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2018-19 Selubration Round 6: Reveals!

This concludes our fifth round of selubration! It could not have been a sucess without all your support so thank you for participating, whether you were a prompter, a writer, a beta, a reader, or tweeted and commented, thank you!


  • 109 prompts

  • 11 works created

  • 80,300 words total


untitledminds: kudos to anyone who managed to figure out I was one-manning this fest despite my use of the plural pronoun… first off, I apologise for my often subpar modding work this time round, life got more busy than I had expected but we’ve managed to pull through in the end. thank you endlessly to everyone got involved with this round and made all the work worth it - thank you especially to all the beautiful writers who contributed their time and effort to deliver such wonderful pieces and their boundless patience! all my love ❤❤❤


Day 1

#M49 why summer follows after spring by marshmalu
PG | 8,900w | sehun (god of summer) just really wants to be with luhan (god of spring) all the damn time.

Day 2

#P1 going (a little) out of context by nekomimichan
PG-13 | 7,200w | Lu Han is just trying to do his job translating for a college gaming competition, but Oh Sehun seems determined to make it as hard for him as possible. Warnings: very mild sex jokes & mild swearing

Day 3

#N12 Part Time Partner, Full Time Lover by tonguetiedluhan
NC-17 | 4,100w | Sehun couldn’t deny the fact that he is attracted to the new part timer at his favorite internet café. But even someone with dubious activities as his has still morals. He couldn’t just barge into the other’s life and turn it upside down.
Warnings: SehunxOC

Day 4

#R6 once, on a summer night by veretianprincess
R | 6,700w | (CMBYN!au) A chance encounter brought Sehun and Lu Han back to what could have been seven years ago.

Day 5

#R9 HIKIKOMORI (ひきこもり) by hoe-sehoon
R | 11,000w | Sehun has lived his life in solitude. He has believed that living the life of a recluse is the only way to save himself. The only person he trusts is his best friend Jongin who does not reply to his texts. What will happen when Sehun realizes that he wasn’t texting Jongin all this time?
Warnings: slight mentions of suicide, depression, light bullying themes

Day 6

#M23 i wander the waters, catching winds in my sail. by pocketdeer
PG | 1,000w | Like the sun rises in the east and the river flows to the sea, Luhan will always be with Sehun.

#M15 Unintended by shixunbaobei
G | 4,000w | Sehun and Luhan have never been friends despite being in the same circle of friends. Yet, when Luhan loses his memories in an accident, he turns to Sehun for comfort.

Day 7

#M36 Minutt for Minutt by evoxine
R | 15,700w | This is a story about love, sexual identity, mental illness, and friendship, and Luhan finds himself in the middle of it all.
Warnings: Mental disorders

Day 8

#M21 You Fill Me (All Up) by iamleegracey
R | 5,300w | Sehun wasn’t to roam around the west wing, and Lu Han wasn’t supposed to show himself to anyone, yet here they were, basking under the ethereal moonlight.
Warnings: Brief side!SeBaek, master/slave sex theme

#R9 Miso 미소 by hoe-sehoon
R | 6,400w | Luhan bumps into Sehun under the most normal circumstances but what ensues is anything but ordinary…

Day 9

#M41 stop finding your e(x), don’t ask me wh(y) by thatweirdyeoja
PG-15 | 10,000w | A nasty breakup leaves math genius Lu Han desperate for answers. And pizzas. And cliché romcom films. Sehun just so happens to be the local pizza delivery boy who's failing his Math class.
Warnings: cursing, lots of time skips.


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  • those who commented on the fics and spread the selu love: thelow1995, who has (as of most recent count) commented on 3 fics! thank you also to the many anonymous readers who have left warm words of gratitude and encouragement too!

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Congratulations to thelow1995 and an anonymous commenter for correctly guessing the an author and story pair in the Guess Who post! ♥♥♥

Thus ends selubration 2018-19 round 6!

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