dark shining eyes reflecting the light coming from the TV.

‘What the fuck are you doing?!’ Luhan asked incredulously.

‘Watching a horror movie,’ the guy meekly replied.

‘From there? Can you even see anything?’ Luhan stifled his laugh.

‘I do, okay,’ the guy spoke defensively, ‘I was just a bit terrified so...’

‘Watch something else,’ Luhan shrugged.

‘It's an 86-inch 2160p LED TV with HDR,’ the guy declared, ‘there is no other movie that is worth watching on such a big screen.’

Luhan scratched his head. ‘Come on, I’ll give you company so that we can actually sit in front of the TV.’

‘Will you really do that?’ the guy stood up slowly.

Luhan shrugged. It was better than getting bored in the party. The guy wrapped the blanket around himself before sitting next to Luhan on the floor in front of the TV. Luhan finally got a good look at the guy and damn he was ridiculously handsome. He turned to look at Luhan and smiled softly.

‘My name is Sehun, by the way,’ the guy spoke.

Luhan thought that his heart would stop beating. ‘What a cute name,’ Luhan blurted out and it made Sehun giggle adorably.

‘What’s yours?’

‘Luhan,’ he spoke and bumped his fist against Sehun’s.

‘Luhan,’ Sehun repeated it with a whisper, ‘I like that name.’

Luhan was thankful for the dark that helped him to hide the rosy hot cheeks that Sehun had afflicted on him. Why the fuck did he have to whisper Luhan’s name so sexily?

Sehun was super cute, squinting his eyes small enough to only see a part of the scary movie; enough to understand what was going on but not enough to be afraid. Luhan had an immense urge to giggle at how ridiculously adorable Sehun’s actions were and yet, Sehun was supremely engrossed in the movie.

‘You really like horror movies, don’t you?’ Luhan asked him with a smile.

‘They are my favorite,’ Sehun grinned at him, ‘you don’t know what’s coming next and that’s just so exciting!’

Luhan chuckled. ‘You don’t even watch it with your open eyes then how do you claim to like the surprise element?’

‘H-hey, I can watch...if I want to,’ he added with a low voice.

‘Okay, do it then,’ Luhan challenged him, his left eyebrow raised up.

‘Fine,’ Sehun mocked him and looked at the TV screen with eyes fully open.

Luhan pressed his lips to stop himself from bursting into laughter. Sehun looked like he was suffering because they were at a particularly bad scene inside a dark cabin. The little girl from the movie was trying to find the source of a thudding noise that echoed ominously in the background. It was obvious that something was going to jump out on the screen. Sehun started mumbling ‘oh no, oh no, oh no’ when the creepy background score started building up to the moment. The girl was getting closer to the source of noise and it was coming from a cupboard.

Sehun screamed before the girl opened the cupboard and a pigeon jumped out of it, quite anticlimactically. He quickly dived his head down on Luhan’s lap as Luhan laughed, holding onto his stomach at Sehun’s precious reaction.

‘Meanie,’ Sehun whined as Luhan softly patted his head so that he could calm down. His laughter, nonetheless, was not going to end anytime soon.

Sehun whimpered and refused to leave Luhan’s lap for several minutes. ‘Is it gone?’

‘Yes Sehun, the spooky pigeon is gone,’ Luhan spoke lovingly.

‘Hey hey whoa!’ a strong voice behind them exclaimed, ‘what is your friend doing to my brother?’

‘Hey whoa,’ a familiar voice said, ‘what is your brother doing to my friend?’

Luhan turned around and spotted Baekhyun with an unknown tall guy, probably the guy Baekhyun had referred to as “his target” for the night. Sehun sat up as well, looking at the two guys by the door with a confused expression.

‘You guys weren’t…’ Baekhyun’s voice trailed.

‘Weren’t what?’

‘You know, doing stuff…’ Baekhyun’s eyes alternated between him and Sehun.

‘Why would you think that?’ Luhan asked.

‘Well, his face was between your legs for starters,’ the unknown dude uttered, his big tennis ball like eyes widening.

‘Okay son, first of all, you’ve got it all wrong,’ Luhan groaned, ‘secondly, who the fuck are you?’

‘My fucking elder brother,’ Sehun spoke nonchalantly, ‘his name is Chanyeol.’

‘Hey, language!’ Chanyeol barked at Sehun, ‘otherwise I’ll tell mom that you’re saying bad stuff.’

‘You can’t do that,’ Sehun mocked, ‘because otherwise I will tell your new boyfriend what a farty pants you are.’

‘Hey, you shush!’ Chanyeol growled at him, ‘Baekhyun don’t trust anything that he says.’

Baekhyun chuckled and then turned to Luhan, ‘so you guys weren’t doing anything? Really?’

‘No, you idiot,’ Luhan rolled his eyes, ‘Sehun is just a panicky cat who loves horror movies but can’t watch them.’

‘I am this close to beating the crap out of you,’ Sehun threatened Luhan.

‘Shut up, tall child,’ Luhan yawned then turned to Baekhyun, ‘I’m going back to my dorm right now.’

‘Hold on, I’ll go with you,’ Baekhyun smiled and Chanyeol offered to walk him out. Sehun and Luhan followed them quietly. The party was still ongoing with just as many people and Luhan was happy to leave. Outside the house, Baekhyun and Chanyeol were already sucking face. It was safe to say that Baekhyun had successfully acquired his target.

‘Ugh I didn’t need to see that,’ Sehun made a disgusted face and grabbed Luhan’s arm to drag him away from the couple.

‘Are you and your brother always fighting?’ Luhan laughed.

‘Because of him!’ Sehun hissed, ‘he’s always messing with me and-’

‘You’re always fighting back,’ Luhan pinched Sehun’s cheek, ‘try calming down for a change otherwise he will find new ways to infuriate you. If you act like it doesn’t affect you, he will stop.’

Sehun rubbed his reddened cheek. ‘Huh, that might just work.’

Luhan suddenly thought how cute Sehun’s dumb face was when he was brooding over something so simple. Luhan did not expect his heart to do a crazy flip when Sehun looked back at him with a dazzling smile. The wind suddenly blew past them with full force, caressing and messing up Sehun’s fluffy hair along with them. He used his long slender fingers to push them back, the joy dancing beautifully amid the crinkle of his eyes. In that split moment, Sehun looked more like a gorgeous sexy man than he did all night.

‘Thanks, Luhan,’ Sehun spoke in his husky voice that sent tremors through Luhan’s body, ‘we should hang out again.’

‘W-we...that…’ Luhan stuttered and before he knew, Baekhyun was dragging him out of that place.

Luhan was stunned to say the least. He was simply hanging out with that silly kid who declared he loved horror movies but was too timid to watch them. Some strong mystical forces were probably working in the background because he couldn’t stop thinking about Sehun and that sweet smile he witnessed.

‘Your boyfriend’s brother…’ Luhan mumbled to Baekhyun.

‘What about him?’ Baekhyun asked, yawning.

‘I-is he single?’

Baekhyun’s sleep vanished within seconds and was replaced with a slight smile. ‘Do you like him?’

‘Maybe,’ Luhan blushed.

‘What do you mean “maybe”?’

‘Nothing. Forget I ever said anything,’ Luhan picked up his bag and ran away.

Baekhyun watched his friend run away hastily and wondered what was going on.

This went on for the next few days. Luhan looked like he wanted to talk to Sehun again, to meet the guy once more because it was clear that he had developed a crush on Sehun. Well, clear to everyone except Luhan who was still living in denial. Baekhyun was fine with it though; he was enjoying Luhan’s attempts to randomly strike up a conversation about Sehun. It wasn’t so random though because Luhan didn’t know how to be subtle. Their conversations generally went sideways in a flash when one moment they would be talking about their upcoming exams and the next moment, Luhan would grab Baekhyun’s hand and look seriously in his eyes before asking, ‘do you think Sehun finds me attractive?’

Baekhyun would share these details with his boyfriend Chanyeol who would laugh his ass off at the idea of someone pining over his little brother. They both decided to set up Luhan with Sehun on a date, without them knowing about it.

‘We should just lock Luhan and your brother up in a room,’ Baekhyun suggested, ‘leave some condoms and lube inside.’

‘I would really appreciate if you didn’t use the words “your brother”, “condoms” and “lube” in the same sentence,’ Chanyeol made a retching face, ‘and no, that idea has more of a potential to backfire than to succeed.’

Baekhyun smirked. ‘What do you suggest then?’

‘We have a movie marathon,’ Chanyeol snapped his fingers, ‘push them together to snuggle up on the couch. Start off with some skin contact and then…’

‘Then Luhan and your brother and condom and lube…’

‘Ya! You come back here so that I can kick your butt down to Australia,’ Chanyeol chased a laughing Baekhyun through the house.

‘Why do you want to watch a movie with me and your boyfriend?’ Luhan asked suspiciously, ‘don’t you want to watch it with him in private?’

‘Because you’re my best friend!’ Baekhyun exclaimed, ‘and it's a great movie. I want you to see it.’

‘Fine but if I see any aggressive tongue action, I’m out of there,’ Luhan declared to which Baekhyun nodded happily.

Oh deer Luhan, you are not going anywhere once you see who else is joining us… Baekhyun grinned to himself.

They arrived at Chanyeol’s house which wasn’t too far from the University. He stayed there by himself since his parents worked elsewhere and visited once in few months. What Baekhyun did not tell Luhan was that Sehun lived there too.

‘Hi guys,’ Sehun greeted them happily by the door.

Luhan’s eyes refused to blink as he admired Sehun’s soft beautiful smile and the way his eyes glinted happily at Luhan. He was wearing dark hoodie and sweatpants, hair pushed back from his face messily, but he still looked quite sexy. It felt like Sehun was staring at Luhan too but Luhan knew hat was probably just his imagination.

‘Hey Luhan,’ Sehun greeted, ‘how have you been?’

‘…’ Luhan stuttered.

‘Oh yeah, Chanyeol hyung and I live here now,’ Sehun smiled, ‘I just moved in few months ago when I started attending the university.’

Luhan had so many questions: Which university? What course? Are you single? Are you into guys? Are you attracted to me? Are you into sex toys?

‘Come on in,’ Sehun spoke softly, ‘we need to start watching the movie and Baek hyung is already inside.’

‘R-right…’ Luhan nodded, looking at his feet. He stepped inside as Sehun opened the door wide for him and then closed it behind him.

‘Can I get you anything?’ Sehun asked, politely.

‘Water, please…’ Luhan’s croaked, his throat was parched because he had not expected Sehun to look even more cuter than he looked that night. He went and sat on the couch next to the couple who were observing him nervously as Sehun headed to the kitchen.

‘Is he alright?’ Chanyeol whispered and Baekhyun poke Luhan’s cheeks repeatedly. Luhan was utterly unresponsive.

‘Here, take one,’ Chanyeol handed Luhan a beer who gulped half of its contents quickly.

Sehun returned with water and placed it in front of Luhan with a smile. Luhan ogled shamelessly as Sehun sat next to him with a bowl of popcorn and started munching loudly. He didn’t mind the way Sehun stuffed the popcorn in his mouth but instead he smiled when Sehun beckoned Luhan to eat with him. The movie was a blur because Luhan was barely watching. He leaned back on the couch and stared at Sehun instead who was tilting forward with eagerness. Luhan watched the movie play over Sehun’s expressions; shock, joy, relief and so many wonderful emotions. He still covered his face and watched the movie from between the gaps of his fingers so that he doesn’t get too scared.

Luhan enviously glared at Baekhyun and Chanyeol who were sitting by the other side of the couch, snuggled up together inside a warm blanket. He longingly looked at Sehun’s arms that looked really strong and cozy, perfect for embracing. He shivered at the thought of cuddling with Sehun and knew that Sehun would smell really good too. Sehun’s hand was resting next to Luhan on the couch and Luhan would have loved to hold it. Although he was too shy to do anything that bold; hell, he didn’t even know if Sehun harbored the same feelings towards him.

‘You look cold,’ Sehun noticed before he went inside and brought a soft blanket for Luhan who thanked him before swaddling himself tight inside it. He heard a cackle coming from Baekhyun’s side, but he was probably just reacting to the movie. Suddenly he felt Baekhyun’s feet stretching towards him, pushing him in Sehun’s direction.

‘Ya! Don’t sleep here!’ Luhan yelled at his friend who had leisurely extended over the couch with his head on Chanyeol’s lap.

‘It’s okay, let him,’ Chanyeol sighed with a dreamy smile. Luhan simply rolled his eyes, trying not to make Sehun uncomfortable by sitting too close. Sehun however, was too captivated by the movie to notice Luhan’s proximity. Luhan tried his best to keep some gap between them but Baekhyun had successfully squashed him against Sehun’s shoulder.

‘I-I will go sit over there,’ Luhan trembled and pointed towards a chair across him, feeling Sehun’s leg brush against his.

‘No, sit here please,’ Sehun begged, wrapping an arm around him, ‘I don’t feel so anxious when you’re here next to me…’

Asdfghjkl… Luhan thought to himself.

Luhan was still swaddled in the soft blanket, with an extra layer of Sehun’s long arms enclosing him. He was sweating but not from the heat. He was too close to Sehun’s face, to admire the long lashes on his fluttering eyes, to notice the fuzz on his cheek. He thought Sehun was cute but in reality, he was so beautiful. He had such gorgeously shaped lips, a sharp bay like jaw and a cute little mole adorned on his nape. Luhan was worried that he might just drool all over that blanket.

‘Thank you for being here,’ Sehun whined when a particularly appalling scene showed up and he hid his face on Luhan’s shoulder. Luhan chuckled because Sehun was too adorable and he was so caring to make sure Luhan was comfortable in his house. Luhan did not watch the ending of that movie; he didn’t need to. He could sense from Sehun’s relieved face that the movie had a happy ending.

‘Did you like it?’ Sehun asked with a smile on his face. He turned to look at Luhan who instantly lost control of all his senses the moment their eyes met. Perhaps he was imagining it but there was a deprived glint in Sehun’s eyes. He still had his arms around Luhan and their faces were so close.

‘The hyungs left,’ Sehun whispered and Luhan was knocked to the real world.

‘Oh,’ Luhan looked next to himself to find the couch empty.

‘Do you...want to watch another movie?’ Sehun insinuated and something about his tone did not sound innocent. Something about his eyes just seemed so hungry. Luhan may or may not have sensed Sehun’s intentions but that did not stop his brain from freaking out and his body from jumping up, swiftly shaking off the blanket.

‘I should go!’ he hurried towards the door. He was alone with Sehun in one room and he couldn’t do that anymore. He was not ready; his heart was not ready to spend lonesome time with Sehun.

‘Are you sure?’ Sehun looked disappointed, ‘Baek hyung will be staying over and you can too. You don’t have to rush back.’

‘No, it’s okay!’ Luhan didn’t even realize he was wearing his jacket inside out, ‘I’ll see you later!’

Saying this, he almost ran outside the apartment and pulled the door shut. Sehun pouted and sighed before retreating to his room. Of course, Luhan’s dumb actions did not go unnoticed. His best friend was watching from a small gap in the door and groaned and cursed Luhan noisily.

‘He blew up such a good opportunity!’ he bellowed, ‘stupid, stupid Luhan! Sehun likes you too!’

‘What are we going to do?’ Chanyeol asked, crossly, ‘they both like each other but Luhan is too chicken to make a move.’

‘Or accept a move,’ Baekhyun growled, ‘we need to trick him into confessing to Sehun.’

‘How will we do that?’ Chanyeol was confused.

‘I think I know how,’ Baekhyun smiled sneakily. After all, he knew his friend better than anyone else.

Luhan thought about the weekend, about Sehun and the few hours he spent with the younger. He wanted to cry when he thought about how he shot Sehun down on the offer of watching another movie, just the two of them. Something could have happened or not, there was no way to know now. Luhan should have taken the risk but he was so apprehensive of being rejected. He had been in a relationship long time and he thought they were doing well. His then boyfriend had different ideas and went on to sleep with some guy from his class. Luhan was heartbroken because he never wanted his relationship to end like that.

Since then, he had gone through a long drought in his dating life… Nobody ever caught his attention, except for Sehun…

‘So that’s why I’m changing my number,’ Baekhyun spoke before taking Luhan’s phone from his hand.

‘Huh?’ Luhan straightened up. His best friend had been talking about something but Luhan was soaring in his own dreamland.

‘I’m changing my number,’ Baekhyun stated, entering his new number on Luhan’s phone, ‘I got too many stalkers and Chanyeol is getting insecure.’

‘Since when do you have stalkers?’ Luhan mocked.

‘Since puberty,’ Baekhyun handed Luhan’s phone back to him, ‘I suddenly became too beautiful.’

‘Okay, bowl-cut,’ Luhan let out a fake cough, ‘whatever you say.’

‘Shut up,’ Baekhyun rolled his eyes, ‘text me. I’m going to class.’

Luhan waved at him and continued his daydreaming. He totally missed the smirk Baekhyun threw in his direction, knowing well enough what was going to happen next.

Luhan picked up his phone after a few minutes and wrote a text to Baekhyun, ‘Why can’t I stop thinking about him? Why is he so cute?’

‘Who is this? Who’s cute?’ was the reply he received.

‘This is Luhan, Byun dumbass Baekhyun,’ Luhan typed, ‘and SEHUN! SEHUN IS CUTE AF!’

‘Oh,’ his friend replied.

‘Lol, you’re acting like you don’t already know,’ Luhan typed, ‘he is the sweetest and cutest boy I’ve ever met.’

‘How is that?’ read the response.

‘How? I thought I told you this already after the first time I met him,’ Luhan tapped at his keyboard, ‘but Sehun has this cute smile. It is very rare and that just makes it even more special. He laughs like a little kid and makes these cute pouty lips when he is distressed. He seems cold on the outside, but he is so thoughtful. He welcomed us so warmly into the house, got me a blanket because he thought I was cold. Also, I only realized it when we hung out again but he is also kinda sexy. Ugh, writing all of this is making me blush!’

‘So, you like Sehun? Really?’ his friend asked.

‘Of course, I do! Would I talk about him so much if I didn’t?’ Luhan expressed because his friend was asking dumb questions. Baekhyun knew better than anyone how much Luhan liked Sehun.

‘Why don’t you tell him then?’

Luhan hesitated. ‘Tell Sehun that I like him?’

‘That’s usually the best course of action,’ his friend answered shrewdly.

‘What if he rejects me?’ Luhan typed, feeling the fear spread through his limbs.

‘What if he accepts?’ his friend’s counter evoked a strange sort of hope in Luhan.

‘Wouldn’t it be better to just not say anything?’ Luhan asked, his usual eluding behavior taking over immediately.

His friend didn’t reply for hours and Luhan wondered if he was okay.

‘Hey, are you okay? Is your class over? Want to grab some food?’ Luhan bombarded his friend with multiple texts.

‘Busy,’ was all he received in return. He didn’t know why but the text sounded a little grumpy. He decided to go talk to Baekhyun face-to-face and make sure everything was fine. They lived in the same dorm building so they ended up becoming close friends in a matter of no time. He would rather walk over and trouble his friend instead of having any rifts.

‘Hey, do you want to go get dinner?’ Baekhyun asked the moment he opened the door.

‘That’s what I asked you on text and you said you were busy,’ Luhan spoke in a confused voice.

‘Oh, did I?’ Baekhyun laughed nervously, ‘I think I mistook you for someone else. Let’s go then!’

‘Do you really think confessing to Sehun would work?’ Luhan texted Baekhyun the next day in the middle of his class.

‘Do what you have to,’ his friend replied and Luhan sensed the same angry tone.

‘I would if I knew what I have to do,’ Luhan sighed while typing, ‘he is such a sweet person. I’m worried that I will scare him away and he wouldn’t even want to be my friend.’

When his friend didn’t reply for a long time, Luhan sent him another text, ‘I feel he deserves someone as innocent as him. I don’t think I’m not good enough.’

‘You are wrong,’ he got a quick retort this time.

‘You are only saying this because you’re my friend,’ Luhan pouted, ‘he may think differently.’

‘Why don’t you meet him again?’

‘Maybe I should?’ Luhan typed, ‘I would like that, but I choke, and my throat closes up when I see him.’

‘Hehe cute,’ his friend replied.

‘Shut up, don’t make fun of me,’ Luhan typed back, ‘I should try to meet him again anyway. I do like his company.’

‘Do it now,’ his friend nudged.

Luhan took a deep breath and resolved to listen to his friend. He knew where Sehun lived and wondered if it would be okay for him to just drop by his house. Sehun went to a different university so Luhan did not want to creep around just to catch his attention. Sehun’s house would be a better place to bump into him.

That evening after his class, he was standing in front of Sehun’s house. He knocked on the door three times after which panic set in and Luhan was ready to run. Although before he could, Sehun opened the door with a huge smile on his face.

‘Hi there,’ he greeted, ‘did you come here to see me?’

‘I-I I did,’ Luhan clenched his fists, ‘I was passing by and thought I’d say hi to you. Do you want to get some coffee?’

‘Okay,’ Sehun answered, chirpily. It looked like he was ready to go out so Luhan wondered if he was interfering with any plans that Sehun already had.

Sehun didn’t seem to be in a hurry to go anywhere though. It ended up being one of the best dates in Luhan’s life. Of course, it was a date only for him. Sehun probably still thought of him as a friend. Luhan did not know what to make of Sehun’s hands that grabbed Luhan’s every time he laughed. He did not know how to react to Sehun’s compliments about little things that Luhan thought were stupid like how Luhan was living so far away from home, how Luhan was a good soccer player and managed to get good grades. Luhan blushed when Sehun revealed he admired Luhan for being such a strong and responsible person.

‘I’m not…’ his voice trailed and Sehun giggled at his cuteness.

‘Luhan…’ Sehun called in a sweet tone, ‘I think you’re amazing.’

‘So are you,’ Luhan smiled back. Luhan didn’t feel so hopeless anymore. There was possibly a slight chance that Sehun liked him too.

The next evening, Sehun had invited Luhan to study with him. They ended up not studying at all and ordered a lot of delicious food to eat. Luhan was surprised when Sehun wanted to watch a movie but nothing horror related.
‘Let’s watch something light,’ he smiled. They found a Ghibli movie that they both wanted to see. It was really cozy huddled up next to each other on the couch and watching a cute movie where nobody gets brutally murdered. Luhan admired Sehun’s droopy eyes that were starting to get heavy, halfway through the movie. It was clear that Sehun watched horror also because it kept him awake. Luhan had no heart to wake up a sleepy Sehun, cuddling Luhan snugly with limbs wrapped around him.

‘Good night, Luhan,’ Sehun mumbled before placing a soft kiss on Luhan’s cheek. Luhan swore his body temperature shot up and he was sweating as Sehun leisurely fell asleep with Luhan in his arms.

‘I think he likes me, Baek,’ Luhan conveyed by the end of that week.

‘Really?’ his friend asked.

‘Really,’ Luhan blushed as he typed, ‘he gave me a kiss on his cheek. I kinda want to kiss his lips. I know that will feel so fucking good!’

Baekhyun sent him a blushing emoji.

‘Haha don’t make it awkward,’ Luhan replied, ‘I really mean it. I think I would love to kiss him for hours indecent stuff, you know…’

‘Mmmm… what kind of stuff?’

‘Why should I tell you?’ Luhan asked, suspiciously.

‘Because I don’t think you can actually say dirty things,’ his friend mocked and Luhan gasped at his audacity.

‘Fuck you, I am not as pure as you think,’ Luhan retorted.

‘So, you are saying you have dirty thoughts about Sehun,’ his friend replied.

‘Of course, have you seen that guy?’ Luhan typed fiercely, ‘he is so tall and broad and has these delicious muscles and fuck, I just want to lick him all over.’


‘Yes!’ Luhan typed faster, ‘his lips were so soft against my cheek, they will feel and taste heavenly if I ever kiss him. I can’t stop thinking of how his lips would feel on the rest of my body.’

‘That is...yeah…’

‘I have these images in my head, of me and him,’ Luhan trembled, ‘Baekhyun, they are so dirty. Damn, I want to tell you all sorts of embarrassing stuff that I want to do to Sehun.’

‘Like what?’

‘Hold on, I gotta poop so badly right now,’ Luhan responded, ‘I ate so much today; my stomach is bursting.’

‘Ugh, Luhan you idiot! You totally ruined the vibe!’ his friend texted but Luhan was already off to the restroom. He returned after about fifteen minutes, happily patting his stomach.

‘What vibe?’ he replied.

‘Never mind, it’s down,’ his friend voiced in a cryptic way.

‘What’s down?’ Luhan asked, confused, ‘by the way, I made so much poop that my butthole is numb.’

‘Thanks for that information, Luhan,’ his friend’s text sounded rather gloomy.

The week was close to its end and Luhan was determined about his feelings towards Sehun by then. Sehun seemed to be flirting and responding to all of Luhan’s advances so Luhan did not feel under confident about his chances. Baekhyun was right about hanging out more with Sehun to gauge the intensity of his feelings. They went out of coffee a few times, watched horror movies at Sehun’s house late into the night and talked for hours when they met. Sehun even made plans for them to hang on the weekend and Luhan wanted it to be their first official date.
‘I think I’m going to confess this weekend,’ Luhan texted Baekhyun.

‘Will you really?’

‘Yes,’ Luhan was grinning as he typed, ‘do you think he will accept?’

‘I don’t doubt it for a minute,’ his friend answered.

‘Thank you, Baek,’ Luhan replied, ‘I really couldn’t have done it without your help. What do you think I should say to him?’

‘Farts,’ Luhan received an unusual reply.


‘Farts, butts and peepees,’ another wild answer.

‘Stop joking around,’ Luhan scrunched his nose,’ what are you, five? Be serious and tell me how to confess to Sehun.’

‘Tell him you want to be his fart buddy and he will be yours,’ Luhan was ready to break his phone after reading the text.

On the other side, Chanyeol laughed as he saw Luhan type then stop then type then stop multiple times. He was probably shaken by the reply he had just received and Chanyeol was having too much fun teasing him. Obviously, he knew what Baekhyun’s plan was. Baekhyun had switched his number as Sehun’s in Luhan’s phone and they had been chatting for an entire week now. Chanyeol guessed that Sehun was still chatting with Luhan as Baekhyun and there was no way he would pass up a chance to mess with Sehun.

‘Byun Baekhyun, I am going to choke you first thing this Monday,’ Luhan threatened by adding a few bomb and knife emojis in this text.

‘Baekhyun likes being choked,’ Chanyeol typed while barely controlling his laughter.

‘Did you just refer to yourself in third person?’ Luhan asked, unable to believe it, ‘AND DON'T TELL ME WHAT YOUR KINKS ARE! WTF!’

Chanyeol was on the floor when Sehun arrived to find his elder brother in a hysterical state. Sehun had simply left to get something to eat and left his phone by the living room couch. When Sehun saw his phone in Chanyeol’s hand, he freaked out and started swearing at the top of his voice. They struggled for a few minutes before Sehun managed to take the phone away from Chanyeol’s hands.

‘HVCSHVHJHVJBWT&^^%^&TGYGCSGVSCHGVCBJHILOVEULUHANKFJEBJVBEMNV’ his last text to Luhan read. It looked like him and Chanyeol had pressed some random buttons while brawling with each other. It was enough for Luhan to send a concerned text back.

‘Baek, I think you are unwell,’ he texted, ‘you need to see a doctor.’

‘Sorry, it was Chanyeol,’ Sehun replied back, ‘he was just messing with me.’

‘Chanyeol? Aren’t you home this weekend?’ Luhan asked and Sehun winced.

‘Haha, you’re right,’ he typed uneasily, ‘Chanyeol just gave me a surprise and dropped by my place.’

‘You are kidding, right?’ Luhan asked, ‘I just saw Chanyeol and Sehun less than an hour ago. How could he be at your place so soon? It takes you half a day to get home.’

Sehun was sweating profusely because he had no excuse. Luhan had caught his lie and there was no way out of it. As if to make things worse, his phone started ringing and it was none other than Luhan calling him.

Sehun jumped nervously but knew that he had to pick up Luhan’s call. He had to come clean about who he was.

‘H-hello?’ he answered.

There was a long pause and Sehun wondered if the call didn’t connect. He heard Luhan breathe on the other side and knew that the call was still on.

‘Sehun…’ he answered.

‘Yes, it’s me,’ Sehun spoke slowly.

‘Why do you have Baekhyun’s phone?’ Luhan asked in a confused voice.

‘It’s my phone, not his,’ Sehun told him honestly.

‘But he told me he had changed his number and then…’ Luhan stopped talking as he realized how his clever best friend had set him up. Honestly, how did he know Luhan better than Luhan knew himself?

‘It was me all along,’ Sehun confessed.

‘So, all this time, I’ve been talking to you...about you,’ Luhan spoke carefully, ‘telling you directly how much I like you and...and the things I want to do to you…’

Sehun blushed. ‘Yes, that’s right.’

‘Why didn’t you just tell me the truth, Sehun?’ Luhan asked in a tender voice.

‘I don’t want to do this over the phone,’ Sehun declared.

‘Fair enough,’ Luhan took a deep breath, ‘I’m on my way.’

‘Luhan, it’s midni-’

Luhan had already hung up before Sehun could finish his sentence. His brother, the culprit behind all the mess, was still laughing silently as he observed Sehun go through four stages of grief.

‘What have you done?!’ Sehun bellowed at him, ‘Luhan is coming here, right now!’

‘Well then good,’ Chanyeol smirked, ‘now I can finally tell him how you pine over him day after day. It’s disgusting if anything.’

‘I am so screwed,’ Sehun whined, ‘he is going to think I’m some kind of freak who loves to be chased. I just wanted to give him a nudge, that’s all!’

‘You need to relax,’ Chanyeol sighed, ‘he is not going to think any of those things. Baekhyun tricked you both to talk to each other about your feelings.’

‘How?’ Sehun asked and Chanyeol filled him in with the details.

‘He is sly,’ Sehun was amazed, ‘you hold onto that one.’

‘Thank him when he’s back,’ Chanyeol grinned.

‘Regardless of that, you can’t be here when Luhan arrives,’ Sehun was pacing around the room.

After a lot of whining and fighting, Chanyeol was in his room, just in time when Sehun heard the doorbell ring. He dashed to open the door and his heart wanting to jump out of his mouth. He knew this is how it must feel to be in a horror movie. He gulped because he didn’t know if Luhan was mad or happy about texting Sehun for the past week. Sehun had lied to push Luhan into dating him but Luhan’s feelings were always there so it’s not like Sehun had manipulated him, right?

Sehun took calming breaths before opening the door slowly. In a flash, he felt something jumping on top of him and he screamed because it felt like one of the scenes from those horror movies had come true. However, when a pair of soft lips pressed against his, Sehun knew he was not being attacked. He chuckled softly as he kissed Luhan back, arms wrapping around him lovingly. The kiss was enough to knock the wind out of them within seconds as they stomached fluttering butterflies that ran inside and over their skin. They brought each other closer than ever, the hug so tight that not even a breath of air could slip through. After the kiss, they smiled as they gazed at each other, knowing that they had been waiting for this moment since the first time they met.

‘You’re sweating,’ Luhan noticed with a slight smile.

‘Yeah well, I was working out before you came,’ Sehun flexed his muscles in vain. Luhan laughed and Sehun pulled him closer for another kiss.

‘I like you,’ Luhan whispered into his lips with a deep blush.

‘I know,’ Sehun giggled, earning punches on his shoulder from a shy Luhan.

‘You should have told me it was you,’ Luhan glared at him.

‘And miss out on all the fun?’ Sehun bumped their foreheads together, ‘it was nice to know what sort of dirty thoughts you have about me.’

‘Nice only if you like me back,’ Luhan frowned.

‘Of course, I like you back,’ Sehun kissed Luhan’s forehead, ‘I am also happy to know that long poops numb your butthole.’

‘Will you please forget about that?’ Luhan groaned in embarrassment, making Sehun laugh.

‘By the way, pretty sure Chanyeol hyung is eavesdropping on us right now,’ Sehun’s eyes drifted towards his brother’s room, ‘while he simultaneously gives details to Baek hyung over the phone. We should go in my room…’

‘To do what?’ Luhan raised his eyebrow.

Sehun thought his mouth would start to drool. ‘Whatever you want.’

They linked their fingers together, staring in each other eyes as they finally understood how a single smile could flip the world around for someone.

Author’s Note: And here it is! I finally managed to complete the second version of the prompt that I had picked. While Hikikomori was serious, I wanted to write something light and then this happened! I hope its not too silly because I barely had any time to write or edit it. Major thanks to the SB mods again and all the wonderful shippers still supporting our beautiful ship! <3

Tags: 2018-19, fic, length: 5-10k, rating: r, round 6

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